Code Blue 2nd season – 04

A new month, a new episode, the same reason to live for \(^o^)/  駄目人間

But holy crap, lemme get this outta the way first—


Not very often that I have to say this about fictional characters, but omfg Shiraishi and Hiyama srsly need to practice self-control. I try to keep parts before the cut spoiler-free but what the hell wrong’s with this episode? COMPLETELY YURI. 100%. Holy crap. Even the semi-active CB2 yuri thread on 2ch is burning with moe. Pixiv has three new pieces of Shiraishi x Hiyama art within the first day of broadcast. Absolutely everybody (who is interested in SxH) is going insane. I stopped hyperventilating in the last two weeks but I just involuntarily started again orz. I don’t even know how many times I looped this episode already.

Reactions on Chinese forums are hilarious as well. Actual thread title: “Is it just me or do Hiyama and Shiraishi feel like an item?” lolol. Even Aizawa x Shiraishi fans feel the pressure. We aren’t delusional \(^o^)/

In other semi-related news, since I’ve started blogging about CB2 weekly more people have been coming here for this drama. It’s actually kind of interesting to see what kind of terms people plug in search engines… a large amount came looking for Aizawa x Shiraishi; there’s about five for every Shiraishi x Hiyama. That’s totally fine with me. As long as I know that this minority in the English fandom at least exists, I can live on orz.

Oh and to the three people that came by searching for “let’s get this thing started”: you guys are totally awesome.

Episode 4 in a nutshell: sorry but I really can’t think properly SHIRAISHI X HIYAMA \(^o^)/

I seriously need to learn to pick out the good screencaps. You can totally tell that I’m one of those people that copies every single word from the teacher’s notes instead of picking out the important points.

This episode was pretty lax compared to the last three, no huge surgeries or accidents; the theme seems to be “the past”. There’s a bit of focus on everybody but the amount of Shiraishi x Hiyama is forcing me to abandon mention of everybody else orz

We have another elevator scene, this time with the usual two and Tachibana. He found out about Hiyama’s condition! Hiyama wonders who tattled on her and accusingly turns to Shiraishi who denies having anything to do with it. Turns out to be the nurses who are fans of Tachibana -_-.

Anyways, Tachibana is at his favourite hobby: pestering Hiyama. He invites Hiyama to drink in celebration of her quick & steady recovery but of course she refuses. Then he goes on trying to invite Shiraishi, who would rather spend her time studying www. Hiyama mutters “why did Mitsui-sensei even marry you” to which Tachibana replies “You’ll find out if you go out with me ♥” hahaha oh god.

"A man? You had a man!?" "No, it's not like that... It's from a while ago..."

Tachibana leaves the lovebirds alone in the elevator, and Shiraishi receives a text message. Hiyama obviously has no understanding of what “privacy” means and walks over very naturally to read the message lol. It’s from a guy named Tsuneo, whose text reads “Are you free today? I’ll be waiting for you ^o^” .

"An ex?!" (mukashi no otoko = literally "man from before")

"A man? Well, he might be a man..."

(top) Shiraishi's "oh god" expression is priceless here XD

Hiyama starts throwing a jealous fit assuming that he’s her ex-boyfriend. By jealous fit I mean “you forced me to do catheter, you have a higher flight count than me AND YOU HAVE A MAN?! How capable are you!? How busy are you!?!?”

Shiraishi: Sorry.

Oh dear. (´・ω・`) I swear Shiraishi worded it so ambiguously on purpose.

We interrupt your regular Shiraishi x Hiyama programming with escapades of Fujikawa-sensei bothering people.

First target: Saejima, who is too busy dealing with Satoshi.

messy bangs moe

Second target: Shiraishi. Fujikawa, this is why you don’t have any game. YOU DON’T TELL GIRLS THEY LOOK TERRIBLE.

Third target: Hiyama. Too bad she’s too busy to care.

Fourth target: Aizawa. No response.

It’s a sad day for Fujikawa-kun :(

The problem with Shiraishi wrongly diagnosing a patient comes up. Hiyama correctly re-diagnoses him as having aortic aneurysm and saves him from a close death. Hospital director orders Shiraishi to rest properly, and Shiraishi sulks for the entire day repenting for her mistake. Hiyama notices Shiraishi’s depression and tries to cheer her up with harsh words cuz she can’t ruin her tsundere reputation by cheering people up normally. Everything Hiyama says Shiraishi only replies “I see…” to.

