Mizuki Nana’s “Shin Ai” radio full preview

Shin Ai cover

Sunday means Smile Gang, and Smile Gang this week means a preview of Mizuki Nana’s A-side of her 19th single, “Shin Ai”!

NicoNico video (don’t need acc) w/ temp. lyrics under the cut. Youtube here. Edit: Nico Nico deletes stuff way too fast. Youtube under the cut.

This song has a pretty strong “line-up”: composition by Agematsu Noriyasu, arrrangement by Fujima Hitoshi, lyrics by Nana-san herself. On top of all this, we have Agematsu Mika at the harp once again.

It’s sort of like Heart-shaped chant because of the harp, but there’s some elements of Crystal Letter in it  as well (the whole sad kinda heartbreaking thing). I think I’m in love ;A; WHITE ALBUM seems to be at least attracting some amount of attention with the Mizuki Nana vs Hirano Aya deal, so I think this’ll be a nice little push for her sales. I feel like I should preorder this right now <_>

Shin Ai PV shooting

Shin Ai PV shooting

PS: PV shooting has also been completed! Apparently they went north just for the shooting, so I’m guessing the PV might have some “cold” theme, but the actual PV seems to be indoors… o_o;.

Preorder: CDJapan

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