Tomatsu Haruka’s motto☆Hade ni ne!

Too bad this doesn't showcase her legs

Too bad this doesn't showcase her legs properly

I must be the only person on earth who isn’t watching Kannagi right now, though it’s been causing a huge amount of attention especially with the “NAGI-SAMA ISN’T A VIRGIN!?!?!” crap that went on a few weeks ago.

The only thing I know about this anime is that the opening song by Tomatsu Haruka (the seiyuu of Nagi), “motto☆Hade ni ne!” was pretty well-received by anime otaku. Usually I would check out something like that, but I didn’t bother, until yesterday night. So I watched the PV.

First thought as Tomatsu Haruka opens her mouth: WTF!?

Okay, I actually like the PV. Without the sound. I agree Tomatsu is kind of cute and has great legs, but what the hell is that voice? It’s like an older version of Kusumi Koharu. And that is not a good thing. Though I think she has the aura of an idol (ie. she knows how to act around a camera), her singing really needs major work. This might not be a big deal right now, since she is only eighteen, but look at all those young anison singers out there recently — May’n, ELISA, among others — they all have incredible voices that don’t fit their own age. Heck, even Nakajima Megumi can do better than this. If Tomatsu wants to take her popularity to another level, she’ll have to do way better than that.

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