Nakajima Megumi Live Christmas Eve Event

Nakajima Megumi

Nakajima Megumi AKA Mamegu

Nakajima Megumi had a live event broadcasted on Nico Nico yesterday. I happened to somehow remember it (despite not being much of a fan) so I went and watched it anyway. It was from 2AM till 4AM my time, which was quite inconvenient ._.

Note: I recorded only half of these performances, so I don’t really remember the order of what happened, only that it happened. I’d upload what I recorded, except I don’t know anything about video compression and right now my raw recorded my file is sitting at over 900 MB. Someone else will upload it on Nico/Youtube anyway, so I’ll just wait for them. Looks like Nico’s going to be mean about this: several videos have already been deleted. I guess we’ll have to make do with my crappy audio clips and your vivid imagination.

Right when I got in, there was a group called Momoiro Clovers doing a performance before Nakajima came in. I have no idea who the hell they are but whatever. It seems like one of them is from SKE48 (some idol group related to AKB48 I think, same producer). Who cares? After this, we wait for a short while and Nakajima finally comes on stage.

01 – Be MYSELF

Alright, I’ll say it right now: Nakajima’s live singing is PITIFUL. It was okay in the start but just got worse and worse by the line; she didn’t even have enough stamina and breath to finish singing the first song without sounding like she’s drowning. While I don’t mind her recording voice so much, this was pretty darn bad. But this kind of song is my type of song soI don’t know, I guess I’m used to bad idol singing and a nice little song kind of made up for it. And hey, how many idols out there are actually good at singing anyway. (← don’t hurt me.)

02 – What ’bout my star @ Formo

No May’n, but still alright. The a cappella in the beginning was okay actually. I’m guessing it’s because she sang in a lower voice than the usual Ranka voice.  It was quite amusing with the comments because “what ’bout my star” got turned into “oppai my star/meister”.

Nice sense of humour in this girl. “EVERYONE, MERRY CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAAAS…… eve.” Short MC, then we move on to the next song.

03 – Pain

The song name is not “pain” as in the English word, but pronounced as the katakana パイン should be:  “pie-n”.  I actually like this song. If I had to draw a parallel for this song from Macross F, the closest match would be Northern Cross. Quite interesting to see Nakajima doing this, as all the songs I’ve heard from her so far are all happy happy yay cutesy songs.

Somewhere here, Nakajima retreats back into her dressing room while we watch a prerecorded video of her wrapping presents for fans. There was even stuff like a diary (“Neko Nikki”, get it?) and whatever. It got really weird near the end because the background music, which was an instrumental version of Be MYSELF started to go off tune and sounded really messed up and creepy… I guess not all of it was prerecorded. After all this, Nakajima finally comes out again.

04 – (Kari) Dajare no Uta (Outa?)

Okay.. this song is WEIRD. In a good way. It was just really really weird. But it actually got kind of enjoyable as I kept listening to it. The dance is quite strange too. Too bad I didn’t record this part! Maybe I’ll upload it when I find footage recorded by someone else.

She actually said the song name like that, so I have no idea if the tentative is part of the song name or that the song name is tentative. I was pretty sure that she said the song name was “Dajare no Uta” but some sites have it listed as Outa, so maybe I heard/read it wrong? No biggie.

After this song comes the main talk segment, which was quite fun for Nico Nico viewers, because we got to participate! There was a huge projector screen on the live stage where they could actually see what we Nico Nico viewers were commenting on screen. The MC asked “where are you all watching this from?” and the screen was spammed with “home”, lol.

Then there were three Christmas-related situations, and the Nico Nico audience got to pick what Nakajima should say in the situations out of four choices. At first we were supposed to type a number (from 1-4) to show our choice, but then the MC got pissed off at how he couldn’t see anything on the screen LOL and the admins changed it to clicking a choice on the screen. Quite amusing overall, because in the last situation the tsundere option (“I didn’t really want to give this present to you! I just had the extra time…”) won by a freaking landslide of 68%, whereas the two most popular options in the last situations had only a difference of 1%. Almost disappointing for me as I got kicked out right when she started the tsundere line (“seats” are given with priority to paying premium members of Nico), but thank god I caught the encore when I got back in.

This actually made me wonder a bit if Nakajima was going to continue to be a seiyuu. She has nothing right now besides the role of Ranka, and doesn’t seem to be getting any more, but she’s using her seiyuu abilities as a corner in her live events… ?

05 – Seikan Hikou

I realized that I probably should start recording again like one minute into the song, so I don’t have the full thing. The most awaited song of the night (or early morning for some of us),  no doubt. I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t キラッ☆ with everyone else because commenting was disabled for me for some reason. Oh well. Non-paying Nico members don’t get to be choosers.

Right around here my memory started getting fuzzy, so I don’t know if things are this order anymore.

06 – Silent Night

Yes, this is that Christmas classic. Good choice that she sung in English; it showed off her English pronunciation skills. I know she’s mixed, but I wonder if she can actually speak fluent English.

I believe that this was supposed to be the end of the event, but like any event, the fans demanded an encore, and again she was back.

*not the footage from this event, just showing the song.

07 – Tenshi ni Naritai

The A-side to Nakajima’s single, to be released on January 28 in the coming year. Surprisingly, like Pain, it’s more on the rock side than the Ranka cutesy songs side.

I got cut off here and got back in five minutes later so I have no idea what happened during the first five minutes of the encore. When I got back in, they were playing rock-paper-scissors with the fans (both at the event and on Nico) to decide who would get the prizes that Nakajima wrapped earlier. After all this, the event finally comes to a wrap. Or well, something like that. I can’t remember it that well.

?? – Anata no Oto

Oh, shi- I just remembered this was sung too, after I wrote the post, but I have no idea where it fits. I think it was around Dajare no Uta? I don’t remember much about this, except the whole screen was just basically a “DQNDQNDQN” fest.

Well, I’d say this event was more enjoyable than the live broadcast of AniSummer 2008 since we didn’t have to wait like five hours to see two songs being sung, on top of the fact that we got to PARITICPATE. Pretty fun, but Nakajima obviously still needs to put a lot more work into her singing if she wants to take her career any further.

Hmm, she also seems to be closely associated with Nico these days, with all the dance videos and whatnot. Good for us foreigners :D Now we just need a live broadcast of a Mayn/Nakajima duet (´∀`*)

Merry Christmas to everyone! :D

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