Obsessed otaku infiltrates backstages of Kouhaku

So I found a couple of clips of Wonder x Wonder, the show that aired a special on what goes on behind the curtains of Kouhaku. It started out normally like other Kouhaku clip, but then I saw something strange. AN UNCONTROLLED OTAKU WAS RUNNING AROUND LOOSE!

God I am SO SORRY LOL. Is this what I spend my free time doing? What was supposed to be a d’aww moment is now  a creeper moment. Oops.

but srsly. Just look at Sakamoto Fuyumi run away from her <_<;;.

Fangirling Nana is rather interesting to watch 8D

In other news I am still hauling the second half of that 30 GB Kouhaku file.

PS. Nana-san’s outfit is mega-cute here ;A;

  1. Hello ! I’ve been reading (stalking) your blog for a while now but never posted a comment, so here we go !
    … but hmm, apart from saying that Nana was awesome at Kouhaku and the usual things, I don’t really know what to say ! XDDD

    => Fangirling Mizuki Nana is tanoshii !!!!

    BTW can you tell me where did you get those clips of WonderxWonder ? Is there a full video clip available on internet ?

    • Hi! Ohh, we’re talking about STALKING now are we. I am pretty high on the stalkers ranking; I’ve seen your blog around “the neighbourhood” too :P. Same reason why I don’t comment: dunno what to say lol.

      I actually got the clips from a Chinese forum where someone happened to be flipping to the NHK channel and saw Nana on, so it’s not a full video of the entire episode and there’s probably more Nana parts before s/he started watching. If you know Chinese, just head straight here. Supposedly s/he also didn’t record a part because it was already on Music Japan.

      Anyways, if you don’t know Chinese scroll down to the bottom of the first post where it says “VS 下載 01”; the links are embedded in the numbers (01/02). Beware that the download site has NSFW popups. Enter the number you see in that box and click the orange button, then there’ll be a pop up, go back to the original page and you should see a countdown and the orange button that appears will be your “download” button.

      Hope that helps! :) I’m sure the full episode is already on Share or something but I am quite Share-challenged lol.

    • amelala
    • February 1st, 2010

    waaaa…y Sakamoto Fuyumi is running away from Nana o >_< "O" at lest the other one hug her lol XD

    • Haha, it’s only me messing things up XD. She actually talked to Nana for a bit but I cut that part out. She had to leave quickly for her rehearsal, I guess.

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