Something outrageous just happened, and I feel like I should at least post something to keep this blog going.You can all thank that person. I’d like to thank him/her for supporting artists s/he likes, unlike 80% of the Internet population as well.

I got this in the mail around three weeks ago, which was during my exams (which btw was like the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in my life so far, six-hour examining owns) so I never got the chance to say anything about it. Time to plow through my impressions of it —


SEXY. If you haven’t seen the live performance of it, it’s recommended that you do so. Great opener to the album.

2. Etsuraku Camellia

Actually.. initially when I first heard the song (as in when it was out on the radio waves), I liked it a lot due to its J-rock sound. Except the more I listened to M&J, the less I actively went to listen to this song. It’s still a great song, just that I’d rather listen to other stuff. I categorize this in the group of songs that are good and have an expiry date.

There was also a perf of this on Music Japan but they’re really bleh about their stuff on YouTube, so the only place you can find it would probably be some torrent.


Uh.. this is pretty bland. It’s not that bad of a song, but just nothing draws me to it. It sits well within Nana’s comfortable vocal range, so it’s nice to listen to, but otherwise, no really big selling point.

4. Trickster

Still awesome as it was back in October, I thank the King staff for relieving my tie fetish m( _ _)m.

5. Mr.Bunny!

So what does this song have to do with bunnies!? It’s a surprisingly happy-go-lucky song (I would’ve guessed that it would be in the style of M&J from the title.. you know, like bunny girls!?). Pretty decent, I don’t hate it. The Engrish is a bit questionable but we can overlook that.

6. Chinmoku no Kajitsu

This sounds a lot to stuff like Justice to Believe and Orchestral Fantasia. I’m actually surprised that this wasn’t arranged by Agematsu/Elements Garden lol. I didn’t listen to this too much up until now, which makes me kind of sad. It’s a great song. Violins and everything. Very… Nana-like.

7. Brand New Tops

WOWOWOWOW… did I accidentally start listening to JAM Project? I hate all that echo backing vocals stuff. Otherwise I guess it’s alright. Happy pop song. I don’t mind those.

8. Shounen

This sounds like some 80’s anime theme song. I don’t know what to make of it. I like a lot of old Yabuki Toushirou (POWER GATE, New Sensation, etc) songs but this was pretty average compared to his other ones. I still would rather listen to this than a lot of other songs on the album so I don’t mind that much.

9. Gimmick Game

Fast-paced, upbeat song with rotsu obu Engurishu. I think this was the theme song to some unknown drama too.  Whatever. It’s a decent song, a bit repetitive but I can still handle it.

10. Dancing in the velvet moon

This version is slightly improved from the one that was on STARCAMP EP in the sense that the clipping issues were fixed up a bit. Not perfect, but oh well, better than nothing.

11. ray of change

This is one of my favuorite new songs on the album.  I have no idea why. Let’s move on x_o.

12. Shin Ai

The only worthy ballad on the album? I need not go into detail about this.

13. Aoki Hikari no Hate – ULTIMATE MODE-

I’ve never watched AYAKASHI, much less listened to the character songs. This song is actually half-decent, except it’s not much different from the original version lol. I listen to this fairly often.

14. Astrogation

This song is still great, and I still remember the wink which killed 99.9% of the population of Nana fans. There was also a live of this, but even as a Nana fan, I think it’s like.. the worst TV live she’s ever done so far, so I don’t really want to link to it. Go spend 3 seconds and search it up on YouTube or something.

15. Yume no Tsuzuki

As usual, there is one song that Nana-san composed and wrote the lyrics to herself. This is it. It pains me to say this, but this is also the MOST BORING SONG ON THE WHOLE ALBUM. Holy crap.  This is really not good. So far outof everything she composed, I really only like SUPER GENERATION and SEVEN.

Overall, it’s a pretty steady album, albeit not as great as some of her previous ones IMO. COSMIC LOVE never made it on the album.I hope it gets released sometime in the future with its issues fixed.

Oh and by the way, this came with a fantabulous photobooklet of Nana in Gloucester (?).

Once again, this CD is purchasable on CDJapan in its limited edition and regular edition.

I’ve gone through the CD, and probably will get to the DVD in acouple of days time (oh god I hope I’m not lying again). It’s a bit hard to get myself motivated to watch it when I can’t 100% understand everything. And what’s harder than watching something you don’t completely understand? Writing about it.

  1. I agree for your review. It’s a decent Nana album. Unlike Museum, that has a great impact. This album is pretty decent to hear. But as for Nana fans, it’s a must have album.

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