Code Blue 2nd season – 11 (finale)


This took quite a while because I really didn’t want to just hurry it up and get it over with — it’s actually double the length of my regular CB2 posts. Quite problematic to finish as well, since I had a bad case of selective amnesia and kept forgetting what happened despite intense staring at the screenshots. There’s a staggering 144 screencaps which is something like double last week’s amount… It doesn’t look like that much after various (MANUAL) resizes, but yeah, there’s actually 144 in here. I am never going through this again D:

Oh and I was distracted by the World Figure Skating Championships too. Mao-chaan (゚∀゚)ノ

… Uh yeah. I’m sure we’ve had enough of my excuses now.

Those procrastinators in the CB production team are worse than me though. Apparently, the final bits of filming for this episode (Shiraishi’s parts) finished ONE DAY before the airing. That would be the 21st. Holy. Crap. I’ve been one-upped :\

It’s the last time we’re gonna be able be able to do this, so I should probably stop stalling and get this thing started!

In the world of lifesaving, there are no miracles. I understand that. There are no doctors that don’t wish for miracles. I understand that as well.

— Aizawa Kousaku

After a longass episode recap, we get back right into the action. Aizawa’s patient who ran away from saving his child feels guilty and sulks around. Aizawa has no time to deal with this and promptly leaves after giving him the priority status tag.

Shiraishi wants to check up on her dad but he won’t rest — even though he’s a physician (as opposed to a surgeon), having one more doctor is better than nothing. Dad runs off and Shiraishi can’t exactly leave him alone and so follows suit.

Hiyama, dragged to an unconscious child by his mother, freezes at the sight of the boy, who reminds her so much of Nogami Tsubasa. Nonetheless Hiyama gets to work. The worried mother talks to her about how he’s getting paler by the minute and the panic-stricken Hiyama tells her to shut up lol. Of course, she apologizes for her rudeness immediately after.

Aizawa wanders around looking for more injured people, and spots somebody still inside the ruins of the plane.

With Tadokoro’s surgery, Saijou wasn’t able to finish on time last episode. He decides to gamble and lowers the temperature even further to 18℃, which would allow for another extra 20 minutes. The solidified blood will injure the blood vessels but there are no other ways. They’ve cut open someone’s head and stopped their heart; they’ve got no choice but to succeed.

The Shiraishi parent-and-child combo pick up an injured dad. He doesn’t seem to be in TOO bad of a condition… then Shiraishi’s dad notices that the daughter is holding onto her stomach. He asks if she hit her stomach, and she’s like “oh, no, it’s just that I’m PREGNANT”.

Oh shi-

Saijou finishes the actual surgical parts with nine minutes left on the clock; now they must continue to the defibrillation of the heart, hoping that nothing will go wrong.

On the other hand with Fujikawa & Hosoi: Hosoi is in critical condition and will lose copious amounts of blood immediately if he moves at all. He has first priority to be taken on the heli back to Shohoku but he asks Fujikawa to let others who are more injured go first, because as long as he doesn’t move he’ll be fine. Hosoi doesn’t want to be the coward he was a year ago.[1] Although unwilling, Fujikawa accepts the request.

The other doctors at Shohoku defibrillate Tadokoro, and his heartbeat returns, so the surgery is a success.The nervous tension in the air is relieved, and at the same time Tsuji comes to fetch Kuroda.

Hiyama does ECHO and freaks out big time since she sees an unknown white object obstructing the view of the lungs. Tachibana talks to Hiyama (via a walkie-talkie), and based on what she told him about the ECHO, he determines that the kid’s diaphragm ruptured and his intestines have moved upwards squishing his lungs. Now she’s seriously freaked out.

Turns out Kuroda was called to the CS room to instruct Fujikawa how to deal with a patient whose blood is not flowing to his right leg. The patient can’t wait any longer or his leg will have to be amputated. They must use a method called F-F bypass which transfers the blood from his left leg to the right. Under Kuroda’s instructions, Fujikawa is able to complete the surgery.

The strict Kuroda actually tells Fujikawa “good work”, which makes him all giddy inside ^^;

Hiyama tries to focus but completely blanks out and can’t even hold the scalpel properly. She puts it down and simply declares that she isn’t able to do this, and apologizes that they were so unfortunate to have her as a doctor.

The mom does try to look around to find another doctor but anyone would know that it is impossible at this time. Instead, she gives motivating words to Hiyama: she doesn’t think that she and her son are unfortunate to have Hiyama, because there are still many other patients who are waiting for a doctor. If Hiyama isn’t willing to even try, the chances of her son being saved will be zero. The one who can save him right now is, undoubtedly, only Hiyama.

