Toradora! – 21


Been MIA for a month, but temporarily back in action. Just the same old stuff with school.

I haven’t ever said that I was watching this right now, but damn, after episode 16 (the Sumire episode) and this, how can I not at least make a small mention?

So on the school trip, Ami gets into a serious argument with Minori regarding the fact that she’s hiding her feelings for the sake of Taiga, which is pretty serious in itself considering Minori’s personality. It eventually leads to a fabulous catfight.



She doesn't mind the Hercules part.

She doesn't mind the Hercules part.



Oh god, humour at this time!?

Oh god, humour at a time like this!?

It’s fascinating. Fights in Toradora! get me more worked up than action scenes in shounen anime. Am I the only one that thinks all-battered-up people in this show look cool?


After this whole episode, I’m actually liking Ami’s character more and more. If not for her pushing everyone along the way, probably those three would have been stuck in this painful relationship for a long time. Too bad it seems like the chances of her getting with Ryuuji are slimmer than Noto and Kihara together.


Now that the shit has pretty much hit the fan, I wonder how things are going to work out for everyone. I really hope that everyone can have a happy ending, but I don’t see how the ending can be anything other than Ryuuji x Taiga at this point. Taiga’s feelings have already been exposed, and Ryuuji is coming to terms with his own. I was leaning towards Ryuuji and Minori, but oh well. Still four episodes to go, certainly enough to change the outcome?

Man, I haven’t felt this into a relationship-driven anime since I was in primary school. I love this show.

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