Code Blue 2nd season – 05

A bit later than usual; it’s been a hectic week and I spent Friday night watching the Olympics opening ceremony instead. By the time I got to work on this I was literally microsleeping every three minutes in front of the computer orz. Please excuse any errors m( _ _)m

Random things to divert your attention away from the actual episode:

1. I was reading an interview in TV Guide, and according to the poll they took, this is the rough fan age group/gender distribution:

Age group
10’s – 10%
20’s – 22%
30’s – 40%
40’s – 20%
50’s – 8%
Male – 13%
Female – 87%

For some reason the show is extra popular among women in their thirties… do the patients’ situations resonate with what happens in their own families or something? Hmm, maybe part of the charm point is actually the fact that all these popular young actors and actresses have gathered in a drama without a love storyline. It just goes to show that you don’t need love in a drama for it to be successful (but of course crazy fans such as myself will start making up stuff in their brains anyway XD).

It shocks me a bit that I’m in the minority for the age groups though… No, I’m not in my 50’s.

2. I want to direct Shiraishi/Hiyama fans to this awesome fan-made video on YouTube. Translating the lyrics is a bit of a big project, but I assure you that the lyrics to this bubbly love song completely fit with the scenes. They’re like an old bickering couple ♥♥

Anyways, that’s enough digression for one post.

Episode 5 in a nutshell: On a scale measuring sadism where 1 is the least sadistic and 10 is the most, this episode ranks somewhere around 15.

It’s a good thing I’m slightly M (what)

After the last episode with drunken[1] doctors at a bar owned by a transsexual who calls everyone ugly, we get back in the loop, which really just means tears are going to be shed every episode again. Sigh, so much for a refreshing change.

Satoshi’s situation is getting worse and worse, and everybody knows his time left is rather limited.

iunno random cap. episode needs moar hiyama.

Despite not having really known Satoshi well, all the interns are worried for both Satoshi and Saejima.

On the other hand, Aizawa is put in charge of a seven-year-old orphan, Mirai, with injuries all over. She won’t let go of the doll she’s holding no matter what.

Aizawa: How old?
: I said it earlier. Seven.
No, him. [points to doll]

Aizawa’s sensitivity towards the kids is kind of cute, especially since he’s usually to cold to everyone else.

I rewatched parts of season 1 and he’s a completely different person though. I know there’s a time difference, but the change is still rather uncanny.

height difference moe

I loled at this part. Shiraishi pulls a chair for Satoshi’s parents and then walks back to stand next to Hiyama? XD

Do I call Saejima’s mask professionalism, or the oppressing of her true feelings? Of course, this did not go unnoticed by Fujikawa.

Aizawa’s just kind of chillin’ in a storeroom (not the same one as Shiraishi & Hiyama’s. That one’s special XDD), and it seems like the little girl snuck out of her bed and found her way here as well. Aizawa lets her stay for a while and they talk about lots of things, including their parents.

Turns out the kid has injuries all over not because she was abused, but because she had tripped while trying to find her doll. Her doll was thrown away by her friend, whose name is… Yuri. I loled.

The kid asks where Aizawa’s mother is, and he says that she’s in a far, far place away too. Both Aizawa and the kid have been abandoned by their mothers.

It’s a bit wtf that basically 80% of the ER doctors in the entire hospital are gathered in one room for one patient. Satoshi’s time is incredibly close.

The longer Satoshi lives on, the more pained he is. To shorten his suffering, his parents have agreed to increase the saturation level of peripheral oxygen (SpO2) in his blood, which will increase his consciousness level but at the same time quicken his departure.

Satoshi, who seems to be no longer aware of his surroundings visually, calls for Saejima. Just as she is about to respond, the doctor heli alarm rings, and she has no choice but to leave without saying anything.

Five minutes before the heli arrives back at Shohoku, Aizawa informs Saejima through telecommunications that Satoshi has passed away. Saejima was unable to make it back on time.

