Code Blue 2nd season – 06

Jesus it’s been a terrible week for me, slept for about three to four hours each day. The only thing that saved me from my misery was the mens’ figure skating (which btw was excellent) and of course, Code Blue. As the theme song says, let’s get this thing started.

This episode actually marked a first for me. I watched this live just because I happened to be up at that time (4 AM PST). Crappy quality but watching it live is a bit different.

Episode starts with all these problems for everybody. Hiyama is in charge of a six-year-old boy, Tsubasa, who was hit by a motorcycle and suffers severe injuries. Shiraishi’s still pissed about her dad not being a real doctor. Blahblahblah.

Aizawa goes to confront his father about his mother’s death, but Dad just tells him that she fell off a building accidentally. He tries to invite his son to tea to change the topic, but Aizawa has no intention to fix his relationship with his father and leaves.

Back at the hospital, Aizawa asks his grandma again if his mother’s death was really an accident, already knowing the answer within himself. As expected, his grandma reaffirms that it was indeed accidental and not a suicide. Aizawa is disappointed that everyone is lying to him.

On the other hand with Morimoto’s Nixon problem (which I have barely touched on in previous episodes but still enjoyed): Morimoto says he gave Nixon, Todoroki’s ex-boyfriend, a good verbal beating (“get out! go home!” in English) and now “everything is over”.

The doctors have come to the conclusion that Tsubasa has brain death, and now Hiyama is put in charge with giving the DNR (do not resuscitate) agreement for his mother to sign so they can end his life.

Hiyama tells her that Tsubasa cannot hear the music she is playing for him, and will never wake up. The mother gets emotional and yells at Hiyama.

Mother: Are you telling me [playing music] is useless? His heart is still beating, isn’t it?

Aizawa and Shiraishi also have a patient with liver cancer who is unwilling to tell her honour student son, Yoshio, about her condition in fear that it will affect his studies.

parent-teacher conference lol.

Shiraishi is called to Tadokoro (hospital head director)’s room, and finds her father there waiting. Shiraishi’s dad already has his daughter’s route planned out for her: after she graduates, she is to go to the cardiovascular surgery department in a different university.

Shiraishi gets upset again about her father selfishly making her decisions for her as if she was a child, and leaves.

Tadokoro comments that he has never seen Shiraishi react so strongly, signifying how much she loves her father. Dad himself knows that he was once her hero too.

Whelp. As Dad Shiraishi takes his leave…

Tadokoro: Shiraishi… will we meet again?

Lol omfg what is this, a BL flag being raised? Hahahaha holy crap I’m insane XDD.

Tsubasa’s mother basically has been living at the hospital for the past few days. She’s with her son during the three visiting hours, but for the rest of the time she just lounges around soullessly. Hiyama’s heart aches seeing this.

In a casual conversation between Tachibana and Mitsui, Tachibana brings up about how Hiyama is wrecking her body by taking all the shifts ever since Tsubasa was hospitalized. Mitsui thinks that it’s alright because she will learn from this experience. Tachibana doesn’t believe in getting too involved with the patients — feeling sad should be something left for the patients’ family members. Sparks start flying when Mitsui retorts asking if Tachibana sees a splitting image of her in Hiyama. Tachibana replies in the affirmative.

bidanshi kita-!

On the other hand, the liver cancer patient’s condition has been getting worse and worse (especially since she smoked while nobody was looking). Shiraishi warns that if she doesn’t tell her son about her situation she might never be able to, after the cancer spreads and she loses recognition ability.

Aizawa’s in charge of telling the son about the situation anyway. Turns out the son had already known all along that his mother’s problem wasn’t that simple, but had played along with the lie.

The ever gentle (!?) Hiyama really wants to do something for Tsubasa after seeing his mother in such a depressing state, and trims his nails for him. His mother comes back, and is finally able to accept the fact that Tsubasa will never wake up. Hiyama can’t stand to give her the DNR agreement at this point, as it would be extremely inconsiderate. She puts aside all her documents and asks the mother a simple question.

Hiyama: What do you want to do?
Mother: … I want to hug him. With my own two hands.

Hiyama, after some consideration, goes to unplug the tube keeping Tsubasa alive.

Hiyama: Please embrace him.

Of course, this is against all kinds of medical ethics — no proper permission was ever obtained from the mother.

Yoshio is leaving very soon to Kyoto for his examinations. Up until the very last moment, the mother is still lying about her condition to not let her son worry. He understands this, and doesn’t confront her about it. He vows to become a doctor six years later and open a clinic right next to the bar where she works, so that he will forever be her pride.

tsundere x tsundere

Hiyama’s feeling pretty down about Tsubasa & his mother. Saejima sees this and comments that even just letting the mother properly part with her son was a meaningful thing for Hiyama to do.

