Kämpfer receives anime adaption with all-star seiyuu cast


(From http://journal.mycom.co.jp/news/2009/08/10/004/index.html)

I don’t know anything about this light novel. I’ve never even heard of it. (I don’t know how to pronounce it either, does some German (?) pro want to tell me lol) But as I was strolling by 2ch’s yukanana (Tamura Yukari x Mizuki Nana) thread today, I found this interesting piece of news.

Apparently this is about some dude who finds himself turned into a girl one day (Kashimashi!?) and gets involved in many battles and stuff. Yeah okay, I don’t really get it either. Skipping to the amazing seiyuu cast:

Mishima Akane (C.V. Horie Yui)
Seppuku Kurousagi (C.V. Tamura Yukari)
Kanden Yamaneko (C.V. Mizuki Nana)

W-W-WHAT IS THIS COMPLETELY UTTERLY DREAM-LIKE CAST!?  I didn’t even cut down on mentioning the other seiyuu; these are the only three mentioned in the site above lol, and it doesn’t even include the main character… found it kind of weird that both Yukarin and Hocchan are in this just like Kashimashi. It seems like Hocchan is the only human though, just from looking at the names lawl.

Yukarin’s character… is that some kind of conspiracy!? KUROUSAGI (black rabbit)? As in Itazura Kurousagi, Yukarin’s radio show!? This is basically a character made for her. Seems like all the animal characters in this show have bad personalities. I’ll be looking forward to Yukarin and Nana badmouthing people.

Concept art:


Mishima Akane (C.V. Horie Yui)

Mishima Akane (C.V. Horie Yui)

Mishima Akane (C.V. Horie Yui) -- transformed

Seppuku Kurousagi (C.V. Tamura Yukari)

Seppuku Kurousagi (C.V. Tamura Yukari)

Kanden Yamaneko (C.V. Mizuki Nana)

Kanden Yamaneko (C.V. Mizuki Nana)

None for Yamaneko orz. Excuse my retarded blindness.

Will there be a Yamanako (Horie Yui x Tamura Yukari) reunion? Or is it yukanana all the way? OR IS IT A LOVE TRIANGLE? Well, we’ll find out quick enough, as the anime is set to air this coming October.

(I am so sorry to all the fans of this light novel OTL)

    • anony mouse
    • August 10th, 2009

    Nana’s role (Yamaneko) should be the white… cat… in this pic, in the link you provided.

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