Radio StrikerS episode 1

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The program premiered this past Saturday (October 10) and was to be uploaded on Monday (October 12) on the NicoAni channel, but because of the incompetence of Nico Nico’s anime channel staff, I didn’t get a chance to listen to this until today. Anyways, let’s forget the unhappy things and move on!

The opening song is Fate’s character song, “Endless Chain”.

Our host for this show is Takahashi Mikako, who plays young Chrono and Caro. It’s been a long time since she’s hosted a radio show that actually gets broadcasted over radio stations (as opposed to web radio), so she’s very nervous. Luckily she has someone who regularly hosts a non-web radio show — today’s guest is Tamura Yukari!

I don’t think I really need to say it, but obviously Yukarin is the voice behind the titular character, Meiou Nanoha-san.

  • Lyrical Memorial

This corner is dedicated to going over the plot, characters, etc, about the Nanoha series, especially since the first series aired five years ago! It will be in the form of a quiz for Yukarin. If she gets over half the questions correct it’ll be considered a pass.

Takahashi: First question. In the first series, the main character who is voiced by Tamura Yukari, Takamachi —
Tamura: I KNOW I KNOW! Um, [the answer is] not Takamachi Nanoha is it. Then, third grader!

The actual question just asked if the statement “Takamachi Nanoha is a third grader” is true or false LOL. As expected of Yukari-hime! Even though she claims that she was just messing around XD.

The second question asked who Nanoha met that awakened her magical powers.  Skip (_-_)

Takahashi: Third question. In the first series and the movie, who is the fated opponent, played by Mizuki Nana-chan, that Nanoha meets?
Tamura: I wonder who it issss… Fate! Tes… ta… rossa.

Fourth is a “harder” question asking how many episodes the entire Nanoha series has. Yukarin got the answer, 52, by doing the calculations on paper, lol.

Fifth question asks for the names of all the ending songs of Nanoha in order. WOW SO SMART YUKARIN GOT IT ALL RIGHT!

Last question is a bit special! Which line from the Nanoha series does Tamura Yukari think is the most epic? So basically this is a free answer question. But…

Tamura: Anything is okay right? Then… “Dear, come home quickly~♥”

Nononono Yukarin, who said that line!? It’s from Nanoha-mama to Fate-papa right, yes I understand (´∀`*). Tsudzuki-sensei, the creator of the Nanoha universe, is also here at the recording studio today and did a big cross with his arms and the staff actually labels this answer as being wrong hahaha. She’s given a second chance and goes for “Lyrical magical, ganbarimasu!” though a lot of people on Nico Nico settled for “Should I cool down your head a bit?” By the way, mine has to be Fate’s “We’re friends” from the second episode of A’s XD (nobody asked you!)

They go over the official answers for the questions, where Yukarin clarifies for first-time listeners that the first line she said doesn’t really exist lol. Lyrical magical ganbarimasu also never appears in the actual anime, just in the previews for the first season. Yukarin personally liked this line a lot but in StrikerS it became something manly like “DRIVE IGNITION!” wwww.

  • Readers’ Mails

Reader mails time (despite it being the first episode). A Yukari Kingdom citizen fan sent in asking stuff like what happened during the voice recording for the movie and what major points to check out in the movie, but actually the recording for the movie has not been completed yet as of the recording of this episode. All they can say is that the script is really thick and the movie is around 120 minutes.

Second mail asks if Yukarin is careful of Nanoha’s age when she voices for her across all the different seasons. Looks like Yukarin doesn’t consciously voice differently, besides in StrikerS where she had to show that she cared about the younger kids in Kidou Rokka.

  • Shuffle Challenge

The host and the guest take a scene from any of the three Nanoha series and play out the scene, of course where they are not the original seiyuu (hence “shuffle”). There are seven staff judges; each time the majority of the staff votes a pass for a particular round, they get one point. If the show gets over twenty points, something good will happen apparently.

This time’s is from A’s episode 1, where Vita and Zafira are talking. I really can’t pinpoint it any more than that OTL. Takahashi asks if Yukarin remembers this scene and she does “but aren’t there other scenes…” LOL. Even though almost the entire cast is female, somehow Zafira got in XD. Oh, and Graf Eisen counts too, so there are three roles for this scene.

They picked the roles by lottery. Yukarin gets Vita and Graf Eisen (+ misc. sound effects), with Takahashi as Zafira. Takahashi shows an obvious dislike towards this wwwwwww. Yukarin doesn’t like Graf Eisen either and rips up the piece of paper that said she got it LOL.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s impossible to describe this with words, so it’s better to watch the actual video itself. YUKARIN SAYS “AGNES CHAN” FOR GRAF EISEN’S LINE ROFLMAO. She gives the lame excuse that she can’t read it (remember Graf Eisen is German) XD. Four staff out of seven raise their hands signalling the duo’s pass, but the one vote that they really wanted from Tsudzuki-sensei they didn’t get ._.

Now they’ve added more attributes to the voice that the seiyuu must do.  Yukarin has to speak (sing?) her lines for Vita (+ Graf Eisen & sound effects) musically and Takahashi has to do CAT noises for Zafira (A DOG) LOL WTF.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Again, this is unexplainable. Simply watch the video. Yukarin has grown to hate doing this hahahaha. All seven staff raised their hands, so Yukarin comes up with the conclusion that “in acting, there’s no [correct] ‘answer’ huh ☆” which pisses Takahashi off slightly. Since in both rounds they got the majority of votes, that’s two points accumulated for Takahashi. This is basically a show where the guests slave away for Takahashi XD. Yukarin doesn’t get anything in return so she regrets not having just randomly messing it up.

The ending song is Nanoha’s character song, “Mahou no Kotoba ~Lyrical harmony~”.

It’s already time for the ending. Takahashi feeds the listeners a bunch of Nanoha info and asks Yukarin how today was. Yukarin just gave the simple answer of  “it was good” XD.

Next week’s guest is Mizuki Nana (Fate), followed by Kuwatani Natsuko (Arf), then Sanada Asami (Vita).

Well.. what do I really have to say about this? My Mondays are gonna be much more lively if the staff uploads the damn show on time. Fun show, the jewel is definitely the shuffle challenge corner. Or is that just the magic of Yukarin’s creativity? Yukarin setting the atmosphere for the episode was also quite beautifully done, since she’s very skilled at talking (despite having crap promotional skills). Not that I think she’s even consciously doing it. I don’t think next week with Nana-san will get crazier than this, but, uhm, please go all out and be crazy! (what)

I wonder who it issss… Fate! Tes… ta… rossa. Fourth is a “harder” question asking how many episodes the entire Nanoha series have. Yukarin did it on paper and got 52, lol.
    • raijuu
    • October 14th, 2009

    >> since she’s very skilled at talking (despite having crap promotional and reading skills)
    Fix’d. Teeheedontshootmeplease.

    I hope the next episodes are as fun, but I’m strongly leaning toward Yukarin’s magic making it that much more enjoyable. Or I’m biased. Really, really biased….

    Oh man, I can’t wait for those Shuffle Challenges. Kuwatani Natsuko want. :3

    • Lmao, very true. I’m not even a huge Yukarin fan but I find her talks so much more interesting than most others. We can only hope that this quality keeps up!

      I’d rather want them go crazy in the shuffle challenges than trying to do it properly though XD

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