Shin Ai tops Oricon daily chart

The good news: I was afraid that there were Johnny’s this week, but there isn’t any.

The bad news: Though Johnny’s encompasses 90% of all popular boy bands in Japan, there is still the other 10%. Tohoshinki has their triple A-side out in the same week.

Yesterday, obviously Tohoshinki came in first with an index number of over 30k. Shin Ai only had around 7k. Guess what happened today!?


Holy crap. I don’t believe this. MIZUKI NANA BEAT TOHOSHINKI, even if it’s just for one day!?

This is a pretty big achievement, especially since she’s a seiyuu. I don’t recall seeing any news about this having ever happened besides that other time with FJY’s Honoo no Tobira. But what I find really weird is that Tohoshinki’s sales have dropped so rapidly, since they’re known to have the most hardcore fans — they’re in the Guinness world records for having the largest fanclub or something. I guess they still don’t have as much selling power as Johnny’s, who tends to top the charts until at least the end of the week. Despite this feat, I don’t think Shin Ai will make it to weekly #1 unless if Tohoshinki doesn’t sell any copies for the next five days. Sigh, that’s another one to the weekly #2 collection.

I really just took this chance to wander around the Oricon site, and I found that they released their yearly ranking already (how I miss wiki.theppn). Gosh, those boy bands are just doing better and better. Here is the top 10:

Artist Title
1 Arashi truth / Kaze no Mukou he
2 Arashi One Love
3 Southern All Stars I AM YOUR SINGER
4 GReeeeN Kiseki
5 Shuuchishin Shuuchishin
6 Mr. Children Hanabi
7 Aoyama Thelma feat. SoulJa Soba ni Iru ne
10 Arashi Beautiful days

Out of the top 10 singles, three are by Arashi (1, 2 and 10) and two KAT-TUN (8 and 9). 11 and 12 are also Johnny’s releases (Arashi and Kanjani8). My God, stuff like this makes me think that the ratio of women to men in this world is 5:1. Other singles of interest:

Artist Title
56 May’n / Nakajima Megumi Lion
66 Sheryl Nome starring May’n Diamond Crevasse / Iteza ☆ Gogo Kuji Don’t be late
76 Sakamoto Maaya Triangler
83 Ranka Lee = Nakajima Megumi Seikan Hikou
100 Mizuki Nana Trickster

Music sales in Japan seems to be doing well for the past year. Trickster has at least sold 100k copies, and it only managed to snag the last spot in the top 100; quite a handful of albums also got past the one million mark.

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