Hiyama hears this, and musters up all the courage she has. She reports to Tachibana that she will begin the operation, and Tachibana tells her to think of the organs as inanimate objects if it will help her lose her nervousness. She rejects that idea, because what she’s doing right now is saving a living person.

Kakkoii Hiyama is back kyaaaa-

The surgery slowly comes to an end.

The mom asks if whatever they’re saying means that her kid is alright, and Hiyama gives a silent but confident nod.

Am I the only one that thought it was unbelievable cute and cool at the same time orzzzzzzz

On the other hand, Aizawa is with the teenager, Yuuki, AKA the son of the guy in the beginning of the episode, he found inside the plane remains. His leg is caught under some debris, and Aizawa tells him that it must be amputated to save his life. Yuuki completely loses his fighting spirit. Amputation, pain… he doesn’t want any of that. He just wishes for his life to end.

After transporting the injured father and pregnant daughter to the gym, Shiraishi and her dad prepare to go outside again… until the injured father goes into critical condition! Dad Shiraishi realizes via the injured father’s heartbeat that his cardiac walls have ruptured — something that Shiraishi wasn’t able to detect at all.

The daughter had an argument with her father right before this and regrets it very much — he doesn’t even know she’s pregnant! She doesn’t want that simple bentou to be their last meal together. Shiraishi relates, and urges the unconscious father to live on for both himself and his daughter.

In the end, the father’s condition stabilizes.

Seeing how Yuuki is losing hope, Aizawa sends Saejima to find Yuuki’s father, Hideki. He doesn’t want to face the child that he ran away from, but Saejima says it doesn’t matter what the hell he thinks. Right now, Yuuki is stuck in the plane remains with injuries all over his body — he’s in a condition where even an adult would not be able to handle it. And his father is here cowering in guilt?

Hideki claims that he would not be able to do anything even if he went.

Saejima: There is something you can do: just stay by his side.

Under Saejima’s persuasion Hideki does go see Yuuki. Aizawa informs him of the dangerous situation if he does not amputate Yuuki’s leg. He wants Hideki to keep talking to Yuuki, because when one feels that they are in complete solitutde, they will not value their life… The first thing Yuuki asked when he met Aizawa was about his father’s condition. He even smiled when he found out his father was well.

Even a father like Hideki is still an important family member.

The disaster is slowly being cleaned up and Hosoi is finally transported to Shohoku. Fujikawa commends his bravery for waiting for so long. Hosoi claims that all he had to do was not move. Suddenly — blood seeps out of Hosoi’s neck. Fujikawa tries to save him, but his heartbeat has already stopped…

Back at the scene Tachibana praises Hiyama for a job well-done, but Hiyama was scared as hell, even though the patient should be the one who’s afraid. Hiyama accepts herself as a failure of a doctor.

Tachibana thinks human beings are weak — but doctors must go against the tide and become strong. It’s not an easy thing to do.
It’s finally Yuuki’s turn to be transported back. Hideki asks if Yuuki will be fine, and Aizawa very truthfully states that Yuuki will have a hard life in front of him when he wakes up. From now on, there will be many painful things, and he may even hate his own father — but Aizawa still wants Hideki to stay by his side. Having a father is better than not.

The day ends and everybody’s back at Shohoku. Shiraishi visits her father and is ticked off that he couldn’t even notice that his own leg had broken. Dad begs Shiraishi to cut him some slack since Mom Shiraishi had already scolded him ^^;. The father and daughter now converse in a comfortable atmosphere.

Tachibana and Mitsui visit the still unconscious Tadokoro. He wants to quickly tell Tadokoro about the fellows not giving up hope and still working in such cruel conditions today, especially Hiyama, who fully understood the fear of failure and didn’t run away.

Four years ago, Tachibana was the one that ran away in fear. The weak one was Tachibana, not Mitsui. He formally apologizes to Mitsui.

Little did he know that Mitsui had always thought his weakness was his good point.

The next day, Saejima is alone walking through cherry blossom trees while listening to Satoshi’s voice message, where he mentioned wanting to take Saejima to the cherry blossoms because they were unable to go last year.

After the message ends, this time, she chooses to delete it.

"I came to to see the cherry blossoms, Satoshi."

Before anybody asks, the insert song is Mr.Children’s “Koe”.

Kuroda can’t believe that even somebody like Fujikawa could graduate. Fujikawa thought he would be really happy upon receiving the graduation certificate, but really, he doesn’t feel that way now.

Kuroda: Did you really think being a flight doctor is happy job? The scene you head towards is always the worst, and the people not saved could be more than the ones saved. That’s what this job is about. If you don’t like it, you can quit.
Fujkawa: But… there are still people who can be saved. So I won’t give up.

