Shin Ai PV + Gozen Reiji no Baby Doll preview

That is one loooong bird costume dress. I bet they spent twenty minutes just trying to get it look nice on the ground. I prefer this one to Crystal Letter‘s.

I really like this PV’s simplicity and the worn-down kind of colour palette; it brings out the whole theme with the despair and hopelessness in the love triangle (of WHITE ALBUM). During the whole thing, Nana-san barely moves from her spot at all (she kinda can’t lol), so her facial expressions are integral to express the song. And she does a fine job of it. I’m buying those camera angles from the back too, with how it shows the whole opera house-ish (???) building thing.

Instead of the usual one pretty girl, this time we have two :D. As usual, Agematsu Mika is graceful with the harp — I wonder if we can expect her to appear again later down the road? Maybe as a guest again in some of Nana-san’s future concerts?

Anyway, I declare this PV to be awesome.

The preview for Gozen Reiji no Baby Doll did come out as early as last week, but it was really short as Nana-san started talking in the middle of the song, so I figured I would either wait for the full preview or until I had another Mizuki Nana related post (which seems to happen very often lately).

The lyricist, SAYURI (also did Nostalgia and Soradokei), is apparently a very good friend of Nana-san from her high school days too. I’m rather lukewarm about this one; it’s being really forgettable for me right now.

With a great A-side and PV, here’s hoping that Nana-san gets at least Oricon weekly #2 with this release! I have no idea if there are any Johnny’s releasing in the same week but hey, you never know, the power of wota fans is unpredictable.

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