Code Blue 2nd season – 10

What happens when my spring break ends? Everything lags behind schedule just like before zzzz. Didn’t watch this episode until Friday again (although I actually blame the new Pokemon games for this LOL).

This procrastination might be a subconscious desire to keep CB2 with me for as long as possible >_<. I get scared thinking that countdown to the end has already started :(

Anyways. The preview last time mentioned that it will be an “unprecedented disaster”; what kind of an incident will we have? Season 1 finale had a tunnel crash (something like that), the special had a train crash, so what can be worse than that!?

Well, we’ll find out when we get there ^^;.

Early morning meeting. The atmosphere is fairly tense because of Tadokoro’s situation.

Why is Fujikawa so ungentlemanly srsly. I won’t even ask you to give that seat to Hiyama (it’s okay she looks cool standing like that anyway rofl), but what about Saejima!?

Not that I think Saejima will accept the seat anyway (´・ω・`)

Hiyama and Fujikawa are left to tidy up after an operation together. Hiyama commands Fujikawa to hurry up with the sewing of the wound because the patient is in pain. Fujikawa retorts that it isn’t true because obviously the patient is anesthetized. He’s annoyed that Hiyama is acting all depressed these days because she’s not cute even if she cries lol. Obviously Fujikawa doesn’t understand the feeling of almost being sued. He doesn’t think it’s such a big deal and tells Hiyama to grow a spine.

Hiyama admits that she isn’t as strong as Fujikawa… because, since he has soooo much courage, he must’ve already confessed to Saejima, right?

Fujikawa: Idiot! What the hell are you saying!?
Hiyama: Go grow a spine.

NEW COUPLING FLAG!? Just kidding. Hiyama/Fujikawa is the ultimate comedy combo in CB XD.

Kaji is worried about Tadokoro’s operation, so he buys an omamori (Japanese amulet for protection), but he wasn’t sure if one is enough so he bought a whole bunch from different places! Saejima thinks that this is probably sacrilegious and Tadokoro might be cursed instead rofl.
Aizawa and Shiraishi, the two daddy complex buddies, are talking about the usual topic again… Holy crap you guessed it, their DADS! Anyways, for a nice change, Aizawa talks about his mom too. He wants to switch shifts on the 24th (remember this show follows real time) with Shiraishi so he can go visit his mother’s grave with his grandmother. She agrees.

Dad Shiraishi still has billions of seminars to attend and he happened to have a few hours to spare at Shohoku before catching his flight to Aomori. He’s going to eat lunch with Shiraishi.

So he goes and visits Tadokoro as well. They make a promise have a thorough chat after Tadokoro’s operation.


It’s not very noticeable especially when we as viewers watch this weekly, but the fellows (and Saejima too) have grown exponentially since the beginning of season 1 and are able to work just as efficiently as their senior counterparts  now. Amidst an operation, Aizawa eyes a visitor outside… !


Kuroda visits Tadokoro too. He’s been doing fine all this time, doing therapy everyday with a small plastic ball in his hand. Holding that ball is about all he can do with his right arm now.

Anyways. He notes that the fellows have all matured now too.

Tachibana walks in for a check-up and is happy to see his former mentor. Kuroda makes his leave, but not before a mysterious comment from Tadokoro.

Tadokoro: If ‘that’ happens, then I’m counting on you.

What could this mean? (‘That’ is probably to do with Tadokoro’s life being endangered)

Tadokoro’s wife comes back and casually asks about Tachibana and Mitsui, advising him to say anything he wants to say now, because you never know what will happen in life… “Just like what’s happening to the old man over there” <_<.

This scene is kind of “accidentally funny” cuz Tachibana has never acted this polite in all of the scenes we’ve seen him.

Dad Shiraishi is still waiting for Shiraishi to finish up operations and stuff, but there’s just too much to do. He ends up leaving without a meal with his daughter.”You”ll come again to Shohoku after [Tadokoro] buchou”s operation; we can eat lunch then” is what Shiraishi is thinking.

On the other hand, Tadokoro’s surgery has started. They have decided to try regular procedures to avoid the deep hypothermic circulatory arrest method (no wiki article, as I said last episode it involves freezing the circulatory system so that blood will not flow — AKA stopping the heart) unless if it is absolutely necessary.

