Kämpfer – 01

Episode 1 of Magicial Boy Lyrical Erio Kämpfer!

A normal highschool boy, Senou Natsuru, is one day told that he has been chosen to be a Kämpfer (fighter in German), so from that point on he goes and fights enemy Kämpfers.

That’s it. What a typical shounen series plot. I don’t really care how overdone a plot is though as long as it is done well, but that’s something I can’t say at this point…

I’ve read the first 10 chapters of the manga adaptation, and this anime is suffering that same problem, which makes me come to the logical conclusion that the novel has done the same damn thing. The beginning just feels so disconcerted; we aren’t given any explanation to why/how Natsuru has been chosen as an Kämpfer, just that “you are now a Kämpfer, now fight!” I mean, the introduction is in Natsuru’s freaking bedroom and then the tiger plushie (with dangling intestines) just starts speaking. WTF?

The whole anime begins with a girl (Natsuru) chased by another girl (Mishima Akane) at night. Natsuru is cornered and jumps off a biulding… then it just randomly skips to the introduction scene, where Harakiri Tora tells Natsuru that he is now a Kämpfer. Then Natsuru wishes it was all a dream, falls asleep, wakes up the next day and finds himself a guy again. Just… yeah. It’s like the first episode of BLEACH with Rukia randomly visiting Ichigo (with no hollows around) and going “ohai, wanna be a shinigami? wait, you don’t have a choice” <_<.

If I even continue to write more posts about this anime, it might be all about the seiyuu jokes. It’s a pretty crap anime. Animation-wise it was average but consistent so I’m okay with it. The background music actually grabbed my attention a couple of times; some of it is really fitting for the situations.The seiyuu jokes did get me laughing since they didn’t even censor any names. The production team clearly knows that their trump card is the insane seiyuu cast, and they’re gonna use it to its full potential (which gets me wondering why the OP, “Unreal Paradise”, is done by Kuribayashi Minami). Hearing Inoue Marina speculating about Tamura Yukari having a poisonous tongue was quite amusing. I have a complaint about Inoue Marina’s guy voice for Natsuru though… Since he turns into a girl in Kämpfer-mode, Marina has to adjust her voice accordingly, but while the female voice is doing great, the male voice is just ugh. I appreciated her voice work as エロオ Erio in Nanoha StrikerS but it just bothers me that a tall guy like Natsuru has this kind of shota voice. I remember a part in the manga mentioning that Natsuru’s voice doesn’t change; maybe she should’ve given female-Natsuru that voice too ):.

Oh, and Nakajima Megumi! She plays Sakura Kaede, who falls in love with female-Natsuru and is simultaneously male-Natsuru’s love interest. I didn’t pick up that same kind of raw untrained seiyuu sound that I heard from Ranka, so that’s a pretty good sign that she’s improving.

Anyways, this episode pretty much just had Natsuru meeting a new Kämpfer friend, learning how to be a girl (“do I pull down the skirt or flip it up!?”), and getting ready for the first confrontation with an enemy Kämpfer.

ED is “One Way Ryou-omoi” by Inoue Marina (Natsuru) and Nakajima Megumi (Kaede). Marina-ouji’s guy voice is coolios. There’s just something I really like about these kinds of voices (similar to Shiraishi Ryouko’s Hayate voice).

Didn’t really talk much about the actual content of the episode but I assume that anyone who reads this has some kind of an interest in this already and plans to watch it if they haven’t already.

I can’t see this as something I’d be fangirling over every week, but it’s still an enjoyable twenty-minute stress-reliever in its own right. I still have to wait for Kanden Yamaneko (Nana) to appear!


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