I thought Aizawa was going to try his hand at ventriloquism or something lol

Meanwhile, the little girl’s situation has worsened and now they must perform an operation to deal with the hematoma (basically a bruise) in her head.

I have no idea if it’s the lighting but Yamapi looks absolutely terrible here. Doesn’t seem like he got much sleep.

Since Shohoku is a university-affiliated hospital, everything is very much research-centered, and it is basically the duty of the doctors to be asking for permission to dissect those who had an unusual disease. Shiraishi is in charge of asking Satoshi’s parents if the hospital can dissect him, since he had ALS — a disease with unknown causes. They agree.

The results come back as a bunch of numbers, for example the weight of his brain, etc — as if the person named “Satoshi” never existed. However, Shiraishi is confident that Satoshi was more than just some numbers — they are the proof of his existence, and the dissection was simply his last task as a doctor. Even while he was hospitalized, he had encouraged a patient scared of surgery to face her fears (see episode 3). Until the very end, he was a fine doctor.

So Shiraishi, why do you know about the encouraging thing? Stalked Hiyama, or did she tell you? (´・ω・`)

Fujikawa is outside at the helipad with Kaji (the helicopter pilot). Obviously his mood is still affected by today’s events.

Fuijkawa: What… what should I say to someone who is truly suffering inside?
: You don’t need to say anything. Just be by her side.

Seeing the person he loves in this depressing state, Fujikawa can’t help but feel heavyhearted as well.

Speak of the devil. Saejima comes to replenish the equipment in the helicopter. Kaji is super undestanding and leaves the two alone.

Fujikawa: Tazawa-san…
Is gone. The person who needs me is now gone.[2]

Fujikawa promptly leaves after hearing this. On top of Saejima’s sadness, Fujikawa now has to face his own broken heart…

lol whut Shiraishi/Hiyama same pearl necklace.

"He was my light."

There’s very obviously a cultural difference at play here because I have NO idea what the hell this memorial service/funeral thing for Satoshi is. They make it seem like some kind of a social party… I mean there’s like LAUGHING in the background and stuff. Oh well.

As Saejima/Shiraishi/Hiyama arrive, Satoshi’s mother asks Saejima to give a short speech which I will not even try to transcribe because my ugly translations will ruin the moment. It’s better to watch it first hand.

After the memorial service, the three head back to Shohoku, passing by the helipad. Saejima just kind of trails behind the two as if she was soulless. Hiyama can’t stand it anymore, and drags her over to the helicopter and makes her sit inside.

Do you know what that spot is? That’s my seat. I sit there, and from that place I can see your face. When I see you, don’t you know how at ease I become?

Not just me — I think everyone feels that way.

So, if you don’t sit there, I’ll be troubled. I need you to sit there so I can get good flight grades.

Cute (and tsundere) as hell when Hiyama starts looking away halfway through her monologue out of embarrassment. Is this the signal for the raising of the Hiyama/Saejima flag!? LOL.

Shiraishi appears on the other side of the heli (with impeccable timing I might add), and deals the final blow.

We need you. You’re a light too. Our light.

Gyaaa why is season 2’s Shiraishi so cool (´Д`;) If this had been the Shiraishi of season 1 I would’ve been like wtf. I accredit this to the bangs.

So anywaaaaaays all I’m only concerned about one thing: IS THIS GOING TO BE A THREESO(ry

Just kidding. This sisterly kind of love between the three main girls is really pleasant & soothing.

Fuijkawa’s pretty darn depressed knowing that he won’t be able to beat Satoshi even though he kicked the bucket, since he was so charismatic that in the middle of the night dozens of people came to see him for the last time… Fujikawa thinks that nobody will even bother coming to his funeral.

Fujikawa: I can’t beat him for sure…
: That’s not true. People like you. At the very least, I would go.

Ahahaha Aizawa/Fujikawa ♥ lolol. Aizawa’s way of trying to cheer up people is just like our local tsundere.

