Kämpfer – 02

Kanden Yamaneko KITA──────ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ──────

I don’t know why but I feel a lot better about this second episode. This anime is actually pretty freaking hilarious. I’m guessing it’s because the only one thing I really didn’t like about the first episode was the lack of continuity in the very beginning. I take back everything I said about not seriously looking forward to this every week now (´∀`*)

Being both a seiyuu and anime fan, sometimes it’s hard to separate a character from the voice. This anime just happens to make it twenty times harder. The Akane == Hocchan parallel has already hardwired itself into my brain. Ohgodohgod Akane is such a dirty little girl I swear I’m gonna bust a gut watching her.

Basically the anime has already caught up to where I stopped reading (chapter 10), which is pretty damn fast. Lots of stuff were changed or skipped though. It would’ve been nice if they kept the whole “Natsuru’s voice doesn’t change” thing.

And Nana-sama appeared! Obviously they didn’t let this chance go to waste. They used the same technique as last time (explicitly stating names). Even though Kanden Yamaneko only had like… two lines or something, it was a pretty awsm moment.

Oh, yeah… DO THE AHO AHO DANCE  └(・ω・)┐

Continuing off from last episode, Akane mistakens that Kaede is the enemy Red Kämpfer and tries to shoot her. Natsuru manages to divert her shot but Kaede faints from shock. The enemy stops attacking at the ring of the bell, and the fight temporarily ends.

Back at home, Harakiri Tora is excited that Natsuru has met an enemy Kämpfer (_-_)

The next day at school, school prez Sangou Shizuku calls in Akane and Natsuru in to ask if they were at the library yesterday (remember that the library has thoroughly been destroyed in the battle). On the way out of the prez’s room, Kaede bumps into the two and expresses the extreme eagerness to meet “the cool girl (who saved me last time)” quickly. Natsuru can’t resist her so he tells her that he’ll introduce Kaede to the girl tomorrow after school. GJ, Natsuru.

Knowing what kind of a mess he got himself into, Natsuru invites Akane back home to think of a plan. Natsuru and Akane! Home alone! “No one will hear it if you scream”! Akane is both excited and nervous at the same time. And oh my GOD Hocchan’s “ahhn~ ahhn~ ahhn~” noises are not so much arousing as it is making me BUST MY GUT REPEATEDLY orz. So they’re talking about how to deal with this, and clearly the best solution is just to make Kaede hate Natsuru (f) so that she won’t want to meet her anymore. So how do you make a girl hate you?

Seppuku Kurousagi: Rip off her skirt! Or just strip her naked! Hahahaha .ヽ(^Д^*)/. ゜

Jesus christ Yukarin is having way too much fun.

Akane objects to the idea though, because apparently, “WHAT IF SHE LIKES IT!?” LOL. TMI about Akane’s do-M fetishes.

It’s finally time for the date, and in the end they decided that doing the “aho aho dance” is the best way to get Kaede to hate Natsuru (f). Akane has to come along with Natsuru so that he can stay transformed. Kaede and Natsuru talk, and he aciddentally tells her that his name is Senou Natsuru. Kaede comes up with the brilliant idea that the two share the exact same name.

Anyways, they relocate to the roof of the school. Kaede beats Natsuru to the punch and confesses to her, asking if she would like to go out with her. Natsuru freaks the crap out and runs out for a second asking Akane for advice. In the end Natsuru comes back in and does the aho aho dance └(・ω・)┐ ONLY TO FIND THAT KAEDE ISN’T EVEN THERE ANYMORE! She’s been taken away by Shizuku, who reveals that she is a Schwert (sword)-type Red Kämpfer, the one who attacked them in the library. Mizuki Nana Kanden Yamaneko appears here and gets called a shitfaced doll by Horie Yui Akane. The fight starts.

They run around and destroy the school even more, and the difference in power is overwhelming. THEN AKANE TELLS US THAT THE REDS ARE THREE TIMES FASTER. Oh jesus, they can’t win this! Then Natsuru comes up with the brilliant plan of hitting the sprinkler which momentarily distracts Shizuku and Blues turns the table around. Just as Akane is about to blow Shizuku’s head off, Natsuru stops her. Natsuru is willing to let Shizuku go if she promises that she’ll never touch Kaede again. She agrees, and the day ends. Akane is thoroughly pissed that they had to let the enemy go just like that, but compliments Natsuru on the sprinkler plan.

Why did Natsuru let Shizuku go? Well… the anime would end in the second episode if he didn’t  (‘・ω・`)

The next day: rumours are flying all over the school about a mysterious bishoujo so school prez makes Natsuru transfer into the girls’ section of the school. “End of the male Natsuru” flag raised \(^o^)/


This looks suspisciously like another anime...

Looks like they have no plans to follow the manga (which I’m trusting to be a faithful adaptation of the light novel) completely, which kind of made the whole sprinkler plan thing fall apart. In the manga, they specifically said that the water from the sprinkler slows down Shizuku’s schwert and wasn’t like some dumb distraction or anything. Oh well. I wish they’d have at least explained that the school is split into female and male sections though…

Nonetheless, these minor things aren’t fazing my newfound interest in the anime. I’m already all pumped up for the next episode!

Things I still want to see:

1. Seppuku Kurousagi and Kanden Yamaneko conversing
2. Akane, Kurousagi, and Yamaneko on the same screen
3. more seiyuu neta!

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