Code Blue 2nd season – 03

Oh boy, I love me my weekly tsundere x idiot dose! (wut)

This week passed by rather peacefully without me going insane every two hours since it seemed like there wasn’t even going to be any Shiraishi/Hiyama interaction. Turns out there’s still quite a bit and I don’t believe I’m saying this about official content but I feel like Shiraishi and Hiyama’s relationship just advanced one step further.

And the staff need to be more careful. In the official gallery, there’s a pic where Hiyama is wearing that green surgery outfit which has a pretty low collar (above), and her scars are nowhere to be seen (´・ω・`);; The most ironic thing is that in the episode she used that clipboard to hide it the entire time and THEN they forget it in the official photos. Sad.

What else is sad is that I seriously think Aizawa’s position as “the cool main male protagonist” is being threatened by Shiraishi. The only scenes that Shiraishi actually seems feminine in are when she cries or something, speaking of which the scene in this episode was done quite nicely. Aizawa’s a nice guy. I might be rooting for these two if Hiyama didn’t exist. But she does. So yeah.

Anyways, special guest this episode is Hamada Gaku aka Tsuru from Proposal Daisakusen! I actually haven’t seen him since ProDai, which was in 2007… wow, has it been that long already?

Episode 3 in a nutshell: oh god if last episode was a do-M fest then I don’t know what this is.

More Hiyama/Shiraishi within the first three minutes of the episode. They’re the regular episode openers/closers now. I spit out water when I watched it the first time through and Shiraishi randomly appeared with that funky background music starting to play. Hilarious stuff with Hiyama’s face reading “oh GOD” and Shiraishi’s body language translating to “I am backing off a bit because you have temper tantrums but I will still nag you!”

Shiraishi: So? Are you going to do catheter?
Hiyama: Don’t decide things for me! I still don’t know.
Shiraishi: Tell me the date, alright?
Hiyama: You just want to cut things open [in my surgery] right away huh, Professor Zaizen from Shiroi Kyotou?
Shiraishi: … :(

Sorry but speaking even objectively this is clearly a scene after the main male character pisses off his girlfriend, and now the girlfriend doesn’t wanna talk to him anymore XD. This scene can really easily turn into fanfic material… the elevator is a good rendezvous point XD.

And obviously I don’t get the Shiroi Kyotou/Professor Zaizen reference cuz I’ve never watched it <_> I’m guessing he liked to do surgeries a lot or something. I find it amusing that “shiroi kyotou” (giant white tower) can be a nickname for Shiraishi lolol.

The date on documents in this episode verified my suspicions about CB2 following real life time. This episode is actually set one week after the previous, so they’ve both had a week to cool down. I’m glad they’re back to normal.

Anyways, the heart surgery doctor does tell Hiyama that catheter ablation only takes two hours with ~65% of recovery.

Previous episodes mentioned Morimoto-sensei getting married to the CS lady (the one that decides if the helicopter can lift off or not), Todoroki, but it seems like she’s lying a lot right before marriage lulz. Fujikawa “sympathizes” with him because he can understand how it feels to like someone and not have them take notice of you at all.

Srsly, I have to say this like every freaking time. Coolness level: Shiraishi >>> Aizawa. Gakki’s agency says she’s 167cm? That’s bull. Unless if Yamapi’s not 174cm.

This week’s episode is one of those “big” incidents. Over twenty people are injured with three impaled by a ski (one of them is Hamada Gaku). Tachibana, Shiraishi, and Aizawa get there first but soon Mitsui, Saijou, and Hiyama follow.

Hilarious how Saijou-sensei (the neural doctor) was so clumsy with the seatbelts and stuff.

There’s more Hiyama talking about Shiraishi being stubborn: once her mind is set she won’t think about anything else. In this case she has no time to care about the parents who are totally freaked out at Shiraishi wanting to cut their son open in the middle of nowhere. So Hiyama has to go and calm down the parents.

And what the hell lol seriously, they always advertised that jacket as being versatile because you can take off the sleeves while working on an operation but Shiraishi never even takes it off. I know you look cool in it, but it’d probably be more convenient if you took it off.

Back with the impaled trio, Tsuru Matsui, the guy at the top, doesn’t really feel any pain and chats with the docs the entire time, eventually getting to the topic of “are you guys an item?” in reference to Tachibana and Mitsui.

And they’re like “We’re divorced” with a bright smile lol.

I love this perfect distribution of workload. Wife: talk to the parents. Husband: get to work.

gyaaaaaaa nothing cooler than Shiraishi and Saejima working together

Poor Matsui finds out his “girlfriend” (who, ironically, has the same name as Tsuru’s GF in ProDai, Eri) was actually going out with the guy stuck in the middle and he was misunderstanding the whole time. This, on top of the fact that the only reason he’s even here was because he tried to protect his girlfriend…

They can’t treat the girl on the bottom and the guy in the middle because Matsui’s in the way, and they also can’t move Matsui because he will bleed profusely from the wound left by the ski. “Bleed profusely” as in “he will die almost for sure”.

