White Album

This first episode was pretty much for introducing the primary characters and the setting. The story is set in the winter of 1986, a time where cellphones were uncommon (non-existent?); this is emphasized by gramophone records being played and the lack of wireless telephones around the house.

It seems that we have three main characters:


Fujii Touya, a university student with family problems and has to work several part-time jobs to pay for his tuition.


Morikawa Yuki, the girlfriend of Touya, who is setting out on a journey to become a popular idol. She seems to be the type that can’t stand up for herself and gets bullied around.


Ogata Rina, an already-popular star that is a close friend of Yuki and helps looks out for her in the backstage of the entertainment scene (the two are affiliated with the same company, owned by Rina’s brother).

Really, not much happens in this episode.

The main problem at hand seems to be that as Yuki’s popularity grows, so does the distance between herself and Touya. Mizuki Nana has also tipped in on the fact that Touya is a total bastard (think Makoto from School Days, AKA a two-timer?), so the plot seems rather predictable. But I’ve never played the game so maybe there are probably some more interesting twists in the middle. Personally, after this rather uneventful first impression, my favourite character is Rina although that might have somethig to do with Nana-san <_<.

And maybe it’s just me, but I feel like some of the character designs have this kind of retro feel to it. It’s a nice touch. Another really interesting thing is that unlike most other anime where thoughts of characters are basically spoken without the mouths moving, Touya’s thoughts are written out on the screen, which was actually how this episode ended. It’s like I can feel the impending despair already <_>

Regarding the OP and the ED

Mizuki Nana – Shin Ai

Man, the animation for Shin Ai was pretty disappointing. I can’t even tell what the main characters look like and the background just looks to be strands of hair. It looks like they ran out of time and just randomly stuffed something as the OP… Well, the quality of the song’ll make up for that.

Suara – Maiochiru Yuki no You ni

Guess who didn’t get to sing the ED!? A really nice calm and peaceful song. I’d expect no less from Suara (really, there’s no way Hirano Aya can pull off this song). And hey, it actually looks finished this time around.

It’s really too earlier to give a verdict on the quality of this anime, so I’ll just keep watching for now. I hope it doesn’t end up with my other pile of “unfinished shoujo anime” along with Shugo Chara! and Hakushaku to Yousei. (That doesn’t mean I’ll keep blogging about it every episode since school started again and I’m lazy ^^;)

  1. October 26th, 2009

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