Toradora! – 25

Over a week late, but I won’t be able to move on until I get this done.

Things moved at lightning speed this episode, honestly. For a romance anime that did not have much physical contact between the couples, they really went all out with this episode. I think it’s a fairly safe assumption to say that Ryuuji and Taiga had sex. AT RYUUJI’S GRANDPARENTS’ HOUSE. Err, anyways. Ryuuji makes up with his mom, and they all go back the next day.

But they always have to come up with some kind of a minor conflict in the episode, just to lure you into a false sense of distress. After returning home, Taiga runs away to her mom’s and transfers to a different school. In the same freaking day they came back. What the hell?

So people are like “WHOA WHERE IS TAIGA WHY DID SHE TRANSFER???” and it ended up with some poetic thing about being together always because we all are living under the same sky.

Aww, what happened to my yuri end? Time skip to graduation. Ryuuji’s been getting along the whole time without Taiga, but look who shows up…

And there we go. The end to Toradora!.

Stuff did get resolved in this episode, but something still feels quite wrong. Maybe the pacing is still too quick for me, considering the pace of the previous episodes. Nonetheless, this is still undoubtedly one of the best, if not the most entertainment, anime that I watched this season, though I didn’t watch all that much (5~6). So what made it so enjoyable for me? Two main reasons:

1. FIGHTING. God, the fights in this show are seriously awesome. There’s nothing “moe!!” about the girl-to-girl fights and they’re way more physical and realistic compared to some shounen anime.

2. The fact that it was essentially a harem but didn’t feel like it at all. Taiga and Minori obviously have feelings for Ryuuji, and to some extent probably Ami likes him too. But throughout the entire twenty-five episodes, at no time did I think “jeez, why is everyone liking Ryuuji for no reason”. It’s wonderful. Even some of the most elegant anime (say, CLANNAD) out there couldn’t avoid this.

These last two episodes are still kind of surreal to me; I still think the last episode could’ve been done better, but overall, it’s a job well done.

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