May’n @ AFA08

from May'n's blog

from May'n's blog

As most should already know, AFA08 (Anime Festival Asia 2008) is being held in Singapore for the last couple of days, and many prolific guests were invited. Among them is May’n, a relatively unknown singer until her breakthrough role as Sheryl Nome’s singing voice in Macross Frontier. Anyways, I’ve been really into May’n these couple of days after watching Macross F, so I started to follow her blog. What really surprised me was her latest blog entry, because her English is actually half-decent! Here’s an excerpt from the entry:


I was so exited!! Because so many people called me “MAY’N” “BUCHOU” many times!!XDDD*

And they shouted “MOTTEKE”!!!!XDDD

Those thing gave me ∞ power!!!:)

Thank you sooo much!!I love you!!!

It looks like she had a lot of fun, which is great. Too bad no one ever gets invited to where I live, or maybe I’m just too misinformed about it.

Anyways, I’m really impressed with her English. Only one spelling error and the rest actually is relatively understandable! I thought it was only her English pronunciation that was good, but it seems that her writing is not bad either.

Aside from English, it seems that May’n is fluent in the Japanese branch of 1337 sp34k as well. She uses all sorts of emoticons in her posts and 2ch abbreviations — for example, in the post just before this, she writes “鯛焼きヲタクktkr!!!!!! … \(^o^)/” — basically “taiyaki wotaku ktkr!” where “ktkr (short for kita kore)” means, “This, it came! (I was waiting for it!)”. It seems that the younger generation of idols are mostly knowledgeable in these areas too, as Nakajima Megumi also uses these on her blog. Unlike a certain somebody who doesn’t even know what Word and Powerpoint are *cough*.

*May’n’s nickname for herself is 部長 (buchou), essentially “club leader”. She calls her fans 部員 (buin), which in turn is “club members”. This is because of the running joke that she is the club leader of デ部 (debu) — “debu” literally means “fat” or “chubby”, but the suffix “bu” means “club” itself. She tends to blog about food a lot on her blog, so she named herself the leader of the fat club.

Edit: Totally unrelated but I don’t wanna make a new post: the title of Mizuki Nana’s 19th single has been announced on Smile Gang 347 — 深愛 (Shin Ai Deep Love).

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