Hayate no Gotoku!! – 01

Oh, gosh. Watching this made me remember that I stopped reading the manga right before it hit the 200th chapter. So I just spent some time catching up on the nineteen chapters a couple of days ago. Disappointingly, nothing of interest happened besides for the fact that they’re finally on their damn vacation. I guess that’s the downside of these action comedy manga. Athena didn’t even appear again until the latest two chapters. Anyways, I digress.

This new season brings to us the sequel of the original Hayate no Gotoku! anime. Yes, you read the title of this post correctly — the key is in the exclamation mark.

There seems to be some noticeable differences in the art styles and animation also. Everyone’s hair colours (and the thing in general) are now much brighter, and Hata Kenjiro’s simple yet effective =o= faces are now being incorporated into the anime. It all still looks great aesthetically, so I’m not complaining.

First up is the opening song Wonder Wind by ELISA. I’m quite surprised that I actually managed to recognize her voice, because the only thing I’ve ever heard of her in was euphoric field, and I’ve never even watched the e.f. series; I only heard it for like thirty seconds from the Animelo summer live documentary on TBS. I think it’s kind of a miscast. While I don’t mind the song so much, neither the song or her voice really fits a comedy series like Hayate!.

The OP itself already drops us in on several scenes that should not be unfamiliar to the manga readers, so maybe we’ll actually get somewhere this season?

The first story that they choose to animate is the marathon episode. Why? I was wondering about the exact same thing and came to the exact same conclusion as Hayate in the previews: to reintroduce all the main characters.

In a nutshell, Nagi must win the freestyle marathon at Hakuou or Hayate will be fired. To win, of course, you must beat the demon who has participated and won in every other race…

Competitors go in pairs, so Nagi and Hayate are going as one, as well as Hinagiku and Miki (who was forced by Hina to participate).

There’s no rules, as long as you make it through the checkpoints and the goal, so you can take shortcuts as you please. Of course, as those aren’t official routes there’s no guarantee for anyone’s safety. Hayate and Nagi are forced to do this as Nagi has already become tired out after running for a short bit. Yukiji the demon is racing through everyone else and reaches the top but in the end falls off a cliff.

The anime stays true to the original manga for the most part, but my one of my favourite scenes in what would’ve been this episode was cut out, which saddens me a bit. It’s when Miki crushes the rose that is required for all participants. Yuri potential between Hina and Miki is awesome. Hina should forget about Hayate and build her own harem. She already has Ayumu anyway ~_~.

Hayate and Nagi meets various other butlers on the road to victory, and arrives at the final boss: Hinagiku (and Miki, who is dying on the side over there).

Telling Nagi to go on without him, Hayate takes advantage of Hinagiku’s weakness of heights. How ungentlemanly. At least we get to see Hina’s girly side :D

And just as Nagi is about to reach the goal…

Hayate, from a butler in debt, becomes a bum in debt.

The ED is Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi-iro! by the student council girls. Mankai Oh dear, I thank the intelligent being who suggested “hey, let’s make the ED completely Hinagiku-centered”. The “shadow” main character is taking finally taking the front stage. It’s better than most (if not all) of her character songs, which is completely awesome. Lots of tsundere Hina scenes, accompanied by the three girls of the student council. How can this be any better? I’ve never seen producers of a series milk a certain character so much… first the OVA ED, now the 2nd season ED? Hinagiku is on a roll.

Next episode is straight out of the manga too. We’re at around chapter 56 right now. Oh god, Valentine’s Day, hurry up. Maybe I should do Hayate manga summaries again, but I’ll probably laze out on it sooner or later ._.

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