Miyano Mamoru is MARRIED!

Miyano Mamoru feat. His Chin

Miyano Mamoru feat. His Chin

Miyano Mamoru, a seiyuu who shot to stardom from his roles in Death Note and Gundam 00 as Light and Setsuna respectively, has just announced on his blog today that he is MARRIED.


But you know what’s even more shocking?

His wife is PREGNANT.

A fifteen-minute video from Nico Nico of this announcement is under the cut.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Edit: the video has been deleted due to a claim on copyright. Stupid King Records.

Aww, how cute. He spends like a whole minute stuttering before announcing the marriage. Apparently the docs told him before that he might be infertile but well, it turned out okay. That’s kind of awkward in a funny way x_o.

I don’t really care about Miyano personally, though I do like some of his songs (thanks to the constant advertising for his new singles on Smile Gang). This was so shockingly sudden that even someone like me was caught off guard. He’s pretty damn young (only 25) in this age to be having a kid! This situation reminds me of Tsuji Nozomi (who, at 21, is the mother of a child that just turned one a few days ago).

I assume that the wife isn’t someone in the industry, as he made no mention in regards to who it is.

Anyways, congratulations to the newly weds & I hope they lead a happy life! Preferably without rabid fangirls.

His new single will be released on December 3. Why not help advertise while I’m at it?

Miyano Mamoru 2nd single – “… Kimi he”

Kimi he


01 … Kimi he
02 Beautiful Smile

Buy from CDJapan (I hate Amazon)

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