Code Blue 2nd season – 07

Holy crap… I would’ve finished this at least a day earlier if I didn’t go nuts with the screencapping. Essentially a pic-spam post; I kinda went all out. Is this what they call the power of love!? Hahaha.

I don’t have any good topics for digression today, oh, except for women’s figure skating. Fantastic performances, but I wanted to see more of Asada Mao’s crazy-cute smile! … OKOK, maybe I should stop here.

After last episode with Shiraishi going through a very late rebellious period, this episode, as those who have seen the episode 7 preview should know, has Shiraishi getting DRUNK. Sorry but this automatically equates to roughly 5 billion screencaps. Jesus, I haven’t watched a huge amount of Gakki dramas but I can’t even recall any one where she even went near alcohol… Well, to be fair, I can’t recall one where her character is 30 years old either.

My general reaction to this episode:  ( ゚д゚)!!

Official site says the four are going drinking together but it seems more like “Hiyama and Fujikawa are babysitting the drunk Shiraishi and Aizawa”.

Hiyama and Fujikawa have no idea what’s wrong with Shiraishi beyond the fact that it has to do with her father.

Shiraishi: Beer…
Mary Jane: Huh?
Shiraishi: BEER!
Mary Jane: Okay, okay. [whispering] I didn’t know she was so troublesome!
Shiraishi: WHAT?

Gakki slurring words and tripping around is cute on an unworldly level. Shiraishi’s usually so collected, but here her rampage is just so d’aww. Reminds me of Koume from Papa to Musume no Nanokakan. This must be what they call gap moe XD.

On the other side of the bar we have Aizawa drinking alone. He runs out of beer and stares at Mary Jane, silently demanding for more beer.

Aizawa! Oh god, is this like the only hilarious thing Aizawa’s ever done in this show? It’s almost cute.

Anyways, nobody has any idea what’s wrong with Aizawa.

Suddenly Shiraishi GLOMPS Fujikawa and Hiyama from behind, and poses a question.

Shiraishi: Are you happy?
Fujikawa and Hiyama: Huh?
Shiraishi: [turns to Hiyama] Are you happy?
Hiyama: … Well, kind of, I guess.

Shiraishi: [scoots over to other side] You’re happy!?
Hiyama: No, no I’m not.
Shiraishi: Are you unhappy?
Hiyama: Yeah, I am.
Shiraishi: Unhappy…
Hiyama: Yeah. [thumbs up]
Hiyama and Shiraishi: Yay! [thumb touch]

Hounding on Hiyama is not enough to satisfy Shiraishi’s newly revealed personality, and so she moves on to Fujikawa.

Shiraishi: How about youuu?
Fujikawa: Yeah, I’m unhappy. Super unhappy.
Shiraishi: That’s what I thought. Your face… [pokes face] Your face says “unhappy”, hahahaha..
Fujikawa: What the hell!?

Shiraishi-sensei wwww is this how you think inside your head all the time!?

Shiraishi starts bombarding Aizawa in the corner with the same kind of stuff.

"Was her character like that!?"

Apparently they’ve been like this for an entire week. What the hell, how did they even go to work!?

I’m very interested in how these two drunkards even got home. I don’t think it’s unfair to assume that Fujikawa took Aizawa home, and Hiyama took Shiraishi? The debate lies with whose home XDDDDD.

The next day, Shiraishi and Aizawa are made fun of by Hiyama and Fujikawa respectively. Apparently Shiraishi kept asking Aizawa questions, but the both of them seem to have no recollection of the conversation that actually took place.

Fujikawa teases that a romance might start between Shiraishi and Aizawa. orz Fujikawa if you don’t speak, no one will call you mute.

BTW, am I the only one that loled at Hiyama’s “You were amazing last night”? XD

Saejima, while packing equipment for the helicopter, takes out her phone to replay a voice message… A voice message from Satoshi at around Christmas (~episode 1). Seems like Saejima still can’t let Satoshi go. Fujikawa walks in on the scene and Saejima gets so unsettled she leaves the vascular clamps on the table…

Back at the nurse station, a call has come in requesting the assistance of the helicopter. Hiyama and Tacihbana are on duty today and are about to leave, until Nogami Akihiko, Tsubasa’s uncle, comes storming in and grabs onto Hiyama, calling her a murderer. Tachibana rushes in to mediate while telling Aizawa and Shiraishi to go to the heli in their place.