Random interjection: Saejima + seifuku = mega cute D:

At Shiraishi’s usual sulking spot (read: storeroom), Hiyama comes in and gives her a good verbal beating.

"You aren't the only one haunted by your past."

Am I the only one that wants to burst out laughing after seeing Hiyama’s face? It  has “tsundere” printed on it XD

Hiyama pulls down her shirt… I mean to let Shiraishi see her scar. Jeez, what were you thinking?

“Sometimes I have flashbacks of the incident and I feel like I’m going to lose my breath. Even now I can still feel it. But at the same time, I remember the people who saved me. Kuroda-sensei, Aizawa, everyone at the emergency center, and… you. That’s why I can still work hard. What one person can do alone is limited. So don’t burden yourself with everything.”

Tsundere-tan gets too embarrassed and runs out, lulz.

This is a personal favourite scene, though it only lasts like five seconds. The next day, Hiyama’s sitting at the nurse station doing paperwork. Shiraishi arrives, smiling slightly with a “good work” to Hiyama; evidently Hiyama’s words did have an effect. Hiyama just stares at Shiraishi for a few seconds before smiling back GOD asdasdgfzxcakhfdsdad_______________ ← blood trail

Interrupting the nice atmosphere is a call for the ER doctors, because…

… some kid, a family member of the guy that Shiraishi wrongly diagnosed, fell out from a window and now needs to have a surgery, I kid you not. But apparently all (or the more complex?) operations can only be done with a senior doctor or Aizawa present. Yeahyeah because Aizawa is sooo much better than all the other fellows. This poses to be a problem since no one but Shiraishi and Hiyama are available. Shiraishi solidifies her resolve, and suggests to do clamshell incision. Hiyama is rather unsure about that idea.

「できる。二人なら。」 “If it’s the two of us, we can do it.”

With the teamwork of the husband & wife the surgery was completed successfully. Their perfect synchronization  is honestly amazing here; neither wasting a breath’s moment to even pause and think.

Hiyama: Looks like the mid-lung’s damaged. Are we going with continuous suture?
Shiraishi: Let’s do that. Move over there.
Hiyama: To the right side. Afterwards, confirm the pulse of the thoracic artery.
Shiraishi: I know.

Tachibana comes back by the end of the surgery and praises the two. Well,  I guess the only thing about him that’s better than Kuroda is that he gives compliments often, lol.

After work, Hiyama follows Shiraishi to meet the so-called ex-boyfriend? AT A BAR? Holy hell, when did Shiraishi become so daring! … or at least that’s what Hiyama thinks. “Wow, this place has a Showa feel… Say, how old is your ex-boyfriend? Don’t tell me you were the third wheel?”

Under what circumstances is Hiyama going anyway? Shiraishi invited her? Hiyama, jealous of the man, forced Shiraishi to let her come?

Turns out it’s Mary Jane Youko (real name Ooyama Tsuneo), the transgendered patient from season 1 episode 7! Oh god I almost forgot about how hilarious this guy is. They walk in, and he starts calling them names. “Give drinks to the two lonely uglies!” LOL.

Shiraishi thanks Hiyama for the words she said today at the storeroom; it made her release the stress that had been building up. What logically (?) follows is Hiyama’s super dere response.

「怒ったり、へこんだりしてるあんた好きだよ。澄ました顔で優等生してるあんたより。」 “I like you better when you at least get angry or depressed, rather than when you keep a composed face and put on a goody two-shoes act.”

W-wait, you  can’t confess so suddenly! I have to prepare mentally first… okay I’m done. OMFG щ(゚Д゚*щ)(屮*゚Д゚)屮

Mary Jane butts in using a rather odd analogy: Shiraishi is boring like a Shiba dog with a pedigree attached (high class, pure-bred image), while women are supposed to be mongrels who fall in love without a care in the world. Well, I can’t say that’s wrong. So hurry up and fall in love with the one who lifted you from your burdens XD

KARAOKE? TODA AND GAKKI AT KARAOKE? AHHH I WANT TO HEAR IT! DVD making special, I’m looking at you ☆ And shit, what the hell is wrong with 2ch? Those guys are freaking insane. Somebody actually figured out that they’re singing PUFFY’s hit million seller, Kore ga Watashi no Ikiru Michi, just by reading their lips. What’s this? A love song? kasljdlaksdlasdzxcmn

So what’s wrong with this strange flow of events?! work → end of work → go to a bar → drink → karaoke → drink some more → ???

