Nana @ Kouhaku (preliminary fangirling)

Sorry for the crap quality, this was off my own recording of the PPLive NHK broadcast.

\(^o^)/ Not a disaster like that Music Fighter perf was! I was actually kinda worried because I was watching that Kouhaku Complete Guide thing where it showed the rehearsals and uhh let’s just say Nana-san really didn’t sound the greatest there.

It was a short & sweet three minute appearance only, but a historic moment for the anime/seiyuu world nonetheless. Really surprising with the audience all having blue penlights though.. I mean it was like all evenly spread out and not all bunched up in an area or something. Is everyone a fan? LOL. But GOD can’t the damn otaku shut up, it’s making the her look bad&@#(&@# though it was nice to hear female voices yelling “NANA-CHAAAN!” XD.

Agematsu Mika is on the arpa too. Too bad they never gave her a close up!

Oh and that dress is really pretty 8D I thought she was singing in that red dress that she came on stage in but guess not lol.

In other news I can go to sleep now. It’s 3:30 AM PST… I can wait to find out white team who wins.  good night (_-_)

Fake edit: DUDE WHAT THE HELL? I was like writing this entry, uploading the pics and NANA SUDDENLY COMES ON AGAIN WTF.  She’s just kinda standing in the background during Sakamoto Fuyumi’s part LOL WTF!? Shit, is this my cue to not sleep tonight!?

As of writing Otsuka Ai is singing on stage with an afro. Yeah.

I need to get Twitter or something.

Real edit (@ 4 AM): LOL even Agematsu (the older one) is tweeting about this like crazy (w/ lots of tears XD). He even uploaded a pic of Mika-san phoning their mom. Aww ♥

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