Code Blue 2 START!

“The existence of doctors confirm that miracles do not exist, yet the doctors themselves always hope for miracles for their patients.”

I am one day short of not posting about Jdramas for a year! GASP. That timing is actually kind of eerie… but as usual I digress.

Quick cast intro:

Yamashita Tomohisa as Aizawa Kousaku
Aragaki Yui as Shiraishi Megumi
Toda Erika as Hiyama Mihoko
Asari Yousuke as Fujikawa Kazuo
Higa Manami as Saejima Haruka

I’m going to have to have to ignore the scary glares from Yamapi/Gakki fans: this is a yuri drama \(^o^)/

The odd thing is that despite my claims about the yuri content this drama has almost next to zero romantic subplots, which is actually fine since it’s a medical drama. It just creates more room for crazed fans to fantasize in <_>. There’s Saejima’s boyfriend, but she doesn’t really count since she’s not a “fellow” (doctor-in-training).

This is not going to be a complete summary of the episode, because I really don’t want to be watching the raw, pausing after every other line and going to look up something insane like what 筋萎縮性側索硬化症 kin’ishukusei sokusakukoukashou (ALS, in short muscle atrophy) means. Most likely this will just be parts that I remembered the most (aka yuri stuffs lulz). Read at your own discretion. I don’t need Aizawa/Shiraishi fans going “ONFG WTF IS WRONG WIT U” on me.

Warnings & disclaimers:

  • One of my more image heavy posts. Kind of went crazy with the capping. I’m reflecting on my actions now :|
  • Since this is the second season, obviously there are spoilers for the first season and the special
  • Screw the medical jargon in this. Tried to look it up but the vast majority of it is pretty insane. I attempted short explanations of what stuff are but it comes from skimming the Wikipedia article, so don’t sue me if I make a mistake.

After a three-minute recap, we get right down to it and the fellows are introduced one by one. I find it rather amusingly inappropriate that a drama about doctors saving people starts with this catchy beat in the background that goes “let’s get this thing started” lol. If I recall this was how the first season started too…

Gakki was all “I can’t imagine Shiraishi in a dress!” and so we have coolio jacket for coolio Shiraishi-sensei here.

Man this screencap makes her look nervous and crap. It’s not like that. She was just rushing :|.

Hiyama, after the events of the special, suffers from sequela of cardiorrhexis (rupture of the heart wall). Seems like it has both a physical and psychological effect on her; she’s always wearing turtlenecks to cover her scars.

Anyways, blahblahblah, early morning meeting. Shiraishi rushes in, sits down, and Hiyama very quickly glances over — d’awwww. It’s been less than ten minutes into the first episode and we already have this treat? Must be yuri fans’ lucky day.

As if that wasn’t enough to satisfy me, Hiyama takes a sip of water and Shiraishi notices it like RIGHT AWAY. Are you guys even paying attention to the meeting?

Hiyama shows noticeable concern over her heli flight count. Everyone else (even Fujikawa) is up in the three digits while she is still at ~80 because she rested for three months. I think a certain amount is needed to graduate? Or, well, it’s pretty tough for a competitive person to be this behind.

Same old Fujikawa, now imitating Kuroda with his facial stubbles. Lookin’ manly there, huh? Too bad even Shiraishi looks cooler (and taller) standing next to Fujikawa lol. Now I see why Asari says Shiraishi’s become manly XD.

OH SHI- LOCKER SCENE ALREADY? Shiraishi notices Hiyama in pain but she runs away… then Shiraishi starts rummaging through Hiyama’s medical books on arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat).

Shiraishi chases Hiyama down to the cafeteria, trying to confront her but Hiyama desperately avoids her…

"Cold water has the ability to temporarily relieve atrial fibrillation." (type of arrhythmia)


"If you say any more, I'm going to kill you."

"What if you get a stroke?"

"If it comes to that, I'll just choose death."

For the rest of the meal Shiraishi just stares at Hiyama? The two guys are clueless as usual.

It’s not Code Blue if there is no one to save. Off Aizawa goes~

Scene with Yamapi rescuing an unconscious kid who had his head face down in the river was quite cool. Damn, I don’t even wanna imagine how cold that water is.

This was cruel. They take the kid back to the hospital and after half an hour of heart massaging and trying to warm up his body, finally his heartbeat returned, and everyone was able to relax and show smiles on their faces. Then, we find out that the kid’s slipped into a vegetative state…

Hiyama and Shiraishi have the job of informing the kid’s mother who has also been hospitalized from the same accident. Heartbreakingly, the mother asks if her kid can still play soccer, because this Christmas she was planning to get a new pair of soccer shoes for him.

Hiyama bugs Tachibana, the new doctor that came to replace Kuroda, to let her use the helicopter to take the kid to a different hospital because they have more advanced facilities that might be able to wake him up. Tachibana doesn’t give permission because the chances of the kid waking up are next to zero.

