Toradora! – 23


All evidence points to “Toradora! = yuri raep anime”.

I wanted anything but a Taiga ending but oh well. As spectacular the ride has been, the outcome is still like any other romance comedy. It makes me feel really bad for Ami.

The last part of this episode was really the meat, but it felt kind of out of place to me, with Minorin blowing up like that. Animation-wise it didn’t look too great either, but since it’s Toradora!, I’ll forgive it.

What else can I blog about? Touya being an asshole? Q.E.D‘s ending (while I’m stuck on like the fifth episode)!? Gundam 00, which I don’t really care about anyway? Maybe Maria†Holic if I get really bored (like right now).

For the past few days I’ve been playing a couple of awesome games:

  • Funny Farm – great “little” word-association game, where you start with the words “on the farm” and try to think of words related to it. It’s all great, except it’s not “little” at all. It’s freaking huge.
  • Transcendence – awesome freeware sci-fi rougelike, where you travel across systems in search of “the truth”. Sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s really a spectacular game.

I’m out for now.

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