It’s been a while!

How is everyone doing?

I’d have expected for this blog to be receiving no traffic by now, but it seems like we’re still getting a good bit every month! I guess the archived content here is always nice to look at. I know sometimes I look back at it cause I find younger self hilariously fangirly lol.

I’m obviously not dead, but honestly, I don’t have the time or energy to keep up a Japanese culture type of blog anymore. I started this blog when I was in high school, and I’m currently in my last year of university. Time certainly flies! There’s no way I’d be deleting this blog, but I don’t think I will be updating it anymore.

Where will I be from now on?

I do have a personal Tumblr that I write/reblog on. I still reblog some Japanese (read: some Mizuki Nana, but I’m mostly back into Hello! Project these days) stuff, but be warned that I do post lots of other random personal content. The link is here.

I still love Mizuki Nana/YukaNana and all that seiyuu junk! I’ve been sharing some of my crappy ass translations on a YouTube channel, so if you’re interested, feel free to head this way (includes some translations of yukanana & Yukarin being hilarious in general)!

This is the end of this blog… for now. Who knows? Maybe I’ll regain a big enough interest & invest more time into this in the future. But for now, I bid all of you farewell. We’ll meet again if fate allows it!

Status: MIA?


So it’s been A REALLY LONG TIME since I’ve updated. It’s not like I’m super busy, but I guess I’ve had a writer’s block for a while. My license to disappear was on my sidebar the entire time, so this is perfectly legal ಠ_ಠ. Stuff I’ve been up to in the last two or three months:

  • Vacation in HK for a month!
  • Tumblr-ing. Damn that crap is addicting. I feel like a15 year old girl when I tumblr.
  • Team Fortress 2. God I suck so much but this is addicting. For whoever’s living under a rock, this game is free on Steam now!
  • Looking for a job/enrolling in school etcetc.

Yeah. Not much, honestly. Been trying to get back into the anime/seiyuu loop these past few days. Yesterday I was at a DDRX machine and they had Trickster in their playlist, which made me happy as hell even though it’s from like 3 years ago… LOL. It’s not everyday when you get to see/hear Nana-san in your every day life!

In other news… WHY ARE YOU TWO SEW CUTE?

(warning: seiyuu 2.5d yuri)

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I’m back… ?

No, I’m afraid I can’t say that…

There’s been some changes in my life and I no longer spend as much time on anime/drama-watching/idol-drooling/blog as I’d like to. Just leaving a digital mark here to say that err well I’m still alive in real life! Not that I have a life

But in other news.. what have I been doing within the last while?

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Mizuki Nana Official Blog November 22

Today was the public recording of Shinseiki Anison SP 4 (^O^)/
Every time, Anison SP just powers up to a new level☆
To complement that intensity, there are suitable costumes each time…  So,
This time I performed in the silver costume that was made for the first ever Anisama!!
It’s a costume from 5 years ago, but it still fits just right~ (lol)
Thank goodness (>_<)

I collaborated with May’n-chan for the first time too♪
We sang “ETERNAL BLAZE” and “Diamond Crevasse”~(≧ω≦)/
I was super super nervous, but it was really fun! o(^-^)o
All of you have to watch the broadcasting☆☆☆

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random image. i just don't like the nana clips 5 cover lol

OMG. I haven’t posted in four months. Somehow, yours truly managed to obtain that thing that most otaku seem to lack… yes, a “life”… nah, who am I kidding. During the summer I messed around (I STILL DIDN’T SEE THE CODE BLUE DVD SPECIAL YET DAMMIT) and now that school started I feel like I have no free time anymore. Oops.

So recently I saw that Nana-san is now queen of music-related blu-rays (here), selling 15k for NANA CLIPS 5. Seems like she still hasn’t reached her career’s peak yet, which makes me happy :D.

Anyways… to get back in the groove I really just wanna do random pic spam and  spaz LOL. It’s been a while since I spazzed on my blog ;A; I’ll just spaz about some fav scenes; I don’t have time to spaz about everything… I haven’t even watched the bonus yet >_<

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Mizuki Nana 8th album “IMPACT EXCITER”


So after much hesitation, I ordered IMPACT EXCITER anyway.

Whelp. Who would’ve thought.

I had a minor dilemma with CDJapan and HMV. I know HMV has the external bonus with the three photo cards, but my frequent shopper points on CDJapan PLUS the summer 500 yen coupon were too hard to ignore… altogether it amounted to $15 CDN saved, so yeah. Sorry, photo cards, I guess I’ll see you guys  someplace else.

I haven’t written any kind of info post about this album so might as well do it now, lol.

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New Kuwazugirai Ou: Mizuki Nana vs Kim Jaejoong

These past few weeks it seems like my life has been pretty hectic (hint: grad), but it’s finally calmed down a bit. After what seems to be ages, I bring a post with actual content!

Admittedly I haven’t been keeping up with stuff lately but I was reading Nana-san’s blog which mentioned the airing of this. So I was like “ohh yeahhh!”  It’s still pretty surreal seeing her on an actual popular TV show (that Keitai Oogiri thing is complete bull). What’s even more surreal is that her opponent is none other than the Korean hottie Kim Jaejoong from the popular (and now defunct in Japan… lol) band Tohoshinki. Not a bad match at all, both are popular and still rising. Tohoshinki is actually one of the Korean boy bands I like better so this is a pretty good deal for me.

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