Tachibana finds out that Hiyama didn’t get Tsubasa’s mom (Nogami Naomi) to sign the DNR and is pretty mad, since the hospital can’t even defend her actions now. Akihiko (in a separate room) is throwing a fit and claiming that the hospital is just taking advantage of his sister who is a single mother by assigning an ignorant young doctor to Tsubasa. The stupidest part is that Naomi, while reluctant, actually agrees.

God Tsubasa’s mom is such a doormat.

Hiyama is summoned to a meeting to discuss countermeasures for this situation. She’s willing to apologize to Tsubasa’s family members if that will solve the problem, but that will be admitting that it was a mistake and she will undoubtedly be charged for murder — it’s not something that can be solved just by taking away Hiyama’s license. The verdict is that the hospital will not apologize and Hiyama is suspended from all medical activities until further notice.

Tadokoro tries to appeal the decision. The lawyer does feel bad about taking away the future of a young doctor like this, but there’s nothing he can do. In this profession, results are everything; a simple word from the patients’ family can easy be the end of a doctor’s career.

Tachibana and Mitsui discuss Hiyama’s situation again. Tachibana strongly thinks Mitsui and Hiyama’s passion towards the patients will only hurt the people around them, which is the primary reason Tachibana and Mitsui divorced. Mitsui always brought emotions and feelings from the hospital back home, and Tachibana felt like he had no room to breathe at all. Mitsui reminds him that he was once like this also, but Tachibana retorts that he has become stronger exactly because he let that passion go.

It looks like Mitsui is expected to take responsibility if Hiyama is not able to continue on as a doctor.

Mitsui also has a brief talk with Saijou in the elevator.

Mitsui: It looks like I made the same mistake again. I’m a failure as a guidance doctor.
Saijou: Mistakes… what is a mistake? If the decision was right and the outcome was bad, it will still be regarded as a mistake.

Saijou comments that both Hiyama and Mitsui don’t know how to protect themselves.

With the super doctor team (Aizawa/Shiraishi/Saejima) over here, the operation is progressing as usual… until Aizawa asks Saejima to hand the Satinsky vascular clamps. Saejima can’t find it, and without it they have no way to continue the operation.

Shiraishi calls back to Shohoku for help, and Morimoto suggests to use a medical procedure called ハイラーツイスト[1] (high lung twist? hyler twist?), which involves twisting the lungs 180° to stop air and blood flow. This is extremely difficult to do due to the fact that the bleeding has caused the lungs to be stuck to the body by suction and forcibly pulling would damage the lungs. Aizawa decides to go with it anyway because there’s no time.

The operation is successful, and the patient’s vitals are confirmed after being transported to Shohoku.

Shiraishi notices that Hiyama is not among those who were awaiting the heli’s arrival…

The heli has returned, the sun has set, and Hiyama literally cannot do anything but wallow in guilt.

Dun dun dun! Ikemen Shiraishi comes to save the day.

Always playing down the seriousness of the situation, Hiyama claims that she shouldn’t have trusted the patients’ family members so easily and just forced the DNR on Tsubasa’s mom… but of course Shiraishi knows that the one person who doesn’t want to do that the most is Hiyama herself.

Hiyama recalls the first time when she was told “thank you” by a patient and vowed to never forget it. Yet, today, she was called a murderer. Never before has she seen someone glare at her with so much hate in their eyes.

Shiraishi tries to comfort Hiyama by rubbing her back, only to have Hiyama shove her hand away immediately.

I would’ve thought that Shiraishi would know how to deal with sasoi-uke tsundere after being around Hiyama for so long but apparently she still doesn’t know that these things hurt her pride. Or…

… she did know, but needed a good excuse to tightly grip Hiyama’s shoulders like this? (´∀`*)

Oh my god this shoulder width difference is impossibly MOE ♥

Even though Hiyama is going through such a tough time, she still doesn’t want to depend on anyone’s kindness. Shiraishi understands this and quietly stays by her side without ever looking at her directly. It’s just as Kaji says: you don’t have to say anything to someone who’s truly hurting inside; being there is enough.

This is a wonderful scene (ノД`)・゜・。

But goddd Shiraishi is too otokomae orzzzzzzz. If this was a all-female private high school, Shiraishi would definitely be the cool senpai that gets all the chocolates on Valentine’s.

Bit of a sidetrack but Gakki did mention that she got around 5-6 chocolates from girls this Valentine’s and that she sort of understands the feelings of a boy especially since she didn’t give anything back XD. It’s okay, that’s why we have White Day! ROFL.

