Jin Nakamura’s ballads are quite awsm. Too bad the better singer sells for less than 10k copies, while the one with 80% of Japan’s teenage girls swooning over him will sell anywhere from 100k to 600k. Sigh.

My last 2 weeks in the form of a tag cloud:

homework tests quizzes calc sleep-at-4AM chem grad photos dying no-time cranky suicidal term-end test-rush calc homework math calc calc calc calc sleepy die post-secondary-applications procrastination marblehornets-induced-fear-of-mannequins paranoia OCD sleep dying calc kjhdsflkjahdlkjajfdlkmdslkvnmczx.vn

PS. Holy hell, Code Blue season 2 green lit. I have to sit through hours of Yamapi’s stupid bored face again.

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