Aizawa and Kuroda have a chat. Kuroda is living a normal life now — no more waking up at 6 and sleeping at 10, with sudden calls during midnight. He urges Aizawa to work hard, because you never know when the time that you can work as hard as you can comes to an unexpected end.

lolol no reason for this cap other than Shiraishi x Hiyama.

The doctors at Shohoku learn of a fatal domestic plane crash. A commercial plane. As in “a plane with a crapload of people”.

The plane was also heading towards Aomori, which immediately sets off an alarm in Shiraishi’s mind. She asks for the plane flight number.

… It’s Dad Shiraishi’s plane.

Mitsui, Fujikawa and Saejima quickly dispatch, and so they arrive at the plane crash site. It crashed next to a freaking forest which made it hard for the heli to land too.

The next batch to go after the heli comes back is Tachibana, Hiyama, and Aizawa.

Shiraishi requests to go to the scene. Aizawa harshly says that if she wants to go because she is worrying about her dad, it would be better for her to not go because what they need at the scene right now are doctors. Shiraishi reassures him that she is going as a doctor not a daughter, and Tachibana gives her permission to leave on the next trip.

The local medics have messily organized the injured people inside a local elementary school gymnasium because they have no idea when the plane remains might explode.

Two words: Holy shiat.

Back at Shohoku the surgery is still going on. Regular procedures don’t work as expected, so they must go with the deep hypothermic circulatory arrest method. They only have twenty minutes to work with.

Are you kidding me? They were doing the surgery at over 30℃!? Jesus that’s like outside temperature in the summer months of Asian countries.

Shiraishi arrives at the chaotic scene.

Weekly completely inappropriate interjection: orz omg Shiraishi = ikemen. I think I have some kind of weird messy bangs fetish.

Inappropriate interjection #2: ahhhh Hiyama flinging that bloodied glove on the ground was soo cool. They probably don’t really do this though.. I mean what if one of the patients was HIV positive!?

Fujikawa works with the local medics, and by chance bumps into Hosoi, whom he saved people alongside during the special. After their quick reunion Hosoi continues back outside to move other patients into the gym.

Shiraishi’s hands are shaking so much she can’t even properly work with the medical equipment. Aizawa sees this and sets up the equipment for her, but reminds her that she must concentrate.

Hiyama works with a patient whose stomach is so seriously burnt his blood vessels have melded together.

Aizawa gives Shiraishi a form to fill out her father’s basic features and special characteristics. Shiraishi can then give this to the firefighters or the police so they can look for him.

Hiyama explains the situation of the burned-insides patient to his wife: they can either intubate him to ease his breathing, or the wife can talk to him for the bit of remaining time he has left. Why does she have to choose between the two? Because if they intubate him, they will not be able to take the tube out again and he will be mute for the rest of his life even if he survives.

There’s only ten minutes to make a decision as intubation will become impossible after.

Freaking hell I don’t believe this. More Hiyama torture? The staff are really cruel this season…

Saejima asks what the wife wants to do, but even if you ask her to make such a decision…

Burned-insides says to take care of his wife first; he’ll be okay. Hiyama makes no move to save anybody.

Saejima urges on the hesitant Hiyama to make a decision.

Tachibana sees this and takes over. He decides to intubate the guy, and states that Hiyama must stop with this depression — Nogami Tsubasa won’t return. A doctor’s job is not to be cowardly and push the decisions to the patients, but to assess and decide those difficult decisions in their place.

Hiyama: I might make another mistake.
Tachibana: That wasn’t a mistake; the outcome just turned out unfavourably. Don’t run away, Hiyama!

After the intubation, everyone goes off to do their own thing, until burned-insides is literally dying. Hiyama makes the decision to stop medical support and pulls the plug on him. Exact same as Tsubasa’s situation.

After she certifies his death by ripping off the red “seriously injured” tag (to change it to the black “dead” tag) off his card, she is afraid to look the wife in the eyes. When she lifts her head, she is met with a glare — filled with a mixture of sadness and hatred…

On the other hand, Fujikawa finds out that Hosoi has been impaled on the neck and is now one of his patients.

Aizawa notices that Shiraishi still didn’t fill out the form… She reveals that it’s because she really doesn’t know anything about her father. He’s 180 cm, has a scar on his shoulder, has toenails that easily become ingrown, and… that’s about all she knows.

At least Shiraishi knows three points. Aizawa doesn’t know anything about his father.

Heyheyhey you two. It’s saving-people time, not one-upping-my-daddy-complex-buddy time.