Saejima meets Hiyama in the elevator. Saejima worries for her, but Hiyama tells her to not be concerned with having to be her witness if this business goes to court (Saejima was also at the scene when Hiyama euthanized Tsubasa).

Aizawa also comes in. Saejima apologizes for forgetting to bring the clamps, but Aizawa doesn’t think she needs to, because the patient was saved in the end and nobody cares how the process went as long as it was successful. On the other hand, if Aizawa had failed, he would be called a murderer and be sued.

I like how this scene just sums up the point of the entire episode in three minutes :\ Don’t get what the hell Aizawa’s trying to do… Teaching Hiyama a life lesson? Yeah thanks asshole, she didn’t have it hard enough. I think it’s supposed to be a form of encouragement in harsh words but the overall feel of this scene just felt like he wanted to be a jerk.

This is also the first time these three have been alone too. It’s too bad because I used to think both Aizawa/Saejima and Aizawa/Hiyama have a lot of potential. Not after Aizawa almost made Hiyama cry:@@@

Fujikawa walks in on Saejima listening to the voice message AGAIN, but this time Saejima doesn’t run away so he tries to cheer her up.

Fujikawa: No one can quietly work after something like that happened. Even nurses are human; even the ice woman Saejima is human.
Saejima: Ice woman?
Fujikawa: Ah – no, um. I mean, anyone can make a mistake. I make plenty of mistakes regularly…

Fujikawa continues on the topic of Satoshi, and Saejima gets carried away with the praising of him. You just really feel that Fujikawa knows he can’t compare. Oh well, at least it seemed like their relationship made some progress: Saejima smiles softly at Fujikawa in the end…… while agreeing that Satoshi was a great person. OTL

Shiraishi phones her father while greatly regretting all those things she said before.

Though Shiraishi has gone through a lot of change in season 2, the gentle part about her has remained the same. She already has enough problems herself, yet went to comfort Hiyama earlier? This girl is so considerate of others it’s crazy ;A; or maybe it’s only because it was Hiyama lulzzzz

Saejima, finally alone with no one to disturb her, listens to Satoshi’s voice message for the last time and breaks down…

Aizawa and Shiraishi talk about the patient they saved today, and suddenly Aizawa gives Shiraishi information he found regarding an update on a cure for lung cancer. It seems like Aizawa did remember things from last night when they were both drunk, but what the hell is that crap? MS Gothic font and English? Shiraishi, I wouldn’t trust anything on that sheet if I were you.

Shiraishi starts talking about her father’s situation, and gets carried away.

Shiraishi: I’m envious of you, because your father’s death was a lie.

Realizing how completely inappropriate that was, Shiraishi apologizes.

Aizawa: Once in a while it’s alright. You’re too much of a honours student.

Hey, any line with the phrase “honours students” should be Hiyama’s! (`A´)

The next day, Aizawa goes on leave and visits his father.

They further the story of Aizawa’s mother’s death instead of leaving it all to the viewer so ignore everything I said last episode. Both of Aizawa’s parents were both researchers; they simply didn’t have any time to have a child. On top of that, when Mom Aizawa gave birth it didn’t go too well and she had to have her uterus taken out, rendering her incapable of giving birth for the rest of her life. Aizawa’s mother mentally breaks down, and Dad Aizawa runs away.

Aizawa’s father confesses that he might’ve made Aizawa’s mother give birth just to pull back her progress because he was falling behind in his own career.

Aizawa thanks his father for telling him the truth, but before today, Aizawa didn’t have any feelings towards his father — no longing, no love, no hate. After hearing his father’s confession, he wishes he had never met his father again, if it was only to find that he was such a despicable human.

Hiyama’s heartbreaking situation has fully developed into a trial: Tachibana informs Hiyama that court officials are coming to fetch evidence.

Misc thoughts

“What’s important is not the result but the experience of having done it”

Once you become an adult, you learn how much of a lie that is.

People will always only look at the results.

Well, this episode very clearly illustrated the cruelty of society. Six years of med school, three years of clinical practice, hundreds of medical books and endless hours of studying — everything can and will disappear with one mistake. They always say the important thing in a race is not to win but that’s all BS. It’s sad, but that’s reality.

