Code Blue 2nd season – 08

Whew, been so busy that I didn’t get to watch the episode until today. I predict a lot of strange and repetitive wording in this post cuz I’m sleep deprived + writing this in a semi-rush (before Monday rolls around again rofl).

Shiraishi plans to leave tonight for home. Because of personnel shortage, Tadokoro will be on duty as well.

Meanwhile, Hiyama is singled out everywhere. Holy crappp these people are so cruel ;A;

Mitsui comes to the rescue. She understands that Hiyama’s feelings: rather than worrying about having her license revoked or not being able to graduate, she is plagued by the thought of having caused trouble for everybody at the hospital. Mitsui would know, obviously because she has been in the same situation before.

If Mitsui didn’t have a kid I would consider her a possible candidate for yuri couplings (what)

This week’s incident is quite strange: many high school kids suddenly go into anaphylactic shock at the same time. Shohoku floods with patients; in particular two stand out: Kishida and Ooe, both soccer players. Seems like they don’t get along well. The noisy Kishida sees Ooe with a breathing mask and is all like “HOW COME HE GETS A MASK? I want one too!” and is just basically all-around annoying.

I laughed out loud when he was complaining about how Ooe gets to be treated by Shirashi while he gets Aizawa. “Hey, how come he gets that pretty lady and I get you?” XD

Meanwhile the lawyer for Tsubasa’s side has come and they hold a briefing. The lawyer asks why Hiyama pulled the life support, but all she does is apologize for her “mistakes”.

Tachibana can’t stand seeing Hiyama like this and tells her to speak out the truth.

Hiyama: I was wrong…
Tachibana: Do you really think that? You’re not an idiot; you could’ve just let her sign the DNR and nothing would have happened. There’s a reason why you didn’t ask, isn’t there?

Tadokoro agrees with Tachibana.

Tadokoro: Did you really do something you have to lower your head [and apologize] for? The medical records certainly have the medical procedures carried out written down, but it cannot reflect the relationship between a doctor and a patient and their family; which is what is really important. There is only one situation where a doctor should apologize: when they cannot give their all for a patient.

The support Hiyama receives from her two seniors gives her courage: she did not hand the DNR form over because it would be forcing Tsubasa’s mother to face the reality that her son is dead for the second time (after Hiyama had already told her that Tsubasa is basically dead the first time).

Hiyama: Tsubasa-kun couldn’t be saved, but I at least wanted to lessen the pain of his family. I think those who can calmly let a patient’s family members sign the DNR are the ones who are insane.

Hiyama’s words do noticeably affect Naomi, but she gets emotional and leaves the briefing. Nothing productive is accomplished. Orzzz Hiyama is still suspended.

Fujikawa & Saejima deal with a mother who can’t admit her daughter’s death. She visits the hospital often asking for her daughter, even though she passed away last month. Fujikawa takes her to the ward that her daughter was at to show that she isn’t there, and that she should move on.

Shiraishi’s still dealing with Ooe, and they get on the topic of Ooe’s father also having been a soccer player. Ooe notices that Shiraishi seems to resonate with the topic at hand and she agrees that kids seem to follow the footsteps of their fathers.

Kishida is running around the hospital trying to find Ooe because he thought that he was in a serious situation. When Kishida actually finds Ooe, Kishida’s the one who faints instead.

Turns out Kishida’s body involuntarily delayed the shock until now (remember how he was yapping in the beginning of the episode) so it’s not a big deal. Ooe was pretty worried though.

"You're so stupid... why did you run that fast? You're always hogging the ball. Pass it over sometimes... you're the only one that can receive my passes."

BL flag wwwwwwwwwwwww

Oh, they actually figured out that the sudden cases of dozens of high school kids going into shock was because of something in their lunches. Psshht.

Mitsui finds out that Tachibana stood up for Hiyama and thanks him. He reveals that all along he had regretted what happened four years ago, when he not only did NOT support Mitsui when she was sued but decided to file for divorce as well.

The day has finally come to an end, and things are back at their normal pace at Shohoku. Fujikawa & Saejima are in the ever-so-convenient store room, where Saejima reveals that she understands the mother, who suddenly lost the most important person in her life.  This is the reason she couldn’t bring herself to tell the mother that her daughter is gone.

Kaji & Fujikawa are relaxing by the hangar/helipad when Kaji offers to share his snacks with Fujikawa. I swear the happiest man in this show is Kaji. His wife’s food always looks so yummy.

Fujikawa sees Saejima walking by the helicopter and the atmosphere suddenly turns serious. Kaji notes this and tells him a story about his friend, who fell in love with his best friend’s girlfriend. The best friend and his girlfriend ended up getting married, and the friend wished them happiness, but one day, the best friend died. The friend always blamed it on himself because deep inside he was jealous of his best friend and he believed that it played a part in the best friend’s death. As a kind of atonement, the friend phoned the girl every single day without fail even if it was just for pointless chatter. Two years, seven months, and 23 days later, the friend and the girl got married.

