Mizuki Nana Ooi ni Utau summary


WTF. This whole thing is crack. Seriously. I just realized that any place Sugita Tomokazu walks through will become an anime meme land. Jesus Christ, that guy should be a comedian if he ever retires from voice acting.

Anyways, moving on. Uh… I don’t even understand the basic premises of this story. It’s not even a matter of “I don’t understand the language”, it’s more of a “what the hell is even HAPPENING WTF”.  So we’re gonna just glide along the plot while getting to the good anime meme moe moe ONII-CHAN bits.

Let’s go over the cast first.

Mizuki Nana – Hayate no Nana/Utahime-sama (Songstress)
Sugita Tomokazu – Mamushi no Hikosou
Sawashiro Miyuki – Suzumebachi no Oriku
Konishi Katsuyuki – Akame no Shinpachi
Suzumura Kenichi – Kondou Iyonokami
Wakamoto Norio – narrator

… And we’ll be ignoring those cryptic names and going with the seiyuu’s names for convenience.


Scene starts out with Wakamoto’s introduction of the three baddies — Sugita (+ lipstick), Sawashiro and Konishi. Oh god, the anime stuff is already kicking in. They go “OPEN HEART!” as the curtains open (Shugo Chara! reference). It seems like their objective is to kidnap the Utahime-sama. Blahblah, stuff happens, Nana finally comes out (after being briefly ignored by the trio). She wants to join in on their little group, and proves her ability by stealing their wallets without them noticing.

d'aww, giggly Nana is cuute.

d'aww, giggly Nana is cuute.

Now this is where everything starts going astray. Sugita claims that after Nana returned his belongings, he could not find his Pokemon cards anymore :o. It’s obvious that this was all improv since all the actors start laughing on stage. Sawashiro casually comments that “it went back to normal…” after Sugita just went back to “… hey, you said you are ‘Hayate no Nana’?” LOL.


More stuff happens, Sugita commands random people to come out and get beaten up by Nana. Think LIVE MUSEUM where the foreign guy was fighting Prince Nana. AKA it-looks-really-fake-but-the-fans-are-okay-as-long-as-Nana-is-winning. So Nana truly proves her abilities and Sugita lets her join the gang.

The first thing Sugita has Nana do after joining is say “goshuujin-sama (master)”. GJ, SUGITA LOL. Pictures could not possibly do this part justice, so for your convenience there’s a YouTube video. Konishi takes the chance to make Sawashiro say “onii-chan” as well, though she tried to hide at the side. Both of these were so moeee— ;A;. Sugita has trouble deciding who is better and even Nana says Sawashiro was cute :D.


After some more talking, the “meeting” comes to a halt due to Sugita’s indecisiveness (he promises to make a decision three days later). Sawashiro growls at Nana before she leaves (cuuute~) and Nana does a “OPEN HAAAATO!” to her <3. Konishi is the only one left. He does a cool sword stunt, only to cut his finger. So he leaves to find his mommy :o. Nana exits as well.


Three days later, the trio are here again and talk for a bit while waiting for Nana. Sugita still can’t decide. Nana comes out and joins in, except Konishi can’t see her cause she’s so short LOL. That’s mean! Nana offhandedly mentions that today’s Sugita-kun’s birthday. Anyways, they’re all gathered here to discuss the kidnapping plan. Nana has a question and Sugita goes, “yes, Nana-kun?” and they roleplay to be student and teacher XD. Nana proposes to not kidnap the Utahime-sama because she is beautiful, elegant, and just all-around super amazing & awesome (stop kissing your own ass). She feels sorry for her as well, and if her voice disappears from this place it would be tragic. Of course the three refuse, and a series of fighting ensue.


Finally, Hayate no Nana reveals that she is the Utahime-sama herself. No one believes her :D. They say that Utahime-sama is supposed to be great at singing and she doesn’t look the part. So Nana sings a random enka song, entitled “Yozakura Oshichi (夜桜お七)”. The trio come back out and go “DECULTURE!!” and Sugita says, “as expected of the Songstress of the Galaxy…! (ginga no utahime)” (Macross reference).


Sugita insists that Utahime-sama has many other talents besides singing, and so he forces Nana to do this “image training” thing where he speaks a story and Nana has to act it out. He makes Nana practice for image training inside the image training, where Nana is fighting against a giant praying mantis LOL. It ends with the audience satisfied and Nana looking thoroughly embarrassed :D.


Again, very casually, Sawashiro notes that they were in the wrong and that Nana’s singing was great hahaha. The baddies are still hellbent on capturing the Utahime so they try to do it right there. Randomers come out, only to get their butts whooped by Hayate no Nana again. There were like cool sword sound effects and everything. Finally, it’s the trio’s turns, and I don’t know why, but the audience laughs at Nana taking this very seriously lol. Sugita is the last boss and claims that “it’s my turn! (boku no taan da!)” (Yu-Gi-Oh! reference). Of course, he is defeated (his turn ends lol). Sugita can’t believe that in addition to having a beautiful voice, Nana is also strong. Of course, this is only to be expected of Princess Nana! ← more self ass-kissing.


A voice offstage calls for Nana and she runs away. Turns out to be one of those people that take care of her (cause she’s like a princess and everything), Suzumura Kenichi. He requests for the audience for help in finding Nana! “When I say ‘hime-sama’, you guys call for <deep otaku-sounding voice>’Nana-chan’,</voice> alright?” LOL.  Suzumura gets pissed off because the audience was supposed to say it quietly the first time so he can say “I can’t hear you guys!” but everyone was already yelling really loudly. Suzumura was going to search the three that lay on stage (the defeated trio) to see if any of them were Nana but doesn’t cause everyone knows that they aren’t. He’s just following the script lol.


Now he feels like waking up the guy that lay in the middle (Sugita), who was “causing problems for the lighting crew because he didn’t fall at the right spot” haha.  Anyways, Suzumura’s preferred method of waking Sugita up would be to punch his crotch. Lovely. Anyways, they all wake up and SuzuKen advertises his then-debut CD, INTENTION, on stage. Blahblah, more stuff happens, and Suzumura figures out that these three are the bad guys, and prepares to beat them up…



Even Nana can't stand the saturation of anime memes in this play.


Nana finally comes back out wearing “princess clothing” and stops the brewing fight. She covers it up, pretending to not know them. “Weren’t you cutting them up earlier with a sword?” Suzumura questions, and Nana, while pretending to cut him up, denies it. Suzumura quotes Shinn’s famous “YOU GUYS WANT TO FIGHT AGAIN? (mata sensou shitai no ka? anta-tachi wa!)” (Gundam SEED DESTINY reference). Suzumura buys it.


Since everything is resolved, Utahime-sama sings another enka number,”Kawauchi Otokobushi (川内おとこ節)” , to end it.

In the ending cast credits, Mizuki Nana cries from sheer joy: performing in Komageki (Shinjuku Koma Gekijou) was her lifelong dream.

The making of doesn’t really offer much new stuff, just the regular behind-the-scenes stuff so I’ll be stopping here.

Whew — this took an unexpectedly long time, but I got it done! For anyone pursuing a serious theatrical play, obviously this wasn’t meant for you. I was surprised at the shortness of the length (one hour) —  actually expected it to be around two hours or so. Maybe I’m too used to Hello! Project’s annual plays. A bit disappointing how Nana didn’t sing any of her regular songs at all, but oh well. Overall, it’s still very entertaining and a good watch for any Nana fans.

    • EvilLinkz
    • May 25th, 2010

    Good stuff. I bought Ultimate Diamond Limited Edition but totally forgot to watch the DVD.

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