My brain is overloading. Time to cut short my fantasies <_>.

Misc thoughts

I bet fangirls enjoyed the half-naked Yamapi fanservice in the very beginning, lol. Development this episode with his dad was boringggg. They’re just trying to drag it on so meh. No point in talking about that.

Can’t believe Satoshi was Saejima’s home tutor. That means they started as a forbidden teacher x student combo? Haha, Saejima, I didn’t know you were that rebellious! Jokes aside, Satoshi/Saejima scenes always depress me. It’s just so saddening to see someone who would’ve had a bright future in this state.

I must reiterate that Saejima was exceptionally cute back in her school days. Not that she isn’t now.

Morimoto, Todoroki and Nixon (?)’s love triangle is kind of wtf. Todoroki already had her mind set on marriage with Morimoto but now she’s all indecisive about it? It still makes for good humour so whatever.

Tachibana’s past was interesting to see as well, it seems like he’s pretty reminiscent of the current Shiraishi, always taking extra shifts trying to brush up his skills and build experience. Saijou turned out to be a complete inhumane asshole with him ordering Tachibana to intubate the baby… which reminds strongly of the first episode with Tachibana letting Aizawa try saving the vegetable kid. It scares me that Tachibana was equally passionate as any of the interns and now he’s all “Thanks to you, Saijou-sensei, I became a real doctor”. As Mitsui says, I don’t want that humane part of the fellows to go away.

Episode 5 preview/prediction:

Holy crap, this is really a show for masochists. The entire preview summary can be summed up in one sentence: Satoshi calls Saejima to his side with his last breath; at the same time the helicopter alarm rings for Saejima…

My heart feels tight already (ノД`)・゜・。  I hate this show! If I wasn’t spoiling myself with the raw every week I’d be bawling. Every. Damn. Episode.

Looks like Fujikawa gets some time with Saejima alone in the helicopter too. I’m rooting for you!

The very last scene in the preview is rather confusing. The three girls, dressed in black probably because of Satoshi, are entering the hospital, but Hiyama drags Saejima somewhere else? Is this another love trian(ry

And goddamn the sponsors at the very end that keep blocking out the preview. Shiraishi says something like “You’re (my?) light; I need you”!?!?!? Two seconds before that I can very clearly hear Hiyama saying “There’s nobody that needs me anymore” too…


    • Gauri
    • February 5th, 2010

    hey…first of all, i love your summaries, so to say….
    and i am a shiraishi/aizawa shipper, but ill still come here to read all ur posts about the episodes ‘cuz i love ’em!!!
    and that last line that shiraishi says…You are my light, i need u…well, i kinda hope she says it to aizawa, though tht seems a lil unlikely….but still, a fan can always hope right?!?!?!

    • Hey — thanks for visiting! I totally don’t expect Aizawa/Shiraishi fans to be reading past the first three sentences, really :P

      To me, The thing Shiraishi says at the end seems kind of unlikely that it will be in a romantic context. Code Blue doesn’t really have any outspoken romance and I think it would be rather odd for it to suddenly start now… But as you say, a fan can always hope! You can tell where my stance is as a Shiraishi/Hiyama shipper! XD

        • Gauri
        • February 12th, 2010

        Now that epi5 is over…..
        u were rite…it wasn’t really said in a romantic context….and i don’t even know who it was said to because i am waiting for the subbed version since I can’t understand japanese….
        ad i made it past the first three lines quite easily and read your previous summaries as well….

        the only developing crush/romance i can make out rite now is fujikawa and saejima, which is completely one sided rite now…..though i hope it becomes something more substantial later…..i don’t know why i love these two, they are such a mismatched couple that it’s cute….

    • Aims
    • February 5th, 2010


    Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for writing your interesting episode summaries.