The girl is Kaji’s wife.

Fujikawa finds Saejima and apologizes for telling the mother to forget about her deceased daughter and move on, because, well… who would be able to do that? There’s no reason to force yourself to forget; just let it happen with time. He tells Saejima to take as long as she wants, because he’ll always support her.

Was that a confession? Ahhh Fujikawa is suddenly so cool—

Because of the sudden flood at Shohoku today Shiraishi didn’t go back to her parents’ home as scheduled. By the time most of the work had been done it seems like she could’ve still made it, but this time she decides not to go. Instead, she phones her father.

Shiraishi apologizes for all those inconsiderate things she did/said, the worst being that she had never noticed her father’s condition despite being a doctor. Dad Shiraishi explains that she didn’t notice exactly because she’s a doctor. Doctors only know how to care about others and push aside themselves and their own family, just like how Dad Shiraishi never showed up for Shiraishi’s birthday parties when she was little.

Shiraishi explains that that is the reason why she is not going back home — she has to take care of the patients here. Dad Shiraishi is noticeably disappointed but understands.

Shiraishi’s dad makes a promise with her that he will live on even if it’s for one day longer, at least until Shiraishi becomes a proper doctor.

The distraught mother has come to visit the hospital yet again.

This time, Saejima tells the mother that she is welcome to come visit at the hospital whenever, because she will lead her to the ward every single time, no matter how many times she comes.

Aizawa’s grandmother is alright now and prepares to leave the hospital, at which point Aizawa stops her. He tells her that he knows about everything now and will carry half of the weight that she had been lugging the whole thirty-something years she raised Aizawa for.

"I'll protect you."

Aizawa should just keep going down the  family route (ノД`)・゜・。

Hiyama is hanging around the operation room when Aizawa comes in.

Hiyama: I heard [today’s situation] was really something: an anaphylactic shock outbreak. I’ve never heard of a case like that before.
Aizawa: Are you envious?

Hiyama: … I’d be happy if I was at least envious.

Hiyama complains about how if there is one little mistake the patients start treating you like rubbish, but just as last episode, she can’t hold back her true feelings.

Hiyama: I’m afraid of facing patients…

Oh my dear god somebody give this girl a hug. (Not Aizawa####)

On the other hand, Tadokoro fainted in his room and nobody noticed.

No really.

Misc thoughts

Why do we work as doctors?
To have the satisfaction of being needed by the world?
Or to feel a sense of purpose by saving people?


The real reason is…

For the smiles of people we care about,
Or for the one “thank you” from patients.

For a reason this small, a doctor can sacrifice themselves and work hard.

— Shiraishi Megumi

But if we cannot even believe in that one point
What should we do?

— Hiyama Mihoko

Not much advancement in terms of relationships ‘sides for Fujikawa/Saejima. At least I can be happy that Shiraishi and Hiyama collaborated to finish the ending monologue. Oh yeah, speaking of the monologues… actually I think they’re my favourite part of every episode. Offers some pretty good food for thought.

Aizawa/Hiyama scene: Aizawa, don’t make me hate you zzzzzzz.

I seriously don’t even know what the freak the point of inserting the little bit of Aizawa/Hiyama in the end was. Hey, I know Shiraishi’s feeling pretty crap right now, but just about ANYONE would be better than Aizawa especially after that jerk move last episode.  If you don’t know how to communicate with people, just… shut up. Learn to look at the situation before you attempt half-assed jokes. Jesus christ just get Mitsui; she’s easily the next candidate for Hiyama’s confidante after Shiraishi and it will make Mitsui/Hiyama shippers happy.

With Tadokoro: what the HELL? WHY? Seems like they’re just trying to make some random stuff up for the finale.

Maybe I’m just having a rough week (like any other week, ha ha) and felt like projecting my annoyance on this episode.

Episode 9 preview/prediction:

Aizawa & the others are busy with Tadokoro’s case. Seems like it’s the most difficult operation to date. Fujikawa asks Aizawa and Shiraishi what they are going to do after graduation, but they haven’t decided. Hiyama on the other hand is psychologically traumatized by what Tsubasa’s mother did to her. There’s a  skier patient blahblahblah.

Hiyama also says in the preview “I can’t graduate anymore, can I?” Nooooooooooooo!

Praying for Shiraishi/Hiyama orz.

Episode 9’s post should be out faster; I’m on spring break ATM.

    • Gauri
    • March 9th, 2010

    finally..!!!! i was waiting!!! ‘newayz….this episode really did not offer much in terms of interaction, and i can’t really say much about episode 9 either, but episode 10 is going to be something to most definitely look forward to!!!!

    • Lol, sorry if that was a long wait. I made it up with Episode 9 hopefully XD

      Episode 10 does seem to be the rise of the action again. Maybe you’ll get that Aizawa-patting-Shiraishi’s-shoulder scene from the ending clip!

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