Code Blue 2nd season – 02

(Completely unrelated but I don’t want to make a separate post with one sentence for it: Happy 17th birthday, Nana-san! SILENT BIBLE PV GO GO GO)

FINALLY. Holy hell, the past week felt like an eternity. I couldn’t concentrate on school at all lol. Need to control myself. I’m slipping into the 3D trap again \(^o^)/ Why are Toda and Gakki so cute \(^o^)/ Why does Yamapi’s hair look worse and worse \(^o^)/

While I was waiting, I downloaded the OST for the first season, and SERIOUSLY does nobody know English or something? That song that has the “let’s get this thing started” line actually has other words too, like “I wanna give you all my love” and “work it out, check that body” WTF LOL. Christ they need to get a QCer.

Back to the actual show, the show whose main male lead is… who? Last time I checked it was Aizawa, but after watching this episode and seeing Shiraishi’s manliness (!?) I’m not so sure anymore XD. She needs to take off that damn jacket indoors. It’s making her look too cool.  Uhh yeah anyways. This episode is pretty much Shiraishi-centric with a little bit of Fujikawa sprinkled on top.

Episode 2 in a nutshell: do-M fest for viewers (ノД`)・゜・。

Three minutes into the episode we have Hiyama walkin’ up some stairs, seeing somebody at the top and RUSHES back down. Turns out to be Shiraishi, who is still trying to force her to get a check up XDD. Shiraishi chases her to a dead end.

Oh, and I think this is supposed to be concurrent with real life time or something; this episode showed that it’s at least past January 15, 2010. So it’s been around three weeks since the first episode (Christmas), the whole time during which Shiraishi spent bothering Hiyama everyday I assume? Or Hiyama wouldn’t be acting like this XD.

(Shiraishi) "Isn't it time for you to stop twisting reality?" *


*holy crap I have no idea how to translate 僻み根性

After some more voice-raising with Hiyama accusing Shiraishi of sending her to do check ups so she can raise her own flight/duty count, the elderly patient on the bed they are yelling next to offers cookies to calm them down LOL. I’ll take that as “I see a young bickering couple, so I’m going to try to calm them down” XD. GJ, old lady!


This is how things should go ideally.

Lol where are they going with this? Tachibana likes to flirt with Hiyama too much. “When I’m with you I feel more daring~ ” wwww. It seems like everybody knows about Takkun and Mitsui’s relationship (ex-husband and wife) because Hiyama was like “What are you thinking? Mitsui-sensei’s just around the corner”.

Meanwhile we have Aizawa and Shiraishi’s patient who has a brain tumor. He and his wife must decide whether he is going to have surgery or undergo radiotherapy. Surgery has a high chance of messing with the patient’s memories, while radiotherapy may not be as effective. Shiraishi emphasizes that surgery is probably the better choice.

Obligatory caf scene. Nothing out of the ordinary, except Hiyama is still in a bad mood lol. There’s an empty seat between Hiyama and Shiraishi XD. Hiyama notes that the brain tumor operation would be a valuable experience for Shiraishi and Aizawa, who are most definitely trying to nudge the patient into signing the agreement.

Fujikawa is praised by Tachibana for having quickly noticed a patient’s abnormalities. First time he’s been praised arriving here almost three years ago, which rather shocks him.


The brain tumor patient does end up signing the agreement, but the wife is afraid that he will forget her. Saejima tries to convince her that there are other options besides having a surgery, only to be cut off by Shiraishi immediately. She pulls Saejima over to the side and tells her that the patient has the right to decide what he wants to do on his own. Uhhh what.

Saejima comments that Shiraishi has become cold-hearted. Despite only having medical knowledge and zero actual practice when she first arrived, she was passionate and humane. Third-degree burn for Shiraishi right there.

man what is this show, all it does is highlight Shiraishi's manliness

Shiraishi Megumi, capturing female teenage hearts since 2010

Shiraishi has begun to take an excessive amount of shifts without resting in between, so much that it causes the hospital director worry. She reveals that there is not a day that goes by that she doesn’t think about Kuroda’s accident. Her vow to Kuroda was to fly more frequent and work harder than anyone else.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that, I know you’re doing it so that Hiyama gets less shifts and can rest more ;)

Hiyama actually goes to the heart surgery department with a check-up form and everything, only to chicken out at the last moment. GUESS WHO SHE BUMPS INTO AS SHE LEAVES?

I say “bump into” but Shiraishi has probably been standing there staring at Hiyama that whole time. Creepy stalker!

Hiyama tries to ignore Shiraishi and shuffles past her but who are we kidding. It’s Shiraishi, the person who loves to annoy Hiyama the most ww. She latches onto Hiyama.

"I finally understand. Usually you talk big, but when the problem becomes your own you're a coward that shakes in fear like a child. That's the real you."

"I realized too. On the surface you seem to care about the patients; in reality if they don't do as you say you can't stand it. A typical arrogant doctor. That's the real you."