Lolol Saejima’s been giving out too much compliments this season. Where has her sadistic nature gone?

When Morimoto said that everything is over, everything really is over. Fujikawa discovers that Morimoto’s wedding party with Todoroki has been cancelled…

Aizawa’s dad comes to the hospital, but was going to chicken out until Shiraishi convinced him to do what he wanted to do. He passes on a letter written by Aizawa’s mother to Aizawa (via Shiraishi).

Crapload of stuff start simultaneously so the order is kind of funky here.

Shiraishi actually goes to her dad’s speech thing.

Tsubasa’s uncle (the mother’s brother) starts bitching about how Hiyama didn’t get permission to end Tsubasa’s life and actually starts calling the lawyers on the spot.

Back with Shiraishi and her dad. Dad Shiraishi insists that Shiraishi just has to follow what he says, and begins to leave… only to admit that he can’t make his daughter, who once looked up to himself so much, hate him. He hands her his medical records, showing that he has stage 4 (incurable) lung cancer.

Her dad explains that he started giving presentations everywhere to nurture the future generation, which would benefit more people in the long run. He wishes too, in his own way, to stay a true doctor until the very end. Shiraishi is utterly devastated that she misunderstood her father this whole time.

Aizawa finishes reading his mother’s letter, and finds that he was the very cause of his mother’s suicide.

The show leaves a lot of this to the reader’s interpretation, so I’m not sure if I got it entirely: Aizawa’s parents were irresponsible and had Aizawa at a young age. His mother couldn’t handle it, and after her suicide, Aizawa’s dad ran away also, leaving Aizawa’s grandmother (on his father’s side) to raise Aizawa by herself.

Actually, if you think about it, it’s kind of creepy. Aizawa’s supposed to be around 30 (as are the other interns, this was shown in a screencap showing their birth dates from season 1), and his grandmother is 72. Uhhh, Aizawa’s parents were certainly young. Waaaaay young <_<.

Misc thoughts

The people around you lie to you only to protect you from harm, but still — you want to know the truth. After exposing all these untruths, you regret it and wish that you had let them continue the lie. In this episode entitled “Secrets”, everything revolved around this theme. The interns’ growth is certainly becoming srsbsns this season.

Pushing aside the serious stuff, Yoshio is kind of cute LOL. Superb acting from this young man during the final scene, getting so emotional that his lips start to quiver. Apparently he just turned 17 this month!

Episode 7 preview/prediction:

HELL YES SHIRAISHI/HIYAMA! Looks like Shiraishi will be comforting Hiyama during a time when she most needs it.

First sentence from the text preview from the official site:

Aizawa Kousaku, Shiraishi Megumi, Hiyama Mihoko and Fujikawa Kazuo have gathered together to go drinking for the first time in a long while.

LOL WHAT!? They go drinking together!?

A magazine also released a preview with pictures!

So this is episode 7 AKA “episode-where-Shiraishi-goes-batshit-insane”? Who would’ve thought that Shiraishi changes so much under the influence XD. Looks to be an epic episode already.

According to the text at the bottom right, Shiraishi asks Fujikawa and Hiyama if they are happy, then goes to ask Aizawa “Cool as usual, huh? Are you unhappy too~?”

Aizawa/Shiraishi fans must be super happy with this skin contact, but fear not, yuri fans, LOOK AT THE TOP RIGHT CORNER!

Cuz in my head my image of Aizawa and Shiraishi together are like two ikemen bros. It’s normal for homies (!?!?) to you know, uhh, put their arms around each other’s shoulders. So it’s okay. Plus Shiraishi is like harassing everyone already anyway; look at her and Fujikawa on the right. If we’re just looking at this picture the Shiraishi/Fujikawa pairing have a fighting chance too lol. (Sorry A/S fans, I have to find ways to justify the reason for my existence ^^;) But the top right corner is another matter… what the hell are they doing? Gyaaa holy crap need episode 7 nowwww.

A god if you succeed,

A devil if you fail.

Fun stuff aside, this next episode looks to be another important one, foreshadowing the success of Aizawa/Shiraishi/Saejima and the failure of Hiyama, aka her violating medical ethics. Looks like the uncle’s gonna sue her pants off. How reminiscent of Mitsui from the first season.

As Aizawa says, in this line of profession, the results are everything.

Bonus for Shiraishi/Hiyama fans:

(not an actual sub, just a quick job done by yours truly)

Whoa Hiyama, already got on your future father-in-law’s good side? XDD

Shiraishi, your dad knows what’s best for you. Cardiovascular surgery department gogogo.

