Mizuki Nana assorted news

This has nothing to do with the post, but holy hell is that cute or what.

This is completely unrelated to this post :D

1. The covers of the LIVE FIGHTER discs have been released ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ

2. Details for 19th single, “Shin Ai” (深愛 Deep Love).

3. ???



fighter-blue fighter-red



Nice covers. The face on the Red Side is kind of strange looking to me, but oh well. Too bad I’m going to be passing out on all of this, seeing how I don’t have a PS3 or a DVD player. Until I can get a job that allows me to buy on whims, this is pretty much out of reach.

Details of Nana-san’s 19th single straight from the official web:

“Shin Ai” (深愛)
Release date: January 21, 2009
Distributor: King Records
Catalog No.:KICM-1270
Format: CD Single
Price:¥1,200 (tax included)

01. Shin Ai
↳TV anime WHITE ALBUM OP theme
02. TBA
03. TBA

《First Press》
Specially made white case

It was even mentioned by herself: this is the first time we’ve had a kanji title for any release for a loooong time. In fact, the last release that had a Japanese title (excluding “Panorama”, which was written in katakana), was her debut single, “Omoi” (想い)!

Specially made white case? That’s probably fitting the theme of WHITE ALBUM, but I hope it’s a super jewel box again, because Trickster’s case blew me away. On the topic of the actual anime, I’m surprised Suara is the one doing the ED, considering that the main heroines are played by Nana-san and Hirano Aya. *cough* Maybe that says something.

Listen to GOLD RUSH!

GOLD RUSH is Nana-san’s weekly solo radio show (as opposed to Smile Gang, hosted by herself and Fukuen Misato), and oh god, anyone who has a Nico Nico account and is a Nana fan needs to listen to this. Most. Annoying. Voice. EVER. There is a corner (which listeners dub as the real meat of the show), the “Power of Words”, where Nana-san says things according to her listeners’ requests. This week a listener asked that she do a message on an answering machine as an irritating burikko (a girl who acts like she’s the cutest person in the world). I haven’t ever seen Nana-san do a voice like that ever, so it was quite… refreshing? Oh, and of course, annoying.

Kei on the way to becoming a middle-aged man


Kei, Nana-san's beloved dog

By the way, today is Kei’s fifth birthday! Happy birthday Keitan-sensei XD. Now he’s older than Nana-san in human years! It was just last year that they were the same age too…

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