PHANTOM MINDS = keikaku doori

Queen of #2 finally shakes off the nurse. News article by Oricon here. They also have a mini-chart on the highest single positions achieved by seiyuu:

Place Artist Highest Oricon rank Title Release date
1 Mizuki Nana 1 PHANTOM MINDS 2010/1/13
2 Hayashibara Megumi 3 Northern lights 2002/3/27
Sakamoto Maaya 3 Triangler 2008/4/23
Hirano Aya 3 Super Driver 2009/7/22

ETERNAL BLAZE was #2 but I guess it’s gone since PHANTOM MINDS replaced it.

Quite a pleasant gift before turning 30. Now we have articles going “Mizuki Nana (29) got #1 on the Oricon rankings…” and not “Mizuki Nana (30)” XD.

Not much else to say since it was pretty much expected and I am busy watching Code Blue 2. Let’s aim for #2 for Silent Bible — !

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