Kämpfer – 04

If only every episode could be like this.

Last week skipped because there was no seiyuu neta computer problems that I’ve mentioned previously. It wasn’t all that important or amusing anyway.

This episode was basically testing how far they can go with the (pseudo) yuri stuffs… I think pictures is enough to show what’s happening most of the time already. Oh, and chara song advertisements too. HOLY CRAP PLEASE GIVE ME BUNNY x CAT CHARACTER SONG. I’ll buy it no matter how crappy it is.

Natsuru goes to school and finds that he’s been entered into the school’s beauty contest → Natsuru goes to Shizuku to ask “WTF” → eroi things happen → Akane comes. Is this hard to understand at all?

At home Shizuka-chan and Yukarin LOL @ Natsuru’s entrance to the beauty contest. It seems that Akane is a regular visitor to Natsuru’s home now. Then they talk about how Natsuru should go shop for undergarments for when he transforms, and they set out on a date the next day… but of course we must have the obligatory confuse-Akane-with-seemingly-dirty-words scene first.

Natsuru: Akane-chan, will you come with me?

Yeah. Oh, and they decide that Natsuru should sing for the beauty contest (because you need to do something). “Anison these days sound normal!” lol WHAT.

They’re on what Akane thinks is a date, and bump into Shizuku! Yuri reipu ensues as both Akane and Shizuku want to show Natsuru how to wear a bra properly.

Shizuku, being the evil little do-S she is, called Kaede and they all go to a karaoke box where Natsuru was supposed to practice singing… instead it had Shizuku, Kaede and Akane doing advertisements for their character songs. What the hell is that shitty singing from the prez? It’s kind of sad when out of all three I can clearly decide that the best singer is Hocchan OTL.

Anyways, the end result is that everyone decides to join the damn beauty contest. So we’re supposed to be looking forward to that next episode!



Um yeah, I think my posts about this anime are getting tsundere. I guess for me the enjoyment level of this anime is directly proportional to the amount of seiyuu jokes inserted, lol. I’m guessing that the next seiyuu jokes will be with the dog voiced by NotoMami. We’ll have to wait until Mikoto comes back from her uhh world-wide vacationing, which seems to be next week… ? Arghh I want my cat and bunny interaction ;A;

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