The kid that was hospitalized a few days ago had a successful operation and is allowed to leave. She thanks Aizawa for bandaging up her bear whose limb was about to fall off and poses a question that just hits right where it hurts.

“What about Mr. Doctor? Who is going to help bandage up Mr. Doctor?”

"I don't need bandaging."

This was such a short scene, but it completely hit bullseye. I haven’t touched on Aizawa’s backstory too much in these summaries but basically he lived all his life thinking that he was a burden for his parents who abandoned him. The only reason that he can stand here as a doctor is because he put in more effort than anyone else to get support from scholarships.

As the ending, we find that Shiraishi’s dad is coming for a presentation near Shohoku soon and that he wants to talk thoroughly with Shiraishi about her future plans after she graduates. Shiraishi just continues with the belief from episode 1 that her father is no longer a real doctor who saves people, as he only cares about giving speeches at seminars now.

Aizawa also pays a visit to his father in order to find the truth about his mother’s death, and that’s how the episode ends.

Misc thoughts

Something subtle from all these episodes that I haven’t mentioned before: THAT nurse. I’m sure everybody else noticed it too. The nurse whose butt got felt up in episode 2, the nurse who whispered into Shiraishi’s ear in episode 4, and now, the nurse who got a close-up in episode 5. I find amount of attention on such a minor character amusingly weird.

Oh, and they’re giving away the ¥20k flight jackets to three viewers. Lucky people who live in Japan.

Misc misc thoughts that don’t really deal with the episode

Those looking for more beyond the screen should check out Higa Manami and Asari Yousuke‘s blogs. They’re still filming right now so there are occasionally blog posts (with pretty pictures!) detailing their chronicles.

I haven’t read all the posts but it seems like Fujikawa and Saejima have a LOT of scenes together. The above picture is from Asari’s blog entry for February 1 when he played soccer with Katsumura and Higa during a break. This scene was already broadcasted in this week’s episode (February 8)… so that means they only finish filming an episode about a week in advance. Wowzers, Japanese drama production teams cut it pretty close.

Just today (February 13), Higa’s blog reports that she was filming in a “far, far away” place with snow, and that along with Gakki she got really hyper because they’re both from Okinawa. They made a snowman together too. And look, Shiraishi/Saejima fans:

With the friend(s) that I like so much

Even if I sleep early in the morning [past midnight]
Even if the filming is tough
Even if the filming location is cold

It’s completely okay ♪

Hehehehe. I should stop acting like a three-year-old high on sugar.

If there’s more interesting blog posts by next week, maybe I’ll continue this little “misc misc thoughts” section.

Episode 6 preview/prediction:

Aizawa and Shiraishi deal with their daddy problems.

Shiraishi’s dad is forcing her to go into cardiology, and she obviously wants to stay at Shohoku. Not particularly interested in this, because honestly, how many times has the “(rich)-kid-defying-parents” thing been done. (I assume she must be at least well-off since her dad is kinda famous.) She’s obviously not going to leave Shohoku any time soon -___-.

Well, that’s how the typical drama would go. Will CB2 go down the same way? Who knows. Seems like next episode there’s a lot of decision-making for the fellows as to their plans for after they (hopefully) graduate.

1. ^ Toda actually phrased it like that in an interview. No wonder Hiyama was all giddy orz.

2. ^ I mentioned this in my episode 5 predictions as “nobody needs me anymore”. I thought it was spoken by Hiyama too, but I guess I didn’t know their voices as well as I thought I did.

height difference moe
    • Gauri
    • February 14th, 2010

    lol….im glad that u finally had time to put this up…iv been coming back almost everyday to check whether u had posted an entry about epi 5….
    entertaining as usual….keep it up!!!!
    i can’t wait for the 6th episode….it seems to be very very interesting…

    • Gauri
    • February 14th, 2010

    oh…and another thing….were there any shiraishi/aizawa scenes???

    • Lol, sorry I was a bit late, I’m not used to having people expect things out of me XD.

