Sanpei Yuuko & Koshimizu Ami’s new unit “Purafini”

It’s been announced quite a while ago already (back in December?), but Sanpei Yuuko and Koshimizu Ami have banded together in a unit named ±ふぃに.

I’m not quite sure how to romanize ±ふぃに. Since “pura” is supposed to be short for “plus (or minus)”, Plufini? “Fini” would be short for “infinity”. They just selfishly decided not to say out loud the minus part of “plus or minus” LOL.

Anyways, they have a YouTube channel and actually their manzai duo (Sanpei = tsukkomi, Koshimizu = boke) tactics are quite amusing (though of course this will require at least some understanding of moonspeak). I really can’t call myself a “fan” of either, but their personalities just work so well together it’s amazing.

Right now the episodes are still things like “episode 0: deciding on the name of the unit!” and “episode 1: deciding the name of the show!” but good goddd they’re hilarious.

Here’s the latest episode uploaded as of now, where they’re trying to decide on a mascot character:

Everything just kicks into motion right at the very beginning:

Koshimizu: *makes random noises*
Sanpei: HEY. I know you’re there [behind the whiteboard]. Come out!
Koshimizu: What?
Sanpei: [serious] I have important things for you to do…
Koshimizu: [excited] WHAT?
Typical anime romantic scene music starts.
Sanpei: [serious] I want to talk to you face to face…
Koshimizu: NO! The other day…
Sanpei gets pissed & throws pen on ground.
Koshimizu: …  you said something so mean to me.
Sanpei: [masculine] Huh, what? There’s no way I could say anything mean to you!
Koshimizu: [girly] No~! You… go break off all your ties with other women!
Koshimizu: Huh!?
Sanepei: You’re hooked onto 2D women, aren’t you! (reference to previous episodes where Koshimizu keeps playing Love Plus)
Koshimizu: That’s scary! I’m scary! I don’t want to go outside~!

Both of them have shown to be proficient artists as well. Sanpei’s bunny:

Koshimizu erases the bunny.
Koshimizu: It was kinda too cute, so I got kind of annoyed.

Koshimizu’s 2D rendition of Sanpei and herself:

Koshimizu: This is me [on the right], and this is you [on the left].
Sanpei: [calm & serious] I’m going to kill you.

In response Sanpei does her own version of Koshimizu:

Hahaha oh shit. You get the point. I was going to keep on transcribing all the funny parts but then I realized that means I would have to do every single line LOL. This was all only from episode 4 too. I’d like to keep going, but this post would end up being around 5000 words XD.

These two are really good together in ways more than one (´・ω・`). They go quite a while back too; I remember seeing a video of Koshimizu on a talk show, ranting on and on about Sanpei, then Sanpei being invited on the same show, talking about how much she hates it when Koshimizu clings to her, which made the host question their sexual orientation lollll.

These episodes are definitely one of the things I look forward to the most every two weeks. Even those aren’t fans of either seiyuu should check them out.

    • raizoo
    • February 22nd, 2010

    Since when did Pei-chan start looking like a real girl.

    And nedz moar horseface thar, Pei-chan…

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