Tachibana asks what Aizawa would do. He decides to follow the proper medical procedure of saving people in ascending order of severity of their wounds, or to put it simply, sacrifice Matsui to save the two on the bottom. By “sacrifice” I don’t mean the doctors will just ditch him; they will still try but he is the one with lowest priority: even when the heli comes they have to let the less injured two go on first.

Matsui seriously gets the short end of the stick here. First, he gets dumped by his “girlfriend”, and now he has to sacrifice his life for her and her actual boyfriend…. He parts with the final words that he is going to protect Eri, no matter what happens.

On the other hand, Shiraishi is heart massaging the guy here to no avail. Regular hearts should be able to beat on their own after a while of massaging but this unfortunate guy already has cardiac problems to begin with, so basically he is only alive because Shiraishi didn’t stop massaging.

Realizing this, Shiraishi explains the situation to the parents. The mother calls Shiraishi a demon for even thinking of stopping — which is the same as killing him — but at least the father is understanding. Shiraishi stops the massage, and he passes away.

Aizawa is also trying to save Matsui via massaging, but he has already lost too much blood. Tachibana makes him stop.

It’s probably very inappropriate to be interjecting this thought in here, but something is definitely up with Mitsui, Tachibana, and Saijou. They get waaay too much screentime together for it to be nothing. Tachibana and Mitsui I understand, but for some reason Saijou is involved as well.

Since Mitsui, Tachibana and Saijou are taking the heli back to the hospital and the heli is not allowed to fly after the sun sets, Shiraishi and Aizawa have to take the train back. Shiraishi starts crying after seeing a parent and her child together.

The thoughtful Aizawa stands in front of her seat so people can’t look at Shiraishi.

This is probably one of the best subtly romantic scenes I’ve ever watched. It’s so well done that I forgave the fact that it’s Aizawa x Shiraishi orz. Is my heart skipping a beat for Aizawa?

Emphasis on how Shiraishi doesn’t actually respond to his actions. I-it’s all one-sided, okay!

"I'm not doing the surgery. I know you guys do these everyday, but I've never done it before!"

"... Yeah, you're right. Who would want to have a knife get stuck into their body. And the success rates aren't even 100%."

("Are you trying to scare me?") "No. I want you to be healthy and well. You were so fortunate to get out of that accident alive; I only want you to recover and be well."

Back at the hospital we have a patient who is too scared to take a surgery (for ovarian cyst, internal bleeding in the ovaries).  Instead of saying politically correct things like “don’t worry, it’s going to be okay”, Hiyama can sincerely sympathize with her for she is in the same situation with the arrythmia. Even if the chance of failure is only 1%, if the surgery fails the patient will have their future taken away permanently. She says that it’s okay for the patient to not take the surgery, but just remember that being healthy is such a wonderful thing.

Hiyama finds out that the guy she and Shiraishi were trying to save earlier in the day ended up dying (she left the scene with the ovarian cyst patient), and can’t help but think about her own position.

W-wait, the places that Shiraishi and Hiyama are alone together in are getting smaller and smaller www. Locker, caf, elevator, now this… what the hell is this even? A storeroom? My mind is wandering— !

So I don’t know why or how or WHAT, but Shiraishi is in a storeroom probably reflecting on what happened and Hiyama walks in.

With a smirk. Oh my god. *hyperventilate*

Hiyama: You have traces of tears on your face.
Shiraishi: Eh? *rubs face*
Hiyama: *smiles* I lied.

The little movements are really cute. It can’t be explained properly with just words DX

And is this Hiyama getting back at Shiraishi for lying in the special? lolol these two are too moe.

"I changed my view of you at the scene of the accident. No matter what anyone says, you'll still carry out what you yourself decided on."

"I know, right?"

"What are you getting so cocky for?"

GYAAAAAAAAAAA MOE— god I love scenes when someone praises Shiraishi, and then she has absolutely no idea how the hell to react and gets shifty-eyed and in the end says something stupid-sounding XD.

This was a cute (and rather peaceful wwww) scene, really. Hiyama experiences Shiraishi’s feelings first hand with the ovarian cyst patient, and they’re finally back on speaking (not arguing) terms, with Hiyama even in good enough of a mood to be joking around with her. All’s well, but this better not mean no more Shiraishi + Hiyama lovelove yuri-ness after the catheter surgery.