Toda and Gakki’s scenes are splendid not just because it is delicious yuri but because their acting skills have noticeably improved, especially both their expressions after Toda tells Gakki off. It’s obvious that Shiraishi and Hiyama’s feelings are mutual (in a non-yuri sense), but they choose to hurt each other with untrue words instead… There’s no way Hiyama doesn’t know that Shiraishi’s true intentions aren’t like that, but because she is such a tsundere this kind of tragedy happens.

well crap, it's a fifth-degree burn now

"I will walk down my own path, no matter what anyone says!"

Also I really have to let this out before I go nuts: Toda looks like a little kid standing next to Gakki. I don’t know if it’s the hairstyle or what but man Toda’s face is small.

"Hey... why am I not you?"

"You can forget the patients you've saved, just don't forget the ones that you didn't."

Fujikawa was the doctor in today’s accident, and unfortunately he was unable to save the injured guy. So shortly after he was praised too… he’s convinced that if Aizawa was there the person would’ve been saved. Tachibana says that he shouldn’t think too much about it because Fujikawa has points that are better than Aizawa too.

Fujikawa: … What is it? What I’m good at.
Tachibana: You understand yourself well.

In the end Tachibana admits that Fujikawa’s skills are not up to par with Aizawa’s ._.
Aizawa does attempt to comfort Fujikawa.. or does it count as “teaching him the basic principles of an ER doctor” instead?

Damn, I’m starting to feel like the BL scenes are good too.

Misc thoughts

The main characters’ psychological problems are surfacing one by one, and I feel sad that it means there’s pretty much no more comedy in this anymore. No more Fujikawa getting cardiac arrest, Hiyama yelling at Shiraishi for secretly working on a huge ope, only to find that she was lying… It’s painful to see all of them suffering.

Out of the fellows Shiraishi shows a stark contrast with her season 1 self. The weak-minded Shiraishi is now much more assertive, determined to carry on Kuroda’s legacy. She’s becoming a lot like Aizawa. I have no idea if that’s a good thing or not.

I actually feel really sorry for Shiraishi after Saejima and Hiyama went at her like that. How much does it hurt to be told by two people you’ve been saving lives alongside that you’ve changed for the worse, IN THE SAME DAY? She’s going to burst with all the bottled up stress soon. Yeahyeahyeah now Aizawa’s the only one left to comfort her. Get the hell outta here Yamapi, let the problem fix itself (`A´)

Relationships aside, I can’t say I approve of the way Shiraishi’s doing things. I’m with Saejima here. There are better ways to gather up experience than misguiding your patients into agreeing to surgeries.

Shiraishi and Hiyama better make up. Or continuing bickering. OR I DON’T KNOW, JUST KEEP INTERACTING. I feel like Shiraishi might stop bothering Hiyama now after their little row, which means that they’re going to ignore each other, though given Shiraishi’s personality it shouldn’t happen. I don’t feel sure after fifth degree burn™ :(

Also we got new trance music for the people-saving scenes lolll.

Episode 3 preview/prediction:

MAN Shiraishi is on a roll. After last week’s preview, now we have Shiraishi x Saejima? Aizawa is totally getting pushed to the side here XD.

Official preview text says that Hiyama’s illness is indeed serious business and she needs to have cardiac surgery performed immediately. The surgery is small and actually only takes two hours, and chances of recovery is over 60%. But she still hesitates because of the two-month blank period on her flight record.

Also next episode’s accident has Tachibana, Shiraishi, and Aizawa at the scene. An accident with three people being impaled by a ski, like BBQ on a stick. Excuse the crude imagery. Looks like we’re gonna see lots more Aizawa x Shiraishi. Boohoo.

The guy that updates the official staff blog says episode 3 is even more tear-inducing than this episode. Great >:|

Whew, I am getting really long-winded about this. Time to hop over to the finale of Liar Game 2!

  1. – “Back to the actual show, the show whose main male lead is… who? Last time I checked it was Aizawa, but after watching this episode and seeing Shiraishi’s manliness (!?) I’m not so sure anymore XD”

    Actually I too was taken by this. While we have Hiyama who gets softer and softer from her tough image of season 1, Shiraishi was getting more manly.

    It’s like…It’s like…I don’t even…

    – “Creepy stalker!”

    this just means that Shiraishi free time = Hiyama!

    Is all.

    – “There’s no way Hiyama doesn’t know that Shiraishi’s true intentions aren’t like that, but because she is such a tsundere this kind of tragedy happens.”

    Doesn’t this happen all the time in romance anime?!

    Oh shi…another point to support their love.

    Oh God, it is real!

    – “Also I really have to let this out before I go nuts: Toda looks like a little kid standing next to Gakki.”

    No need to go all bonkers, this is like the magic size difference between lovers (especially boy x girl) isn’t it?

    You can see where I am going with this….And yet another point as to why these two are made for each other…

    Surely there can’t be more, right?

    – “I feel like Shiraishi might stop bothering Hiyama now after their little row, which means that they’re going to ignore each other”

    I negate your logic. She can’t simply give up after bothering Hiyama all this time.

    Those were just words and she had gotten them from Saejima before and she hadn’t cracked.

    You under-estimate her power (Anikan™)

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