Hayate no Gotoku!! – 02

You are watching the right anime.

Hayate & party vs giant purple dragon. Rock on.

Since Nagi lost the bet with Klaus, Hayate is forced to quit, but Nagi threatens Klaus that she’ll fire him if he fires Hayate. So in the end Klaus told Hayate to go to the Tiger’s Den for Butlers to train and become a competent butler.

Oh yeah, Klaus was the one that made Maria cosplay dress up last episode. I’m sure otaku everywhere were happy.

On the way to the den, Hayate takes the train and meets Sister Fortesia, who is… eccentric to say the least. She has heard urban legends of receiving expensive name brand tea cup sets after saving someone on a train and is rather sad that she didn’t receive any. A typical dojikko, except she can put up a good fight as well.

In the meantime Ayumu visits the Sanzenin residence and the two have the usual dragon-vs-hamster sparring match. At the Tiger’s Den (which looks like a church on the outside), training is due to start tomorrow, so Hayate is allowed to stay overnight. Nagi calls to check up on him, only to find that he’s being bullied by weird women again DX. So she decides to go to the Tiger’s Den the next day, where she finds out that Hayate must form a party of four, defeat the boss in the dungeon, and bring back the treasure. You can’t have a quest without the main female character, so she joins the party.

Remember the ¥150 million prize? After Hinagiku sorts out all Yukiji’s debts, she’s only left with around ten thousand yen, and Hina didn’t even subtract the thirty thousand yen that Yukiji owes her. I wish I had a sister that would do everything for me :\. In a rage, Yukiji calls Hina names, and we find out another thing that pisses Hinagiku off to no end: being called a petanko (flat chest).

Hayate and Nagi continue to search for more party members, and comes across Deedlit Yukiji “the elf” who begs to join the party (in hopes of a cash reward). Hayate goes to ask Hinagiku as well but it seems that it’s true girls keep grudges, as Hinagiku is still mad about what happened during the marathon. She accuses him of being a lolicon since he would do anything for Nagi, and Hayate retreats for the time being. Anyway, Hayate ended up recruiting Wataru on the recommendation of Saki.

On the other hand, Isumi is heading off to the church (which is also the Tiger’s Den), being asked by an old lady named… Sister Fortesia!?

The party of four is underground and ready to go! Well, Wataru doesn’t really get what is going on but that’s okay. Not like he’s going to be of help anyway.

Next episode is Hayate & co.’s adventures in the dungeon. Remember the ultimate attack thing introduced in the last season? Hmmmm, I wonder if Hayate will get one?

I remember mentioning something about this being aesthetically pleasing last episode, but it seems that some of the faces got kind of weird here. It’s still acceptable and better than the norm, but not perfect. I went back and checked out some of the episodes from season 1, and I think prefer the brighter colours now. It just looked kind of strange at first. All those censored jokes are gone too, which would be better for the average otaku who didn’t understand EVERY SINGLE damn joke. I slightly favour the second season more for now; these two episodes have been true to the manga so far. Not a masterpiece by any means, but still a good source of entertainment.

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