Tachibana orders Aizawa, Shiraishi and Saejima to leave the gym and to go nearer to the actual crash scene outside. Shiraishi still has no idea where her dad is and is rather nervous. Aizawa comments that Shiraishi’s face right now is just like when she first came to Shohoku: weak and cowardly, but she changed after meeting Kuroda.

Aizawa: You’re a doctor — save people.

Eventually, Shiraishi sees her dad in the distance helping the firefighters while he’s already all injured himself. She’s mad that he didn’t go in the gym along with the rest of the injureds, but he’s outside for the exact same reason why Shiraishi is here.

Dad Shiraishi: Sorry… but I’m a doctor.

Aizawa finds a man who is kinda zoned out. It seems like he left his son to fend for himself in the plane while he ran away to safety…

Back with the surgery, the timer has hit zero, and Saijou doesn’t appear to be done… !

Misc thoughts

Probably the most action-filled episode in season 2. I was on the edge of my chair the whole time…. which is appropriate, seeing that it’s nearing the finale.

Okay… I didn’t really think Hiyama was not going to graduate last episode, but now my belief in that is wavering. Even if Hiyama can graduate, she won’t ever return to that blunt, rash, tsundere, hardworking and passionate girl that we loved so much… It hurts knowing that.

Saijou finally shines in this second last episode. He’s determined that he must succeed this operation that he has never done before (after all, they did cut open somebod’s head and stopped their heart), but the ending scene is very ambiguous in regards to the success of the surgery. I don’t think they’re gonna kill off Tadokoro though. It’s true that this season is a lot more realistic with less of that doctor == miracle creator mumbo jumbo, but they’d be insane to end this drama on such a sad note.

Misc misc thoughts

I don’t usually mention the shows that the cast go on to advertise CB2 a (except for the Ganbatta Awards), but the March 15th  episode of Bistro SMAP with Yamapi and Lily Franky (Aizawa’s dad) was awesome. Hilarious as hell. I loled at Yamapi’s gift to SMAP which was the very epitome of fail. It’s a worthwhile watch.

Episode 11 (final) preview/prediction:

The next and last episode is thirty minutes longer than usual (just like the first episode).

All the interns (+ Shiraishi’s dad) look after their respective patients. Saijou suddenly withdraws from Tadokoro’s surgery. On the other hand, Saejima and Aizawa see a shadow of a person among the remains of the plane…?!

lol yamapi's cap looks like crap and it's actually not my fault

What will become of the four fellows? Only a bit left till we find out — !

Personally, I’m thinking that Fujikawa and Hiyama will stay at Shohoku, one because of Saejima and the other to complete her internship. As for Aizawa and Shiraishi I really have no idea, but if they’re not staying at Shohoku I don’t feel like they’re going to go to the same place. Will Shiraishi follow her dad’s wish for her to go to Touto University’s hospital?

AND HELL WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO TODOROKI AND MORIMOTO? It’s killing me ;A; Don’t tell me they’re not going to get together again!

An hour and a half (with CMs and junk) is enough time for a lot to happen, so I’ll stop thinking here and just await the grand finale.

The plane was also heading towards Aomori, which immediately sets off an alarm in Shiraishi’s mind. She asks for the plane number, and finds that
    • Gauri
    • March 21st, 2010

    eeyyaaah….i can’t believe its gonna b the last episode soon..!!!! well….im kinda sad for hiyama, but she really does need to move on…..she’s a doctor!!!
    and shiraishi and aizawa….lots of scenes of them this episode, though none with a romantic feeling, but still, somethings better than nothing…
    and shiraishi needs to meet up with kuroda and move on as well….

    • Haha, if I were a Shiraishi/Aizawa fan I’d be super happy already. I think sometimes the little interactions are even better XD.


      Too bad there wasn’t that patting shoulder thing! I so thought it was going to be included for sure…


  1. Thank you so much for posting summaries of Code Blue in English. You did a great job posting screen caps. I’m a nursing student from Alabama United States but don’t understand Japanese and am waiting for the fan subs to be completed. Code Blue inspires me to study hard so I can be decisive and proficient too. Good luck on your continued schooling and career.

    • Wow, a nursing student! Don’t catch any mistakes on my googled medical terms! XD

      It’s great seeing that there are actually people out there being inspired by a simple drama; I’m sure the cast themselves would be thrilled to know that. I’m happy that this insignificant hobby of mine can become of some use too! Thank YOU & good luck on your own nursing career!

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