HOLY FREAKIN’ CRAP. I saw newspaper scans of the news shortly after I posted earlier but I hesitated to put it here because Nana-san doesn’t have like a blog entry spazzing over it, and NANA PARTY says nothing. But now that it’s on Kouhaku’s official site, I can safely post about it!

Nana fans, we must hold a festival \(^o^)/

Alongside Nana, the other newcomers for this year’s Kouhaku are Kimura Kaela, Arashi, NYC boys, FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, flumpool, Yuusuke (dude from Shuuchishin), Remioromen and the eight-year-old Katou Seishirou.

All of which are more famed than her by the way, at least within the “normal people” realm. Reactions will probably  end up being like “who is that?” or “Manabe Kawori!?” (the famous model who apparently bears a striking similarity with Nana-san) and yeah… but oh well. Can’t do anything about that.

Arashi is appearing for the first time too! I only care because it’s one of the few Johnny’s groups that have left a favourable impression on me. Quite a surprise since it seems like Johnny’s (with the exception of SMAP and TOKIO?) go do their own little countdown live thing every year. I don’t approve of NYC boys though since they are like a bunch of random little kids that accidentally got on stage even though I think Yamada Ryousuke is cute. Whatever, four Johnny’s groups already means that the white team has won this year. Again.

Next thing to gossip about before the actual show: NANA’s SONG CHOICE. Will it be total fail like Anisama ’09 or completely awesome because it’s being chosen by NHK? Who knows. Personally hoping for something like Shin Ai. Uh, what “normal” songs does Nana even actually have again?

Food for thought: enka duet with Hikawa Kiyoshi.



I hope this isn’t a one time thing like Shokotan last year.

Back to studying now *runs*

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