Code Blue 2nd season – 09

WOOT! Record time finish. Changed the blog theme while I was at it too since it’s been so long, though I do miss how the previous theme was so spacious. Maybe when I tire of this one I’ll go back that one, lol.

Today’s episode title is “The Heart’s Wounds”, so exercise caution with your lacrimal glands before proceeding.

By which I mean “get a tissue box ready” :|

Charges have been dropped against Hiyama, because even if the case had escalated to a court trial the other side would not have had a high chance of winning. Everything’s alright now.

But emotional damage takes time to heal. Mitsui comments that the Hiyama now is different from the usual Hiyama, and Tachibana asks what the normal Hiyama is like, saucy & brash? I loled. The atmosphere between Tachibana and Mitsui is nice & comfortable.

They’ve given Tadokoro an examination; turns out he has a huge tumor in his brain.

Tadokoro’s wife comes in and interrupts the conversation, saying how nostalgic it was for Saijou, Tachibana, and Mitsui to be standing together. In the “old days”, Saijou and Kuroda were the mentors for Tachibana and Mitsui.

The three fellows talk about plans after graduation, and nobody really has an idea (or is even listening to Fujikawa). Fujikawa plans to stay at Shohoku especially because of Tadokoro’s condition right now.

I loled when Fujikawa and Aizawa both received calls and had to dash, leaving Shiraishi with three sets of lunches XD.

This week’s major patient is a skier, Tagami Nobuo. Hiyama is on flight duty for the first time in a while. LOL, doctors and nurses on snowmobiles is kind of wacky 8D.

Things progress as usual but just as Hiyama is about to cut open the patient (sorry my medical vocabulary really isn’t all that), he twitches and Hiyama accidentally cuts herself.

I needed an excuse to use this picture (^o^)/

After the operation finishes back at Shohoku, Tachibana leaves Hiyama and Shiraishi in charge of the skier.

While Aizawa sews Hiyama’s wound, he asks if she’s still afraid of patients but she doesn’t reply…

Hiyama: Ow.
Aizawa: Does it hurt?
Hiyama: It’s alright.
Aizawa: I see. The wound on your hand isn’t a big deal.

… but the one in her heart is. Finally Aizawa stops being an asshole.

The Aizawa x Hiyama fan in me was agitated by this scene though! Unfortunately that little bit is suppressed by the Shiraishi x Hiyama part of me lol.

Anyways, back with the skier Tagami — he’s gone through countless injuries before so he’s familiar with the medical procedures, but of course, each and every time he’s still scared. Not so much of the wounds on his body, but the wound in his heart if one day he could not ski again.

It was all fine and dandy until they find that Mr. Skier has spinal stenosis, or in short, he can’t ski again. Shiraishi discusses with Hiyama how they should tell him this, but Hiyama leaves everything to Shiraishi and flees…

Without Hiyama, Shiraishi informs Tagami that he is not able to ski again. He can still live a normal life, but professionally skiing is out of the question.

On the other hand, Morimoto, Todoroki and Kaji visit Tadokoro.

Tadokoro’s wife: How are the wedding preparations progressing?
Todoroki: It’s progressing. The breakup, I mean.

Tadokoro: Where are you going for your honeymoon?
Morimoto: To the first level of hell.

Hilarious how the Tadokoro couple don’t know about Morimoto and Todoroki’s breakup yet and Kaji tries to desperately cover for them.

Mitsui casually asks Hiyama about Tagami’s condition but Hiyama quickly tells her to ask Shiraishi instead. Hiyama muses to herself how she can quickly become like Tachibana (who is professional and detached), but Mitsui retorts that Tachibana didn’t become like this because he wanted to — he had no choice.

Hiyama goes to visit Tadokoro and blames herself for his condition but neither of the couple thinks she’s at fault. Hesitantly, Hiyama asks the big question.

Hiyama: … It’s impossible for me to graduate now, isn’t it?
Tadokoro: … Maybe that is the case.

Tadokoro tells her that when he was younger he was not the brightest of his batch and hated socializing as well. He ran away to a small island, far away from modern science and medicine. But he saw things that you can only see on the small island — and he ended up here as a flight doctor anyway. Sometimes, taking the longer route is not the same as going to a dead-end.

Buchou! Buchou and his wife are good people, I was touched by this scene ;_;.

Fujikawa is staying overnight by a young asthma patient’s side, because his mother went home to take care of her other child who came down with a fever. Saejima passes by and listens to how Fujikawa also had asthma and frequented hospitals when he was younger. Every night he would wake up to a different ceiling, but at least his mother was always by his side. This patient’s mother is not here right now, so Fujikawa wants to stay by his side.

Saejima is pretty touched.

With Aizawa’s patient who had a motorcycle accident: she decides to do surgery for the tumor in her brain but the risks are high and sequelae are nearly inevitable. The operation is not very successful and her right side is paralyzed. She blames this on retribution, for leaving her son alone for nine years with his grandmother and then suddenly wanting to live with him again. As expected, Aizawa can relate with this.

Her son comes to visit, and she spares him the cruelty of the situation and just tells him she can’t live with him because she’s busy with work.

