Q.E.D. Shoumei Shuuryou – 01 & 02




Meet Brawns.


Get along, ‘kay?

So the story is about a super genius boy, Touma Sou (Nakamura Aoi), and his sidekick, a stronger-than-your-average-boy girl, Mizuhara Kana (Takahashi Ai). Together, they solve murder mysteries blah blah. I wrote a post about this already.

It’s really the typical detective drama, not really awesomely kickass, but not bad either. Hey, it’s primetime. Can’t have crap on primetime. It’s currently in a villian of the week loop, and if nothing goes wrong, that’s what should happen until the end of the show where there is like a two-episode mystery involving a central character (i.e. Kana) or something. So far, the first episode is about a sky-diving incident where someone has supposedly been stabbed in midair. The second episode is about a mysterious death where all the witnesses’ information don’t match up. In both cases so far, there are three suspects that each have a reasonable motive.


what are you dreaming about?

I thought the first episode was a bit farfetched since Kana just randomly befriended and dragged Touma to skydiving when she had only met him. I liked the second episode better, especially with the increase of using Kana as a comic relief. Some scenes just make me smile to myself (e.g. when Kana sings enka). The fact that they’re using the Kyuubi legend is a plus too, since I just watched that pocky yuri anime.

So it seems all good, but there’s some stuff that ticks me off:

  • Touma is able to solve any mystery within thirty minutes just by thinking a bit in his head.
  • Nakamura Aoi is not that cute :(

Oops. It seems like only the male lead is annoying me, haha. I don’t actually hate him; I think Nakamura and Ai-chan look pretty nice together, like in the scenes of ending song. Oh yeah, the ending song. I love it.


"Konomama Zutto" by Aoyama Thelma

I’m not usually for fangirling couples in dramas, but this is kind of cute.


Next episode: MEIDO AI-CHAN. DO WANT.

  1. January 15th, 2010

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