Uhh… I was quite shocked at Shiraishi’s embracing of Hiyama. As far as skin contact goes, this must be the limit. I can’t imagine CB going any further than that… even one step further in this scene — Hiyama leaning into the embrace — would be way too much. I hope the scriptwriter has enough sense to realize that we really don’t need actual romance in this drama. CB just needs to be a drama where everyone supports each other in order to keep going. Ahh, beautiful friendship (wut)

And why is Hiyama getting the short end of the stick every freaking time anyway? It hurts my heart to see her in pain ;A;

Hmm, the more I read what I write the more I realize that I’ve been betraying my principle I stated back in my very first post for CB2. To reiterate, this isn’t supposed to be an episode summary but just my random musings. It feels like I’m starting to write about EVERYTHING that happens in an episode now even though I only really care about two or three scenes. This post ended up a lot longer than I wanted it to be (and thus took longer). I think I tried to cover too much ground; gotta keep this in mind for next episode.

Episode 8 preview/prediction:

Aizawa tells Shiraishi about his parents, especially about his mother’s death. Shiraishi goes on leave from Shohoku to go back to her parents’ place to see her father. On the other hand, as the end of this episode stated, Hiyama is officially charged and the situation has escalated to a court trial. Fujikawa and Saejima work together on comforting a mother whose daughter passed away.

Then something about a crapload of injured people being sent to Shohoku. Looks like it’s a “big incident” episode, but so far what’s in the official summary sounds pretty boring.

"I was wrong. Sorry."

Just don’t hurt Hiyama anymore! ;A;

1. ^ It’s very strange because I actually tried googling the English name for this procedure for thirty minutes and I couldn’t find any references to its actual existence, not even while searching in Japanese. Very un-CB-like to be making up medical terms but yeah, I don’t know…

    • Gauri
    • February 27th, 2010

    You know what…i personally think that it was rather naive of Hiyama to just pull the life support without getting the DNR form signed. People in their grief are clueless about what to do and not to do, and when they are capable of rational thought, they look back and would like to have done things differently. Getting a DNR form signed is standard procedure, because the ‘right to life’ is violated in case the plug is pulled w/out the persons consent, and tho Hiyama did get the mothers consent, she should have had some documentation of it as well, because now that the mother is capable of rational thought, she might be regretting ehr decision of letting Hiyama pull the plug off life support ….oh!!! I really wish Hiyama had followed procedure and not become overly emotional….she needed to be practical and supportive, but she became supportive and foolish I think….doctors are supposed to keep their calm, and she lost it….

    I loved this episode though, even w/out subs….and your summary is great as usual….can’t wait for 8!!!
    And Aizawa tells Shiraishi about his parents, and he gave her some info about her dad’s illness…oohh!!! lol….i can’t help but be ecstatic about these things….

    • It IS pretty naive of Hiyama. You could call it a lack of professionalism, but on on the flip side that compassion towards patients is what makes Hiyama who she is. I agree that she should’ve followed the procedures though… It sucks that this stuff happened right after her sequela was dealt with. I don’t want to see her not able to graduate! :(

      Hmm, don’t think the mom actually thinks Hiyama killed her son though; the whole time it seemed like the annoying uncle is pulling the strings. Maybe mom will pull through & save Hiyama!

      The more I watch this show, the more I think that doctors are really something else entirely x_x.

        • Gauri
        • February 28th, 2010

        I too think the mom will pull through for Hiyama, i don’t really think they will show her losing her medical license…atleast,i hope not…

    • Kai Stormwind
    • February 19th, 2011

    Not sure if this will ever be seen, but the ‘hyler twist’ mentioned in the episode is actually spelt ‘hilar twist’. The full name is actually ‘pulmonary hilar twist’, because it is a procedure in which a lung is overturned. The hilum is the part of the body in which nerves and blood vessels enter an organ, and there are different types of hila (plural form of hilum) in the human body. So the word ‘pulmonary’ is added to clarify that it refers to the hilum of the lung. Hilar is the adjective form of hilum, btw. By overturning the lung, you block the hilum and all the blood vessels that go through it, stopping the bleeding there.

    So don’t worry, they didn’t make up a medical term. It exists. They do, afterall, have consulting doctors for the show. In fact, there’s a diagram of it in the medical book Fujikawa is reading while Morimoto is giving instructions in the CS room. I think the book and text in it is authentic, since the English text on it makes sense, is concurrent with Morimoto’s instructions, and is in perfect English. In fact, that diagram is very similar to the one here.

    It’s a presentation on chest injuries, and this particular diagram shows the hilar twist. So I have every reason to believe that the show strives to keep a high degree of realism medically.

    Rather recent fan to Code Blue. A bit late, but it’s an awesome show.

    • karina
    • February 8th, 2015

    Hi! Just dropping a comment to say, it’s hilar twist. ;)

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