Radio Strikers episode 2

It was uploaded on time this time around, but my motherboard fried a couple of days ago and it’s been hectic trying to recover my previous files + homework m(_ _)m

wow they have a semi-decent looking header image this time!

wow they have a semi-decent looking header image this time!

Abstract: hyperactive three-year-old + sexy dynamite older sister (!?!?!)

Just to be annoying and repetitive, this episode’s guest is Mizuki Nana (Fate). It seems to be a rare chance for Takahashi and Nana-san to be on the same radio show together; it’s only happened a few times and never in a regular radio show. But don’t worry about any possible awkawrdness, from this episode it’s quite obvious that these two hit it off quite well (ノゝ∀・)~

  • Lyrical Memorial

As Takahashi explained the rules, Nana-san seemed to be slightly nervous and scared LOL. From the beginning Nana-san already repeats three times that “I love Nanoha!!”… okok we know, so shut up XD.

Takahashi: First question. In order to fulfill her mother’s wishes, Fate went great distances to go to Japan. There, she met a girl with a ferret, the girl known as the White Mage—
Mizuki: Ah – NANOHA NANOHA! NANOHA! NANOHA! NANOHA! NANOHA! It’s Nanoha! It’s my beloved Nanoha~♥ (lol)
Takahashi: Cutting in… (lol) Wait, why are both Yukarin and Nana-chan cutting in on the first question… why is that (lol)

It’s because they’re connected・at・heart ♥

Nanofate? Yukanana? Who cares? (´∀`*)

Q2. What weapons does Fate’s magical device, Bardiche, have?
1) axe
2) scythe
3) lance

Nana-san answers the second one but is wrong! It turns out she was being bullied by the sadistic staff, and the correct answer was “all of the above” (which isn’t even a choice XD).

Third question is just asking for the names of insert songs of Nanoha. Of course Nana-san gets it all right.

Takahashi: Wow! As expected!!
Mizuki: Well.. that’s because I sing them (lol)

Fourth question asks how many sound stages (drama CDs) have been released altogether. HOLY CRAP CASUAL FANS CAN’T KNOW THIS! Nana-san guesses 10, then 11 (the correct answer).

Final question is the same as last week, the “what does Mizuki Nana think is the most epic line in Nanoha” question. And what is her reply?

Nanoha, Nanoha, Nanoha… !


(It’s actually from the “call my name” scene.)

Again, they go over the correct answers. They just pretended that she got all the answers right lol. They talk a bit about Bardiche and Nana-san says that as the series go on it changes and goes into “German mode” and stuff… lol? Few minutes on Nana-san doing the lyrics for all three of the insert songs with the characters in mind (and after reading the scripts). Takahashi’s favourite line from Fate is the same as mine, the “we’re friends” and apparently Nana-san was deciding between that and “Nanoha x3” as well.

  • Readers’ Mail

Only one this week except it kind of got overshadowed by Nana-san’s tangent story instead <_<.

Listener got into a fight with his/her friend. Listener felt like s/he was in the wrong but as time went on it became harder to apologize… then the listener watched the last episode of Nanoha and phoned the friend and they made up. Um, this sounds kind of fake LOL.  イイハナシダナー (It’s a wonderful story)

Then Nana-san starts to recall a similar experience, where she and a friend didn’t have a fight but were separated for over six years after high school graduation. The friend moved to New York, and just at the time of innocent starter the friend phoned Nana-san and was like “Hey Nana, do you know who this is?” and Nana-san was able to recognize her right away. Even after six years of not meeting at all, it seemed that their hearts were still connected. Another wonderful story over here~

  • Shuffle Challenge

Scene this time is from A’s episode 2 when Raising Heart convinces Nanoha that she’s in good enough condition to shoot Starlight Breaker. At the rate of things it seems that all the shuffle challenges will be from each episode of A’s, which is probably because it’s going under a rerun in Japan right now. Then there’s only thirteen episodes to this show—? Noooooo ;A;

Nana → Nanoha + sound effect 1
Takahashi → Raising Heart + sound effect 2

They were too lazy to explain what SE 1 & 2 meant lol. They just split the SEs into two parts and shared it.

They do it normally (or as normal as they can with an English script in hand) but we still ended up with stuff like “mastaa, turast me, I can be shot!”

They don’t seem to be very satisfied with this at all, with Nana-san throwing out a こ れ は ひ ど い !(this is terrible) out there since they are professional seiyuu and all XD. Nana-san blames not being able to concentrate because Raising Heart was too funny. That’s mean!They got votes from all staff and Takahashi lets out an unnecessary “it seems like the staff here are rather easy~”

Next one is the modified version (aka ruin-the-original-work/Original-Work-Breaker version)

LOL HOLY CRAP. Epic modifiers this time:
Nanoha → three-year-old
Raising Heart – sexy dynamite

WAIT wwwwwwww SEXY DYNAMITE RAISING HEART TALKING MUMBO JUMBO TO A THREE-YEAR-OLD LOL. Takahashi is over here whining while Nana-san is grinning, glad that it’s not herself XD.

And the results do end up being disastrous. Not only sexy dynamite Raising Heart but sexy dynamite SOUND EFFECTS? I feel like I’m gonna vomit blood anytime now. They were giggling throughout the entire thing and got.. ZERO votes this time. Oh dear. Raising Heart (the real one) even gave a “Don’t mind” lolol. Then Tsudzuki-sensei tells them that it was because Takahashi said the staff this time around was easy. Takahashi is convinced that they were not acting true to their hearts and that it was actually hella funny. But oh well, that’s a point lost! Takahashi decides to shut up for the future but it wouldn’t be interesting that way): Three points accumulated so far!

Aww, it’s the ending talk already. Usual Nanoha info. Nana-san’s thoughts about today are just simply “It was fun~” etcetc.

Next week: Kuwatani Natsuko (Arf)
Next next week: Sanada Asami (Vita)

    • raijuu
    • October 20th, 2009

    Of course Fate and Caro/Chrono get along well. (つω・)

    I was wondering why it was tagged なのフェイ. And then I listened and then, well, yeah… I don’t listen to Nana-sama on radio much, but she seems terribly ドM fun to tease.

    Eh, didn’t care much for 奈のは, but SEXY DYNAMITE was wwwwwwwwwdammitwhydidntnanasamagetthatone I hope Mittan keeps getting the roles she doesn’t like. It’s fun hearing her whine. :>

    I don’t want this to be thirteen episodes. I can dream for twenty-six, right? Right? :<

    • Yuki
    • February 21st, 2010

    I sorta wished that Nana got Raising Heart, so everyone got a laugh out of the infamous Moezuki Nana Engrish. :)) :))

    Although it’s fine. XDDD The tongue twister and promotional in Radio Strikers 14 and 16 by Nana and Yukarin respectively made it the wait shorter. XDDD or if ever I made sense or smthng. XD

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