    I have to admit I am rather a fan of Aizawa and Shiraishi- but I definitely make it past the first three sentences! Even if i’ts just to smile at how much you read into Hiyama and Shiraishi’s interactions and how much you enjoy their purely platonic friendship…

    Keep up the wonderful work, and thanks again =)

    • Hi & thanks for reading my poorly-written collection of jumbled thoughts!

      Is that a bit of passive-aggressiveness I sense there?

      I think Code Blue is laid out like this: if you want to see it, it’s there. If you don’t want to see it, it’s not. Is gender that big of a deal? Simply put, if it was Aizawa in this episode in place of Hiyama, I don’t think I’d be wrong to say that many many Aizawa/Shiraishi fans– including yourself– would be overjoyed ;)

      No hard feelings meant of course!

        • Aims
        • February 6th, 2010


        I think your blog is very well written actually, and really entertaining. For example, I had to laugh at that thoughtfully worded sequence of quips and pictures in your episode 4 entry about the different ways in which people choose to ignore the ever enthusiastic Fujikawa.

        No hard feelings definitely. I honestly just wanted to thank you for the time and effort that you spend writing these up and to let you know that they’re enjoyed and appreciated, especially for those who can’t watch the episode immediately. No passive-agressiveness was intended in the least, my comment about Hiyama and Shiraishi having a purely platonic friendship only was meant in jest, and I’m sorry the joking undertone was perhaps lost in translation over the net. I agree with what you’re saying about seeing what you’re looking for in the storyline. The interactions between characters in CB1 and 2 are subtle and open to interpretation and that’s one of the reasons why I love to read your take on things.

        Hope this has cleared things up. Thanks for replying, and looking forward to your next entry =) !

    • rstrafford
    • February 9th, 2010

    Unlike the other two, I’m definitely a Shiraishi/Hiyama fan (and utterly, utterly thrilled that what I saw as subtext wasn’t just me). Lol, I don’t mind Aizawa/Shiraishi, but really, it’s like the blind leading the blind (not like Shiraishi/Hiyama is much better at times). I hope you continue with the posts!

    • Great to see that I’m not (completely) insane! Sometimes I feel like an outcast on my own blog lol.

      I’ll try my best to see this through till the end; little comments like these really help keep me going! :)

        • rstrafford
        • February 11th, 2010

        Lol, always glad to help. Of course, there’s a third way of resolving this problem: Aizawa/Shiraishi/Hiyama.
        We’ve obviously seen in Code Blue that normal relationships usually don’t work out, so between the three of them, maybe they’ll have a functioning relationship? (And because that’ll be hilarious and awesome and please everyone).
        Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about Episode 05!

    • Justina
    • February 10th, 2010

    And i love ur summaries they are so cool and I am glad I am not the only one feeling yuri vibe lol I like google everyday “shiraishi/hiyama fic”, “erika toda/aragaki yui fic”, “toda/gakki fic”, “code blue yuri” and so on lol I wanna yuri fic T_T Though I was to find toda and gakki as a side couple hehehe Hey could you link me to chinese/japanese/english forum or something with shiraishi/ hiyama thread and all? :)
    Now will wait for subbed 4th episode cuz you just made yuri fan in me dizzy and excited lol

    • Woo! Shiraishi/Hiyama fans UNITE!

      I’ve tried searching for those terms too, but there seems to be veeeeery few in English. I think I’ve only seen a grand total of 1 fic where Toda/Gakki were paired, and they were like background characters too…

      I believe the largest Toda/Gakki community in any language is here (Chinese). Besides Shiraishi & Hiyama they also try to pair Toda and Gakki’s other characters together too lol it’s pretty hardcore. There’s also a Code Blue yuri thread on 2ch (Japanese), but it’s completely text so there’s pretty much no point if you don’t know the language.

      I hope I didn’t raise your expectations too much lol

  1. – “THIS EPISODE IS LEGENDARY! щ(゚Д゚*щ)(屮*゚Д゚)屮”


    In fact, I was doing a coverage of this drama and after this exact episode I stopped simply because…

    No body needed convincing any more of the point I/we was trying to make. This episode made everyone go and start watching CB.

    Shall never forget…

    And yeah, this is all I am going to say about this episode!


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