Misc. seiyuu tidbits

orz ULTIMATE DIAMOND lyrics almost two months late. Better late than never. It’ll be in the next post. Before that, some very quick Nana/Yukarin tidbits from today:

smile gang

1. Latest Smile Gang episode today posed an interesting question to Nana:

Q. Out of the choices below, which is the most important to you?

1. Dragon Quest
2. Noto Mamiko
3. Smile Gang drinking party
4. stupid dog

Readers of her blog will know that Nana is a huge fan of Dragon Quest and is currently playing the latest installment, DraQue IX (which was released on July 11 on the NDS). She loves it so much there are actually ads for the soundtrack on Smile Gang LOL. Well, maybe the fact that it’s under the King Records label has something to do with it too <_>. Maybe I should play!?

Noto Mamiko is Nana’s best seiyuu friend (cue yukanana fans crying). The other day they went hot springs vacationing to Kagoshima. It seems that everybody loves Noto.

The drinking is the name of a corner on Smile Gang. The dog is very obviously Kei-tan, Nana’s beloved chihuahua.

Nana said they’re all important, but on completely different levels. Way to avoid the question <_>.

nhk mj special

2. The anime special on Music Japan will be broadcasted on August 16. Artists include angela, Ishikawa Chiaki, Kuribayashi Minami, SCANDAL, Chihara Minori, HIMEKA, Mizuki Nana and May’n.

3. Yukarin’s blog says that she went back to Fukuoka to attend her brother’s wedding tomorrow! Wow, and I didn’t even know she had a brother. Isn’t this Yukarin’s cue to tie the knot with someone soon? *cough*nanaplz*cough*

… Sorry for this contentless and lame excuse for a standalone post m(_ _)m

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