Kuroda tells Fujikawa about how he still sucks, which brings another smile to Fujikawa.

Shiraishi apologizes for not switching shifts with Aizawa yesterday (because of the incident), but it’s okay because Aizawa and his grandmother will just visit his mother’s grave today. Shiraishi asks Aizawa about his plans now that they’ve graduated.

Aizawa: …. I already decided who to tell first.

After pondering for a bit, Shiraishi smiles to herself and agrees that she has that kind of a person in mind as well.

Lololol did you hear that, Aizawa/Shiraishi fans? Shiraishi is not important enough ww. I’m going to rub this in your faces all day long :D

As expected, Hiyama can’t graduate and must repeat her fellowship (internship) course starting this April.

Suddenly, a familiar figure comes to visit Hiyama: Tsubasa’s mother, Naomi.

Naomi knows it’s her fault Hiyama can’t graduate. She reveals that she had wanted to sign the DNR. If she had done that, or at least said something at the briefing, she could’ve protected Hiyama… She wasn’t able to protect two of the most important people in her life.

Hiyama agrees that she should’ve let Naomi sign the DNR. Just that one little piece of document would be able to put Naomi’s brother at rest, since he wasn’t even able to see Tsubasa for the last time. Just what decision was the best choice in this situation… ?

But Hiyama smiles, expressing gratitude that Naomi can still come to talk to her like this.

Jesus when did Hiyama become one of Naomi’s most important people? Ikemen Hiyama extending her charm? (ノゝ∀・)~☆

Tadokoro finally wakes up, and Saijou tests his memories. Saijou asks if he recognizes Hiyama, and of course he does. He thinks it is a shame Hiyama couldn’t become a flight doctor, and Hiyama sadly comments that her roundabout route may be a bit long.

"Just the same as me, huh?"

… I CALL HOSPITAL DIRECTOR HIYAMA. Common gimme my Hiyama-buchou! CODE BLUE 3! *bangs on tabletop*

Shiraishi’s dad is ready to be discharged; he has to hurry too because of his seminars. Shiraishi officially tells her dad that she’s become a flight doctor, and he congratulates her. She wants to stay at Shohoku to continue honing her skills and he doesn’t oppose her decision.

He’s a bit sad that there really isn’t anything else to talk about besides this though. But… if anything happens — no, even if nothing happens — Shiraishi’s father wants her to phone him about it.

Dad tells her not to overdo it, and makes his leave.

Shiraishi tells her dad to not overdo it as well. She promises to become a doctor just like him: a doctor admired by many, but hides her own medical condition. A doctor touring around the country giving seminars, but will forget her own injuries to look at other patients, always making her family mad.

Dad tells her to work hard at that, and the two part with a smile on their faces before tears can fall.

Aizawa and his grandmother go visit his mother’s grave. Grandma apologizes for lying to him all these years, for giving him lonely memories, for everything…

Aizawa bends down and tells his grandmother to get on his back. “This time, let me carry you instead.”

Grandma was strict to him the whole time because she wanted to raise him to be a strong but kind person. She thanks him for becoming exactly that. For the twenty parentless years that Aizawa had lived, he was not lonely. He returns thanks his grandmother.

They arrive to see Aizawa’s father. It seems as if he’s come one day after his wife’s death anniversary all these years to avoid bumping into them.

Aizawa reports to his mother that he has become a flight doctor but is still lacking in many areas. His father comments that he’s just like his mother, always looking forward and never stopping. As for himself, he will always be stationary at the same point, never moving.

Aizawa asks to see his father’s hands.

Among his peers, Aizawa has the best skills, so his hands are his greatest pride. Aizawa doesn’t know about other things — but at the very least, these two hands must be similar to his father’s.

He invites his father to come on the actual death anniversary date next year.

Fujikawa tells Kaji about how Todoroki and Morimoto have reconciled and he starts broadcasting it throughout the hospital ROFL.

In the world of lifesaving, there are no miracles. That’s just reality.

Todoroki explains that she needs a man that will stay home and support her while she works. She doesn’t want someone like Tachibana and Aizawa who spends ungodly amounts of time on their own work, which forces Morimoto to bring up protests that he’s a flight doctor too! Todoroki quickly shuts up him with a kiss on the cheek.

But if you think about it, what is a miracle? You and the people you treasure being healthy and well,

Having a passion in life,

Takkun is still desperately trying to impress and get back together with Mitsui! Cuuute.

Having seniors and friends who will help fix your mistakes,

Hiyama: Hurry up, flight doctor.
Fujikawa: Shut up; you’re just a repeat student!

D’aww bickering Hiyama and Fujikawa are sooo cute too.

Or having rivals that you don’t want to lose to?

If these trivial things can be considered miracles, then the world we live in may be filled with miracles.

