Stuff I missed out on in the last few weeks

I am too lazy to talk about each little thing so thoroughly, so these are going to be off the top of my head.

1. Kämpfer

the reason(s) I can still live on

dude WTF!?!

Holy hell, I thought there was a limit to how much an anime can suck. Kämpfer just keeps proving me wrong over and over. I thought the second last episode was bad, but THIS. This last episode. Holy crap. Words cannot describe it.

But I’ll forgive it for its stellar seiyuu cast. I appreciated the little Nanoha line being thrown in there too.

no but seriously where is my cat x bunny character song

2. Sasameki Koto

Surprisingly out of all the other anime (~8-10) I’ve been watching this season, I’ve been enjoying this the most. Which is a  lot more than I expected to.

As a casual seiyuu fan usually my interest in a seiyuu stems off from a character they’ve played. The complete opposite managed to happen Sasameki Koto. I’m falling in love with Sumika directly because she is voiced by Takagaki Ayahi. Takagaki is freakin’ brilliant. It might have something to do with Sumika being a complete perv inside but so was Kanako from Maria†Holic and I didn’t feel this strongly about her voice.

Back to the actual anime itself: Initially I only picked this one up because it was yuri, and I needed something to watch after Aoi Hana. Episode 8 actually had me go (´Д`;) and I marathoned the manga immediately afterwards. It’s been way too long since I felt this way for any anime, in fact, the last time was back in 2007  for Nanoha. I ended up enjoying this more than Aoi Hana, and all anime watchers who loved this need to go read the manga RIGHT NOW because that’s where all the good drama stuff happens. Unfortunately, the good parts are still beyond the English translators…

Also, listen to the drama CD. Not so much fulfilling in the yuri department but the script was penned by Ikeda Takeshi himself and is great even with just the comedy anyway. The ending cast talk was pretty amusing as well:

Harada Hitomi [Tomoe]: U-um, I thought Miyako who sang next to me was really cute… so that was k-kind of…
Saitou Chiwa [Miyako]: Iya~ ♥
Takagaki Ayahi [Sumika]: WHY ARE YOU GUYS FLIRTING!?

lolol. Pretty hilarious stuff. Man I wrote too much about this. I only ask for one thing: please give us a second season m(_ _)m

3. Radio StrikerS

Freaking hell, I was planning to keep on doing weekly summaries but somehow everything just went blah. It’s been a great listen each week still though. Quick highlights I can remember (with links to each episode on Nico):

  • Episode 9 w/ Inoue Marina: lol Caro x Erio famous first-contact scene re-enacted — now with erotic voicing! Yes Caro, Okama Erio is going to touch your boobs and you are going to start panting like you just ran a marathon!
  • Episode 11/ Sugita Tomokazu: Do I really need to say more!?
  • Episode 12 (no guest): Takahashi getting a big fat red “NO!” from Tsudzuki-sensei for saying Caro is stupid LOL. She thought that Caro would be the type to do the same thing as herself:  slice up a tomato and not notice that she cut her own finger because everything’s red.. “huh, it kind of hurts, but oh well!” LOL.

Ummm yeah as you can tell my memory doesn’t extend that far back. Anyways. GOD. Nana & Yukarin are coming on episodes 14 and 16 again. WHY THE HELL CAN’T THEY JUST COME TOGETHER IN ONE EPISODE. It’s been too long, I need my yukanana fix ;A;. And aren’t they forgetting about one of the main characters, who hasn’t appeared on this show at all yet…?

Maybe if I have time I’ll get back to doing this weekly again.

There’s a nagging feeling at the back of my mind that I’m forgetting something… but oh well. It’s probably something Nana-related which means it’s okay because 90% of my posts are already about her. I haven’t finished watching LIVE DIAMOND X  FEVER yet; I feel quite down after Nana-san messing up on the lyrics in two out of three acoustic songs in LIVE DIAMOND :(. Kidding, kidding. I’ll get around to finishing it soon.

    • raijuu
    • January 4th, 2010

    ChiwaChiwa = MOGEEEEEEEE. And Freedom Sugita is always awesome.

    Anyway, yeah, wish Yukarin and Nana would appear on the same episode for once. Nakahara Mai is pretty cute for the latest episode. I’m a little sad that they replaced Shuffle Challenge with a tongue twister thing kinda… Oh hell, Yukarin would totally fail at that, so who am I kidding. Can’t wait to hear that.

    Ueda Kana whar. She won’t say she’ll erase oyaji on the show, let her on. ;_;

    And orz did Nana-sama really mess up on the lyrics? I haven’t been able to watch.

    • I exaggerate. She messed up a little line in both innocent starter and NAKED FEELS but corrected it before the line even ended. It’s not even all that noticeable if you aren’t paying complete attention, but yeah, kind of a “gahh” feeling since this kind of stuff separates great from perfect.

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