So basically the husband and wife argued, and in the end the tsundere wife had to submit to the idiot husband anyway, yes I understand (´・ω・`) I mean this is happening every other episode anyway. Hiyama gets pissed off at Shiraishi for some stupid reason → time passes → Hiyama runs back to make up with her wwww

Hiyama also makes up her mind about her own surgery.

After hearing Hiyama’s words, the ovarian cyst patient decides to have the surgery. Satoshi (Saejima’s boyfriend) in the adjacent bed also contributed to her decision, with a “You’re very lucky that there are surgeries you can do”.

Then unimportant things (read: actual plot movement) happen, by which I mean “Aizawa’s dad showing up”. It’s still pretty negligible at this point, so I’ll pretend the episode ended here.

Misc thoughts

There’s just so much more I want to talk about, but it was such an action-packed episode with things happening here and there that it’s just not possible.

The second season shows a much more accurate representation of the real world. There’s been truckloads of people dying every episode so far, while in the first season doctors were pretty much glorified and they could basically save anybody and create miracles etcetc. MUCH less of that in this season.

Three episodes and I still have nooo idea who the love triangle is going to be between. After taking out Fujikawa who likes Saejima, the average drama would go down the path of

Hiyama → Aizawa ← Shiraishi

but right now it seems to severely lean towards

Aizawa → Shiraishi ← Hiyama

Which is rather odd, because I don’t think homosexuality is totally accepted in Japanese dramas in a serious way (often gay guys are the comic relief, e.g. in BOSS). The interaction between Hiyama and Aizawa in second season has been… non-existent. Not minimal, but non-existent. I can’t even recall any scenes where they were alone. All these three episode have shown is basically Aizawa/Shiraishi, Shiraishi/Hiyama, and those bits of weird Tachibana/Mitsui/Saijou.

Episode 4 preview/prediction:

Shirashi + Hiyama on duty together キタ━━━━━━ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ━━━━━━ッ

Shiraishi and Hiyama again in the website preview— !

It seems like Johnny’s has lifted the ban on images of their artists in these past two weeks. When CB2 first started airing, Yamapi in the header image was still an illustrated sketch but now it’s an actual photograph, and other Johnny’s in recent dramas also don’t suffer the sketch treatment anymore. That makes me wonder why Yamapi still hasn’t appeared in one of these pictures yet.. probably they were all made before the show started, and then Johnny’s lifted the ban but they were too lazy to remake the images.

Oh well, I don’t really give a crap as long as we keep getting these wonderful eyecandies. With Aizawa out of the way Shiraishi is the way to go.

Official preview text says that directly continuing from the cliffhanger, Aizawa’s dad runs out of the room. Aizawa still doesn’t know what the hell happened. Hiyama finally does the surgery and is recovering. Shiraishi is tired out by both work at the hospital and her private life… I was under the impression that these trainees don’t have lives wwww. I’m sure she spent it with Hiyama anyway. Saejima’s not well either because her boyfriend is hospitalized and all that stuff. The only one who hasn’t changed is Fujikawa.

There’s also mention of Shiraishi wrongly diagnosing a patient as having food poisoning and sending him home. Hiyama sees the patient’s enlarged stomach when he comes back the next day and realizes that it’s actually aortic aneurysm (swelling of the aorta). Ugh, making the same mistake Aizawa did in season 1?

Not related to the actual show, but they’re taking preorders for the flight nurse jacket starting on February 1. Holy hell, it’s a whooping ¥26,250 for the one with text printed on it.

    • V
    • February 2nd, 2010

    OH Shiraishi, she is
    so pretty. She is also
    evidently the business
    now that poor Aizawa
    is all thin and droopy

    • natto-chan
    • June 26th, 2010

    Hiyama sensei FTW!!!

  1. – “I might be rooting for these two if Hiyama didn’t exist. But she does. So yeah.”

    I have a feeling that even if she didn’t, you’d probably be wishing for her to exist!


    But yeah, though corny, Aizawa was cool there!

    – “the elevator is a good rendezvous point XD.”

    That Awesome elevator!

    I shall forever think of it whenever I see one now!

    And Shiraishi so wanted to sneak a pic at nekkid Hiyama in her surgery!

    Shiraishi you doug!

    – “I love this perfect distribution of workload. Wife: talk to the parents. Husband: get to work.”


    – “W-wait, the places that Shiraishi and Hiyama are alone together in are getting smaller and smaller www. Locker, caf, elevator, now this… what the hell is this even? A storeroom? My mind is wandering— !”

    Mine was completely blown!

    I was so expecting a make-out session, seriously!

    – “Aizawa → Shiraishi ← Hiyama”

    Does not compute!

    I actually never even considered this. And thank God it wasn’t true at all.

    But really, CB2 is like a fan fic written by a Hiyama x Shiraishi fan!


  1. February 13th, 2010

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