Utaban put on indefinite hiatus

★ 『うたばん』休止、後継番組も石橋&中居

During the three-hour special of Utaban, entitled Tokuban, it was announced that Utaban would be put on indefinite hiatus and a new show called The Music Hour would be taking its place starting in April. The hosts will still be Ishibashi Takaaki and Nakai Masahiro.

This is pretty shocking news as the show had been running for over 13 years. I practically grew up to Utaban while following the Jpop scene; it’s one of the few shows I don’t mind watching no matter which artist is on. From Morning Musume’s ex-member Iida Kaori being nicknamed “Johnson” to Ohno Satoshi of Arashi fighting with Nakai every time they’re on, Utaban was truly an unforgettable show.

Hopefully the new show won’t lose Utaban‘s old charm.

now how many people thought this was going to be a CB post www

    • Hirumi
    • May 21st, 2010

    I really liked Utaban. The first time I watched Utaban was the episode where they teased Yaguchi Mari(Morning Musume) because of her Vietnam photobook… I liked Utaban and its hosts so much that when I read that Ishibashi-san had an american movie, I search everywhere just to locate it… I managed to find it and watched it 3 times.. ^_^

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