Mizuki Nana meets Manabe Kawori

★ 水樹奈々 公式ブログ ≫ 愛媛娘っ☆ (Mizuki Nana’s blog entry)
★ 眞鍋かをりのココだけの話 ≫ 神 (Manabe Kawori’s blog entry)


Yesterday (December 13), there was a private viewing of the Layton movie (to be released on December 19). Nana-san attended it since she plays Jenice, a key character, but to her surprise there was someone there that she wanted to meet long ago!

Model Manabe Kawori!

I don’t think this has been covered in the English community much; I’ve barely seen their names being written together. But it’s kind of well-known that Mizuki Nana looks like Manabe Kawori (though Nana-san is older, Manabe is much more known). Both of them know about this; Nana-san has mentioned on her blog a few times and even picked out a picture that she thinks looks like Manabe the most lol. Manabe Kawori claims to have been mistaken for Mizuki Nana over 50 times. They look so much alike that Nana-san’s fans have been going to Manabe’s events to see how similar they look. Even Manabe’s friend of ten years saw Nana-san on a magazine cover and mistook it for Manabe. All the guests on the show started yelling “WHOA YOU GUYS LOOK SO MUCH ALIKE!” when they showed Nana-san’s Sing Forever photobook.

Honestly speaking, I don’t see it lol. The only comparison picture that made me “WTF” was this post’s opener.

Anyways, they took a picture together and it’s on both their blogs. This one is Manabe’s:

They don’t look alike at all in this particular picture especially since Manabe cut/dyed her hair. Look at the most obvious difference, height XD.

Nana-san didn’t have much to say about this meeting on her blog, but Manabe wrote “NANA-SAMA IS GOD!” as the opening sentence, lol.  Apparently they were being called to the stage one by one; Nana-san and Manabe were called in succession and the front row started laughing. Manabe thought it would be nice if they had the same hair and stuff that day and that it was too bad they don’t look that similar. They exchanged mail addresses (with Manabe (*´Д`)ハァハァing), and Manabe wishes Nana-san luck on Kouhaku.

Actually, this picture is kind of hilarious when I look at it closely. It’s like Nana-san is the hyperactive five-year-old with Manabe as the cool & calm onee-san or do I visit the yukanana thread too much. Anyways, I hope they get to appear on some show together when Nana-san gets more popular with the mainstream! Would be interesting to see (unlike that boring-as-hell Keitai Oogiri show that Nana-san is appearing in in a week).

Completely unrelated note: 350th episode of ItaKuro was GOD. Yukarin goes around bothering (phoning) people when they take baths. Lots of nakedness XD. What are you waiting for!?

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