    • Justina
    • February 20th, 2010

    i was so worried when i watched episode six cuz i didnt know what was going on with hiyama(cuz i didnt have subtitles lol). Been waiting for your update lol yesterday i downloaded code blue BTS and they are awesome lol bunch of shiraishi hiyama moments, made me so happy and sad at the same time because i wish we got a hug like that on the show not only in BTS lol

    • Justina
    • February 20th, 2010

    omg and that photo in the mag ahhhh~~~~ lol i can’t wait for this episode lol erm…i heard that code blue changed their time slot to monday, right?
    i feel that hiyama and shiraishi will get completely wasted lol will be awesome to see toda&gakki acting this way lol
    owh and you were watching olympics? cool~ i marked my calendar so that i wouldn’t forget to watch woman figure skating, because i love kim yuna and am rooting for south korea lol

    • Haha, the hug was awesome. Toda’s tippy toeing was like “gyaaaaaaaa my heart is exploding from this height difference moe~” XDD

      It’s funny because there are all these gossip magazines saying that Toda and Gakki hate each other lol.

      Code Blue 2’s time slot is indeed Monday, at 9PM — which is said to be the #1 prime time spot.

      Haha, it’s kind of hard to not catch the Olympic fever when you live in the host city lol. South Korea’s been doing really well, haven’t they? I see they got lots of medals in speed skating; that’s great that they have so many awesome athletes!

        • Justina
        • February 21st, 2010

        toda actualy said that? lol thats so funny. Yeah i heard about the rumors but they seem to be on pretty good terms lol that hug and especially the one where she runs to gakki and like jumps on her gives to totally different feeling. You live in vancouver? Wow i’m so jealous lol yeah south korea is doing well couple of days ago i saw that south korea got already 3 gold medals. Can’t wait till wednesday to see kim yuna lol oh btw can you link me to those valentine pics? Hehehe

      • No lol I was talking about me, MY heart is exploding XD. Hmm, isn’t that the same hug or am I missing out on something? I only know of two hugs, the one above and the other one from the Code Blue SP backstage where Toda had a bloodied face lol.

        South Korea has the exact same amount of medals as Canada right now (4 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze), which is really kind of sad for Canada considering our land mass lol. Everybody’s talking about the Olympics here but besides downtown it’s not really all that lively XD.

        I’ll assume you don’t have a pixiv account (otherwise you can just head here):
        author: touka | 01 02 03
        author: minadzuki | 01 02 03 04 05

        • Justina
        • February 22nd, 2010

        oh sorry i was replying the last time on mobile so it didnt load the picture you uploaded on your comment lol yeah i know only 2 hugs too, the bloody faced toda and that one you uploaded hehe

        already 4 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze? wow thats even better lol

        oh i saw some of those pictures lol they are pretty cool lol

    • rstrafford
    • February 20th, 2010

    Otsukaresama deshita.
    But yeah, thanks for another week of reviews (and making me extremely excited about Monday’s episode~~!) Drunken, happy Shiraishi/Hiyama is always welcome and Aizawa was probably thinking “this is why I don’t go drinking with any of you”. Lol.

    • I’m actually surprised he decided to even go, seeing how he likes to sit by himself when they’re eating lunch XD.

        • rstrafford
        • February 21st, 2010

        Yes, but tsundere!Aizawa sits near them anyway (lol, because Fujikawa won’t leave him alone~~). Ah, but did you see the Valentine’s Day picture on pixiv where Shiraishi gives out chocolate? Lol, so cute.

      • Haha yes I have, actually I religiously stalk the author’s blog and thread on a forum since they’ve drawn more than what’s on pixiv XD.

        Edit: I just realized there’s two; I’m talking about the pink one.

        • rstrafford
        • February 22nd, 2010

        I was talking about the blue one? Lol.

    • Gauri
    • February 22nd, 2010

    another very interesting update…..
    iv seen episode 7 already so i get the gist of whats happening, but don’t really understand anything. There is this one particular scene in there that I am positive will make you very very happy..!!!!

    • I’ve seen it this morning as well, and lollllll I feel giddy about it still XD. I’m sure you’re happy with the scene in the beginning too though! The scriptwriter makes sure to cater to everyone, which is great. Everybody wins!

        • Gauri
        • February 22nd, 2010

        yup….the scriptwriter does cater to all of us….
        and that scene in the beginning did make me very happy….i just wonder what was said to the two of them the next morning…both of them had paused…

      • –SPOILER FOR EP 7–

        They were all making fun of Shiraishi and Aizawa XD. Hiyama mentions that Shiraishi was really “attacking” Aizawa; Fujikawa actually says to Aizawa that a romance might start between him and Shiraishi. Neither remember anything that happened though ^^; (or so they say, Aizawa does show that he remembered some bits later in the episode).

        –END SPOILER FOR EP 7–

        • Gauri
        • February 23rd, 2010

        oh….i really wish fujikawa is right this time!!!! lol….and could u tell me what they discussed wen the two of them were together?? dying to knw..and read ur entry about epi 7….

        8 will be quite emotional im guessing…

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