Mizuki Nana 20th single “Mugen” preview (Update 5: 4th song unlocked!)

Cast of WHITE ALBUM 2. what.

Cast of WHITE ALBUM 2. what.

Update 5: STORIES aired. Dear Dream has been floating around on Nico a couple of weeks too, but it’s from the ending of the show that it is a tie-up to and not a streaming version from SmaGang.

Update 4: Tenkuu no Canaria (Canary) aired on Smile Gang. Preview is inside. AWSM SONG IS AWSM. As a side note this week’s SmaGang is legendary. Includes chikan Nana-san going “mmmmmm female high school students’ buttssssss” <_<.

Update 3: Added super tie up for 4th song. Apparently this show is going to be broadcast nationally live so shockingly this is THE tie up of the single. It’s about girls from universities… running. Yeah.

Update 2: CD jacket released! It’s reminding me of stuff like EtaBure/JasuBiri!

Update 1: details of the second and fourth track have been released on the official site

So a preview of Mugen finally aired on today’s Smile Gang episode!

Currently known information about the single from the official site (this post will be updated as more information is released):

Release date: October 28, 2009
Label: King Records
Catalog No.: KICM-1294
Price: ¥1,300 (tax included)

1. Mugen

TV Anime WHITE ALBUM OP theme/Ani-melomix TV-CM song
Lyrics: Mizuki Nana / Composition: Agematsu Noriyasu (Elements Garden) / Arrangement: Fujita Junpei (Elements Garden)

2. Tenkuu no Canaria (Canary)

Anime Tales of Symphonia THE ANIMATION Tethe‘alla Arc opening theme
Lyrics: Hibiki / Composition, Arrangement: Katou Yuusuke

3. Dear Dream

TBS Card Gakuen ending theme
Lyrics, Composition: Shihori / Arrangement: Saitou Shinya & IPEMOTO


Nippon TV 27th Mori no Miyako Zen-Nihon Joshi Daigaku Ekiden image song
Lyrics:  Kanda Leo & Saita Kazunori / Composition: Saitou Yoshihiro / Arrangement: Furukawa Takahiro

First press edition: Special navy case

Preorder: CDJapan

Downloadable preview + Nico link are inside.

(October 18 update)

I’m feeling quite lazy today, since my computer died a couple of days back and I’m on a completely new system at the moment. There is a streaming version on this page (NicoSound, no account needed). This is the CM with the song attached to it. The music fits so well with the video I’m getting goosebumps from this lol.

(October 11 update)

Tenkuu no Canaria preview


There’s a bit more of the instrumental playing but Nana & Misato talk over it for way too long.

About 10 seconds into the singing it’s pretty obvious that this is gonna rock. I liked this on the first listen already.

This is composer Katou Yuusuke and Nana-san’s first time working together, and it looks like it’s turning out very very well already. The lyrics, by Hibiki, directly tie in with Tales of Symphonia. I haven’t ever played it, but apparently there’s all this travelling back and forth between parallel (?) worlds or something. This is from the POV of the lead female character Colette (C.V. Nana)? It sounds like an interesting plot, maybe I’ll give the OVAs a try.

Time to go loop this now ♪

Full Smile Gang episode → http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm8359874

Since videos of only the song aren’t out on either Nico or YouTube yet, I just cut it out myself from the above link and uploaded it:


With Smile Gang‘s audio quality these days, people can easily download this and pass up on the official CD, and this is BAD. So there’s a small chunk of talk at the very end (the song didn’t end yet and Nana and Misato started talking anyway) just to remind everyone that this is a PREVIEW. Support Nana and buy the CD!

LIVE FEVER/DIAMOND Blu-ray/DVD release date has also been announced: December 23. Three discs for BD and five for the DVD. Sugeee-. Next week there’s also a big announcement on Smile Gang. Finally onto thoughts about the actual song.

Nana + EleGa is pretty much a winning combo for me already, but this song.. the first thing I thought was “it’s really WHITE ALBUM-ish!”  It wasn’t an instant favourite on the first listen but after a couple more replays I started to appreciate it more. I can’t think of any previous Nana songs that sound anything remotely like this, so I guess it can be considered a new style. I didn’t actually like Shin Ai on the first listen either but now it’s like “ZOMG awsm ballad!1” so I’m willing to bet that I’ll warm up to it in time.

And… isn’t this song a bit too impossible for normal people to sing at karaoke!?  ヽ(#`Д´)ノ

Bonus: new CM on Smile Gang, the normal version followed by the crazy-batshit-insane version


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