After Shiraishi told Tagami that he can no longer ski, he tries to rehabilitate by himself by walking up and down some stairs… then he eventually falls -____-.

Tagami pleads for any way that he can ski even just once more, because his daughter has never seen him ski. Shiraishi recounts her story of growing up following her father’s footsteps and how her father was a hero to her. But now that he does not have much longer to live, she believes that being a hero isn’t as important as living healthily. Tagami should be trying his best at life instead of wanting to show off to his daughter.

As Tagami leaves the hospital, he gives Shiraishi his necklace of a screw — a screw that was stuck in his thigh in a previous injury. He feels that he won’t be needing this proof of courage anymore. Shiraishi gives it to his daughter instead, and tells her to ask her father about it when she grows up.

Back with Aizawa’s patient: she’s trying to do her makeup because people from her company are coming soon, but she has only a left hand to work with. Seeing this, Aizawa asks Hiyama to help her.

"Thank you."

The one small “thank you” is the start to the closing of Hiyama’s wounds.

This scene gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside (´・ω・`)

Saijou, Mitsui and Tachibana have come to the consensus that Tadokoro’s arterial tumor must be removed, but it’s positioned in a very tricky place. Because they cannot make sure that blood will not flow during the operation, they must freeze his circulatory system and put him in a fake-death state, and just as it sounds, it’s fairly risky. Tadokoro’s wife asks how many times Saijou has done this procedure before.

"Not even once."

Misc thoughts

Ughhh this episode focused on each patient so much that it was hard to screencap and write about. Some of the stuff might be out of order because they keep going from patient to patient.

Mildy disappointing episode to say at the very at least. The scriptwriting just fell apart at the climax of Hiyama’s problem… I mean they were like “HOLY SHIT HIYAMA’S NOT GONNA GRADUATE!!” for like two entire episodes then this third episode just goes “mm’kay guys Hiyama’s gonna be okay, chill” which actually pisses me off a bit. Sure this “doctor-sued-by-patient” plot device has already been used in season 1, but it would’ve been nice to see them actually flesh it out and conclude it properly. The rest of the episode was fine though. It hurts to see that Hiyama refuses to associate with patients on a deeper level, but hopefully after the thank-you she’s a bit better.

Nearly non-existent Shiraishi/Hiyama and Shiraishi/Aizawa this episode, but there are traces of Aizawa/Hiyama which is kind of wtf. I still wonder about the love triangle thing. The cast members have hinted at a lot but after watching nine episodes I still don’t know what the love triangle is… don’t tell me its the Morimoto/Todoroki/Nixon thing. That barely counts!

Yamapi and Gakki have been kind of contradictory. Pi mentioned that he wished for Aizawa to focus on the medical aspects, implying that there will be some romance, but on the other hand, Gakki very firmly stated in a magazine interview that Aizawa and Shiraishi are not romantically involved, even going as far as saying “well, things that aren’t there aren’t there” <_<;;;.

In the same magazine, a relationship chart was also published. I’ve translated the main bits:

LMFAO Aizawa is such a loner. I’m sure they could’ve forced some arrows here and there to connect everybody but I guess everyone likes the thought of Aizawa being a loser… oops typo, I mean loner.

I like the faint blue link between the four five though! Ahh lovely friendship~

Episode 10 preview/prediction:

How corroded is my mind if all I can think of when I see this picture is “BL”!?

The graduation day of the fellows is looming closer and closer. At the same time the operation for Tadokoro starts, the heli must dispatch towards an unprecedented disaster…

Next episode begins the setup for the two-episode final incident.

Besides Dad Shiraishi, someone we’re all very familiar with makes an appearance too… !

btw when am I getting my Shiraishi-in-white-lab-coat. My life depends on this. I am not kidding. If they were joking around when they took this photo then I’m burning down Fuji TV.

… Man I am going to miss this show when it ends (ノД`)・゜・。

    • nova
    • March 10th, 2010

    I’m a silent follower of this blog and always follow your update about code blue 2…
    It’s fun to read the review while I’m waiting for the sub…

    Yes, I agree with your point about lack scriptwriting on Hiyama case, I think it should be shown the way that gradually conclude that Hiyama is not suspended anymore…

    This episode, and the last minute of ep 8 shown Hiyama/Aizawa moment so much..but I like it..coz I’m aizawa/hiyama shipper, but I also like Hiyama/Shiraishi interaction which make me stand to watch this sesion…

    are you notice on Hiyama tone when aizawa ask it is hurt?
    hiyama answer was ‘daijobu’ with spoiled tone just like a spoiled child, it makes me LOL, hey hiyama what’s wrong with you….

    • Hello! I’m happy that you are willing to put up with my terrible writing XD.

      Season 2 must’ve been tough for you with so little Aizawa/Hiyama… at least there’s finally some after 8-9 episodes! I think it’s interesting that you seem to prefer Shiraishi/Hiyama over Aizawa/Shiraishi though. A rare species! lol.

      I think recently Hiyama has been showing that soft side too often. If she doesn’t yell at people every three seconds it’s not Hiyama XD

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