May’n’s “May’n☆Street” CD jacket uncovered!

Mighty cute.

Mighty cute, but how cunning! Even in the original file name it says that this was taken on November 16 ;A;

Following May’n’s blog everyday, I found out in her latest entry that the cover to her new mini-album in January, May’n☆Street (romanization corrected by said cover) has been released to the public :D.

Preorder from CDJapan

Wow, hella cool cover! I feel like I don’t have to wait for the preview of the songs to buy it right now (´Д`;)

It’s crazy. My love for Macross F is slowly dying off with time, but love for Kanno Yoko’s compositions and May’n (and err Nakajima Megumi’s) vocals are still going on strong. There better be some new songs for the movie.

Oh, and do read May’n’s blog if you have time. Nine of out ten entries include the word “taiyaki” somewhere. She actually named her partner in Macross Ace Frontier (a PSP game) “Taiyaki” too, rofl. For those who don’t understand moonspeak, even just the pictures are cute/funny.

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