Fujikawa yells at Hiyama for giving up so easily when she’s usually so stubborn. Hiyama asks if that’s a compliment or insult, to which Fujikawa replies “both”. Hiyama goes to dere-mode and actually says “thank you” TO WHICH SHIRAISHI SECRETLY SMILES? Are you smiling because you got to see dere-dere Hiyama? (´∀`*) Me too, me too!

Not a huge Shiraishi/Saejima fan but lolll their interaction is hilarious to watch. First season has the sadistic Saejima beating Shiraishi around verbally and now we have her going “I don’t hate that [caring] part of you, Shiraishi-sensei”!? Shiraishi getting shifty-eyed and not knowing how to react was cute. I approve :D

That last shot with the Christmas tree totally looks like two lovers walking together.

After more pleading, Hiyama finally gets permission to use the heli, and Shiraishi sends her off with a “I’m leaving it to you” + staring at each other for prolonged amounts of time jhaskjdhslkjdasd. Did I die already and go to heaven?

Oh dear, tear-evoking events in the first episode is not cool. Saejima’s boyfriend doesn’t wish to have his life prolonged by machinery so basically he’s going for a natural death, which leaves Saejima and all the viewers bawling :'(

Hiyama on the heli reports back to Shiraishi at the hospital that the kid has opened his eyes but he’s still in a vegetative state.

Where did everyone in the hospital go? It’s like Shiraishi’s the only one here… (´∀`*)

And dude wtf Tachibana asking if Hiyama wants to go to his house to look at a Christmas tree and party because its their day off? How about no, you creeper.

Ending theme

No big surprises here; same ending from the first season: Mr.Children’s “HANABI”. There’s some nice footage though.


orz sorry Fujikawa

Fujikawa, it's not my fault this time ._.

I’m actually surprised at the sheer amount of screen time Hiyama and Shiraishi have together in just this one episode. I mean it’s to the point where I actually think it’s weird. Hiyama could be talking to somebody else then suddenly we’d have Shiraishi eavesdropping while working and random scenes like that. I don’t recall seeing this much lovelove interaction in the previous season… man I’m scared the yuri quota has been used up for the entire season already or something.

Slightly concerned about the fact that it’s been revealed that there will be romantic scenes between the fellows this season.. because most likely that’ll be Aizawa/Shiraishi stuffs. Taking away Saejima (who isn’t a fellow) and Fujikawa (who likes Saejima), there’s only three left and god knows how much Hiyama likes Aizawa. I’ll have to mentally prepare for it ): on the other hand I approve of Fujikawa liking Saejima. This means that Saejima’s boyfriend will probably pass away pretty soon though.

Episode 2 prediction: More Shiraishi/Hiyama bickering about Hiyama’s sequela. Actually, this is pretty obviously going to happen BECAUSE THE OFFICIAL SITE UPDATED WITH A KICKASS PREVIEW PICTURE:

Srsly am I the only one who sees a pair of sisters getting into an argument about the younger one’s recent rebellious behaviour?



It’s refreshing to see the usually gentle Shiraishi looking so mad. just push her against the wall already will you###

I hope they bicker for a bit longer while I enjoy my yummy Shiraishi x Hiyama over here (´∀`*) Anyways, the official preview text accompanying the picture just says that Shiraishi tried to make Hiyama get a check up at the cardiac surgery department but she refuses because she’s lagging behind everyone else in heli flight count.

…Man I had no idea I loved Code Blue enough to write 1500 words. Watched the episode on Tuesday and I already can’t wait for the next episode. One week is too loooong!

    • tinyamaki
    • August 3rd, 2010

    In that preview pic for next episode, Shiraishi did looked like a strict older sister scolding her younger sister’s rebellious actions…hehehhe

    Love to read your blog, it makes me wanna watch CB again ^_^

  1. – “this is a yuri drama \(^o^)/”


    – “d’awwww. It’s been less than ten minutes into the first episode and we already have this treat?”

    This is where I took my goggles and threw them like a BOSS.

    I simply didn’t need them any more after that! I had had my interest picked in the SP but when this hit, I was all sold and ready to declare.

    Seriously, there was a meeting going on right that moment but they were more interested in each other.


    They reminded me so much of Mayuki in this regard.

    – “Where did everyone in the hospital go? It’s like Shiraishi’s the only one here… (´∀`*)”

    Everything was going according to plan dear Tydus, all according to plan!

    – “I’m actually surprised at the sheer amount of screen time Hiyama and Shiraishi have together in just this one episode. I mean it’s to the point where I actually think it’s weird.”


    You weren’t at the fan strike?

    I guess you missed it….

  1. March 28th, 2010

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