We just haven’t noticed it.

That’s right — miracles are right next to us.

— Aizawa Kousaku

Fujikawa and Hiyama talk about an idiot “who must be super masochistic”, transferring to the neurosurgery department, planning to go to the heart surgery department next, then finally coming back to the emergency medical services (EMS) center.

Anyways, Shiraishi and Saejima (super doctor + nurse combo) bring back a patient. All the EMS guys combine their efforts on the patient.

I’m so nice, I even screencapped Sonoda and Tsuji (“those” nurses).

Tachibana tells Shiraishi to phone for help from the neurosurgery department.

At the neurosurgeons’, Aizawa picks up. Saijou complains about the EMS guys needing them again.

"It's them again."

Aizawa catches up with Shiraishi, Hiyama, Saejima and Fujikawa, who inform him of the patients’ situation.

"Let's just do what we usually do."

Ending credits

I owe Fujikawa this back from episode 1 lol.

lol photoshopped clouds.

At the very end of the credits, scenes of the fellows and Saejima from both seasons replay.


Misc thoughts

Final thoughts on the entire series will be in a separate post few days later are here. I don’t want to delay this any longer lol.

Initial final (hur hur) impressions: Out of the four fellows, really, only Shiraishi can be called a flight doctor (for now) (´・ω・`). What do you call this? Investment failure? Lol.

I was looking in my pictures folder for the preview picture for the next episode, then I realized there wasn’t one… :(

I think this is like the first time in at least three years I’ve ever blogged about a show from beginning to end (if you go through my previous posts there are lots of Episode 1s and 2s lol). Honestly this surprised even me, because, well, I actually didn’t like Code Blue that much in the first season. I watched it last summer while I was on a Toda Erika craze, alongside Ryuusei no Kizuna and BOSS. I’d have to say those two shows made much more of a lasting impression on me than Code Blue did. That’s really weird, but it must be because of anyone and everyone reading this. These CB posts seem to have garnered a small drama crowd for this short while lol. It’s been a nice almost-three-month ride. When will we next meet again?

1. Code Blue SP/third season/movie/etc
2. Toda’s next drama
3. Gakki’s next drama

Or sometime in the middle of July, when the Code Blue DVD/blu-ray box comes out. I will be spazzing about the making of. Whichever comes first.

I guess this is my cue to stop for today. I need to seriously go finish my homework LOL.

1. ^ Remember Hosoi first showed up in the special. Back then, he was shaking like crazy while teaming up with Fujikawa in an operation.

    • nova
    • March 29th, 2010

    too bad…hiyama didn’t graduate..
    but, it’s the best thing for her to gather more experience to become more capable doctors…

    why did aizawa transfer to neuorosurgery, too odd for me..

    actually, i just enjoy this drama because of toda..
    yeah, gakky caught some point too because her character’s which interesting interaction between hiyama n shiraishi..

    is it only me, or there is somebody else that i enjoy so much interaction between hiyama n tachibana, definitely hiyama interaction with senior doctor…

    yeah, same with you…
    I think I’ll back to jdrama again for toda’s next drama which is about romantic drama, but still dunno the title…

    eh, you followed ryusei and BOSS?
    It would be nice if I can read your view about those 2 drama…

    • I think in everybody’s eyes, Hiyama is just as capable of them already — all she’s missing is that one little piece of paper :)

      Yeah, it was really weird with the neurosurgery thing too, but then I though “screw it, I don’t care about him” lmao.

      Ooo, I like watching Hiyama and Tachibana too. It’s cute seeing Tachibana get on Hiyama’s nerves.

      I watched both Eyuusei and BOSS last summer on my older computer, so I actually don’t even have the episodes anymore. Maybe if I ever rewatch it I’ll write a post or two ^^;.

    • al
    • March 31st, 2010

    thank you! :D
    gonnna miss this dorama very much,,

    • Gauri
    • April 1st, 2010

    wow…im late here…
    ‘newayz…ill still b a shiraishi/aizawa fan till the end…and i too am wondering if a special or third season or movie are in the wings…but who knows???
    great recap…uv covered everything…i never really feel the need to watch the episodes (though i do still download them..i wanna have the entire set!!)

    and i was happy even with tht lil bit of shiraishi and aizawa…better than nothing rite???

    • It’ll be nice to have an SP/3rd season/movie, but I believe that all good things come to an end someday, so I’ll somehow be able to keep living for now lol.

      Wow, I’m flattered that you feel I covered everything. Of course, there are many things that can’t be expressed properly in words even if I go into every little detail so it’s best to watch them through!

      There was plenty of Shiraishi and Aizawa this episode! Don’t listen to me trying to discourage you guys lol.

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