Latest H!P PVs – Naichau Kamo & Fly away

This is sort of an excuse to talk about Mizuki Nana’s 29th birthday without making a post about her. Happy birthday, Nana-san! :D Moving on.

Morning Musume – Naichau Kamo

Wow. Do I smell plagiarism? Or is it just a coincidence because both songs have “tears” as a theme and naturally tears = water = “OMG RAINSTORM!!1”?

Putting that aside, I actually like the PV but please, can we have everyone look just a bit different? I’m not looking for a costume to be 500% different from another or anything, just maybe little things like colour or accessories. I’m actually quite impressed with some members’ acting skills (like Ai-chan’s). Line distribution was not great, but not as terrible as the disaster that was Resonant Blue either, though I still found myself forgetting about some people until they appeared like three quarters into the video.

I hadn’t heard the preview of the song before watching this. I don’t think it’s a bad song at all, but my “ktkr 神曲” radar isn’t picking up anything major yet.

SWEET BLACK feat. MAKI GOTO – Fly away

(The PV is being deleted off YouTube as fast as it is uploaded)

The beginning was… erotic. I see comments (at H!O) about this being like Koda Kumi’s style, but I don’t listen to her too much I wouldn’t know. It’s definitely different from the usual H!P Kids bubblegum pop, and while I like the chorus, I could really do without the heavy instrumental techno stuff (or whatever you call it). I’m rather neutral on the actual PV itself. But man, watching this definitely reminded me how much of an awesome dancer Goto is! It’s hard to believe that this is that same thirteen-year-old that debuted with LOVE Machine. It would have been interesting to see how far this single could go, though I’d be expecting something less than what MM sells right now (which is not very pretty). I don’t think it’s going to be charted since it’ll be digital/mobile downloads only?

H!P doesn’t seem to be starting off 2009 too badly right now (minus the whole graduation stuff); hopefully they’ll be able to keep it going. Somewhere at the back of my Jpop obsession, I still have a unreplaceable spot just for them still ._.

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