Miyano Mamoru – J☆S

AGO Miyano-kun’s new single!

  • the title is an abbreviation for “just smile” (eww wtf). Miyano thought it looked lonely so he added a star in between (!?)
  • the director of this PV (who also directed Etsuraku Camellia) saw Miyano during his live tour and told him “hey, you can dance” and so they decided to make this a dance PV.

…ya like I care about Miyano enough to look this all up. I just heard it from SmaGang a week back or so when he was guesting.

It’s a really linear video, and the vast majority of the costumes are eww as well. But I’ve taken an interest in the song, so as long as I don’t look at the PV everything is fine. Not a fan of Miyano’s breathy falsetto vibrato thing, but whatever, it’s only the beginning that annoys me the most. Love the chorus. For a summer release,  a happy energetic song is really the best.

Miyano also has unbelievable popularity among ItaKuro and SmaGang listeners. Since Yukarin, Nana, and Miyano are all under the King label, their radio shows have permanent commercial spots for each other’s releases, e.g. Yukarin has Nana and Miyano, Nana has Yukarin and Miyano. During the commercials the whole screen on NicoDou looks like this:

ago, aka Miyano Mamoru

ago — Miyano Mamoru

Compare this with the treatment Nana gets on the same episode:

7 ("the number person") - Mizuki Nana

7 ("the number person") — Mizuki Nana

I think it’s seriously a miracle that Miyano was able to continue his career at all. Right before the release of his second single, he got married. That’s a huge thing especially if your target audience consists majorly of otaku. If I remember right he should be expecting his child soon. Well, I feel happy for him for not having to give up on either his career or family. I look forward Miyano’s rise to stardom.

Miyano Mamoru 3rd single J☆S


01 J☆S
02 Happy Life
03 Splash Blue

Buy: CDJapan

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