      — SPOILER —

      There’s a couple scenes with Shiraishi & Aizawa standing around together, but nothing really that would make the fans’ blood boil with excitement. The biggest scene would probably be the part where Shiraishi had work to do and couldn’t go to Satoshi’s memorial service. Aizawa offered to cover for her.

      — END SPOILER —

    • Justina
    • February 14th, 2010

    I am in 20’s line, and u? lol
    owh and that fanvid…i saw it like 3-4 days ago…there is another one on youtube.
    I was so sad with amount of shiraihi/hiyama we got this episode…I like saejima just not with shiraishi or hiyama lol those two should be together lol
    and THAT nurse I noticed too, serious, my eyes just didn’t let her pass by hehehe

    • I am in the second smallest group, 10’s ^^;
      You must’ve seen the one with the song ORION. That one is seriously excellent also and I would’ve linked it, but YouTube took it down a while back and the original creator never reuploaded it, so I thought it wasn’t on YouTube anymore.

      Yeah, I know how you feel. Last episode raised the bar for amount of Shiraishi/Hiyama interaction so much it’s never gonna happen again. I don’t particularly like Saejima butting in either but lol, if that’s the only way I can get Shiraishi/Hiyama then I’m willing to take it any day.

      I realized after I posted this but I forgot to mention that Shiraishi and Hiyama had the same colour shirt on… couples shirt? Hahahaha XD.

        • Justina
        • February 14th, 2010

        well i am not sure if i am in 20’s line lol cuz i am 19 lol
        i just hope next episode will be GOOD like 4th episode lol
        i still find saejima cute hehe but i love toda and gakki lol
        Owh i love couple stuff hehehe
        gosh i wish there was atleast one shiraishi/hiyama fanfic T_T will i have to write it?! but i am not a writer i wrote only one fanfic(more like added and edited one lol)
        H/S FTW~!!

      • Haha, it’s too bad there aren’t more English fans. If you end up writing one, remember to tell me about it!

    • rstrafford
    • February 15th, 2010

    As always, great review~~! Lol, even though the Shiraishi/Hiyama interaction is a little low this week, they did go to Satoshi’s memorial service together *and* Shiraishi stood next to Hiyama when Hiyama was cheering Saejima up in the end.
    (Subtext is subtext is subtext)
    Lol, wonder if there’s going to be anything about Valentine’s Day in episode 6 (We can only hope).

    • Lol, we can’t always have our way every episode XD. Subtext is yummy enough for me!

      – SPOILER FOR EPISODE 6 & 7 –

      I actually wondered about the Valentine thing too, but I watched episode 6 this morning and they just kinda ignored it lol. No interaction between the two at all :|. The preview for episode 7 seems to bring a shimmer of hope for Shiraishi/Hiyama though!

      – END SPOILER –

        • rstrafford
        • February 15th, 2010

        I swear I’m more invested in Shiraishi/Hiyama than anything else this season, lol. Weeks are spent looking forward to this blog and the next episode in hopes that it becomes canon (but yuri seems to be in fashion in anime, so maybe! maybe!).
        Lol, does it mean your review for episode 6 might be coming out sooner? (Please? Lol.)

      • Haha, people have expectations from me? That’s a scary thought!

        This is how my week usually goes:
        Monday – skim a streaming raw to get the basic jist, write down main points
        Tuesday – watch it Chinese-subbed

        From this, it doesn’t look like it should take that long, but the main problem comes in when I wait for the SD raw. I write most of a post while looking at the screencaps I take. Lately the SD raw’s been kind of late, being released around Wednesday, so I couldn’t really start writing till then. On top of this, I have homework and stuff from school, which is why it takes till around Thursday – Saturday for the post to finally get out.

        I’ll try to see if I can finish this week’s portion earlier this time, lol.

    • rstrafford
    • February 16th, 2010

    Lol, now I feel guilty? And I don’t think it’s so much expectations as it is waiting for your every word as if it’s from Haruhi-sama herself (lol, that just made it worse, didn’t it?)

    But seriously, take as long as you need?

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