Ga-Rei -Zero-: Priestesses in Disguise!?


kizuna no naka ♪

First of all, happy belated New Year to everyone! :D

So a few days ago, I got around to watching Ga-Rei -Zero- after seeing it appear in basically every anime blog I visit. It was too bad that I had seen enough spoilers to know what basically happens to “the gang”  in episode one, but it definitely made the list of my favourites from 2008.

But anyways… am I the only one that thought “KANNAZUKI NO MIKO!?” when I watched the last episode?

[Ending spoilers for both series ahead]






obstruction in the advancement of yuri #1


obstruction in the advancement of yuri #2






two years later


?? lives... I mean years later

Like with this whole “OMG I must kill my best friend/make my best friend kill me (because I am an incurable psychotic)” kind of thing, and then bawling over it. Plus the yuri implications in GRZ.

From this, I’ve managed to nail down what Kagura was doing wrong this whole damn episode: SHE NEVER TOLD YOMI NOT TO DIE. If only she had followed Himeko’s example, Yomi would’ve been able to live until end of the episode! …Yeah kids, so the moral of the story is to always tell a dying person not to die so they can live a bit longer. It works. (???)

… I think I just watch too much yuri. OTL

I’m not quite sure if I want a second season, because then there would be probably be no more Yomi. While I know that the anime was based off the manga and Yomi was not a huge focus, I don’t feel like watching anything related to Ga-Rei that has no yuri Yomi.

Despite what I said, I went ahead and read the manga anyway. I don’t know what the author is thinking at all. For seven solid volumes, he’s trying to develop a romantic relationship between Kagura and Nimura Kensuke (protagonist of the manga), and BAM — volume eight comes out and hell is bound to break loose with the “new” female character introduced (well, hell for yuri haters DX). Maybe he got influenced by the anime… He did mention that “the anime’s more interesting” LOL.

Well, if there happens to be a second season, I’ll watch it anyway, regardless of the plot :D So producers, make it happen!

On another note, Mizuhara Kaoru (voice of Yomi) wrote a lengthy post on her involvement with GRZ on her blog a few days ago. I can’t translate for my life so I won’t ruin it, but basically she picked out Yomi’s lines in each episode that were meaningful and wrote a short blurb for each of them. It’s nice to see seiyuu so emotionally involved with the characters they voice.

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